What kind of down jackets do you wear? These 4 coats, who wears a foreign style

I know that every winter is particularly difficult for girls who love beauty.

The south is wet and cold,


Open the air conditioner too dry

; The north is dry and cold. Although there are heating at home, people can never go out all the time.


Once you go out, it is cold.


Not only can we not wear a thin suspender or shorts like summer, but also stack thick sweaters and coats on the body, so that we have enough meat to make us more worse.

If you ask everyone how to spend winter, I think most people are


A down jacket goes the world.

But sometimes we may not be clear about our awareness of wearing down jackets …

You yourself in your eyes

You in the eyes of others

Good down jackets can indeed play a very warm role, but often

The better the filled down, the more the overall version of the clothes will expand

So do you want the down jacket to keep your hands warm and thin?

Sorry, there is really no way to do it! Intersection Intersection

Not only that, there are thousands of thousands of unidentified down jackets of a high -grade warm down jacket.


It is difficult for student party and ordinary workers to bear.

So today I want to talk to you

“Those things to keep warm” outside the down jacket


Misunderstanding 1: The clothes are thick to keep warm?

The clothes itself does not produce heat

It only plays a role of isolation. It allows a small space between clothes and your body, clothes and clothes to preserve our own calories, so it will feel warm.


When we dress too much, it will affect the body temperature regulation function of the body, but weaken the human body’s cold resistance.

Therefore, as long as you reach the appropriate thickness in winter.

Misunderstanding 2: The higher the temperature of the air conditioner, the better?

Because of the cold outdoor, most people will directly turn the air conditioner to the highest when entering the house. In fact, this approach is wrong.

Indoor air conditioner in winter

20 degrees is the best

If this temperature exceeds this temperature, you will feel dry mouth and stuffy nose.


So if you have this symptom at home or office, it is likely that the air conditioner is too high.

Warm sticker

Girls should be familiar with this little thing. Whether it is warm or the effect of treatment of dysmenorrhea.

In addition to the most common sticking on the lower abdomen, you can also put it on

Call, thigh, waist back

It is said that celebrities are playing in winter!

TIPS: Be sure to pay attention to the clothes across the clothes when you post it.

Heating insole


Don’t underestimate this thing, it’s really easy to use.

Have you found that whether you are indoors or outdoor, if you feel cold,

The coolness of the soles of the feet is the most obvious,

And for a while and a half, you can’t slow down at all.

I used to be severely frozen and numb, and there were many acupoints on my feet, especially

Girls must keep their feet warm.

Heating sanitary napkin

It is a very sinner to come to “aunt”, especially in winter, the weather is cold, and you are unwilling to run to the bathroom at all.

Feeling the wind under the wind, cool.

This heating sanitary napkin solves the troubles of our women. It can also relieve dysmenorrhea and let


The lower abdomen and PP are in a warm state at any time


, Improve the “aunt” happiness.

(Cr.@Red Damin is also Damin)

Heating scarf

Do you still choose cashmere wool when buying a scarf? I do n’t know if this heating scarf is the most direct and real warm -keeping thing.

Especially those

Little cute because the scarf is too bloated and unwilling to wear a scarf

With this, the sense of fashion will not be reduced at all, but it seems that people are very age -reducing.

(Cra.@Red high love to eat sandwiches)

After speaking some warm knowledge and good things, we return to the main task,

How can we wear it to keep warm and thin?

Lock the calories -keep warm vest

I still remember the warm vest I bought for everyone last time. Now that I leave it, it is particularly insecure. It is really too warm.


We use our energy to choose a down jacket.

Lock the calories from the innermost layer, and also have the effect of weight loss

,Why not do it? Intersection

Because the inner layer is thin, no matter what clothes you put outside, it will be obviously thin.


Like the south, it is still ten degrees, and there is no need to wear down jackets at all. It is enough to put a sweater+coat directly.

Not only is the warmth enough, but the sense of fashion will not pull down at all

Isn’t this the winter that girls dream?

(Cra.@Red Xiaoguang)

Stacking artifacts -down vest

If you want to make your own dress up, it is indispensable to stack it.


With a good -looking level, the whole looks more advanced.

Usually the most stacked items used in spring and autumn are shirts, but in this season, the shirt is undoubtedly too thin, so the grains are recommended for small lovers to use down vests for stacking.

This kind of down vest is very fine, and

Not as bloated as a down jacket

It can be ignored in the inner layer, but it can keep warm, really love.

There is no sense of cheap when wearing it alone. It is a high -level sense to match a low -saturated inside.


And when I go home in the New Year, I sit at home and rub mahjong. It ’s not easy to wear too thick. A down vest can save you.

(Cra.@Red girl and pier)

With some large jackets, there can be

Very good “invisible” effect

Let others think you seem to wear only two clothes.

It is especially suitable for those who want to keep warm, but do not want others to see a lot of cuteness, and they are also careful in inside.


Can’t you see it at all?


You can also wear it with a coat. You can imagine that if you have a middle -level vest, it is a routine way to wear it, and there is no new idea.


But with a white vest transition, people look very comfortable, and

There will be no effect on the version of the coat.

Warm upgrade -Mao Mao coat

I have shared with you before hairy wind, compared to hard -made clothes,

Soft clothes can make people warm


This is why people are rare in winter wearing leather clothes, denim and the like.

Because these ability to absorb cold air is strong, the whole clothes of the winter becomes cool and sticked on your skin, which can be warm and strange.


I don’t like hairy clothes with strong swelling, and you can also try to choose this fine hair sweater, which is also very soft.

And the hairy wind coat is good, there are not so many pieces, that is


[Song+Tight], [Deep+shallow]

You can just come, and you will basically not make an error.

Winter is really cold, and it will make us lazy and love the bed even more, but in fact, it also has its benefits. In winter, those peasants’ uncle can have the opportunity to take a breath to take a good breath. Nature also has a quiet beauty.

So as long as we

Do your own warmth, you will not be afraid of the cold

Instead, you can also enjoy the beauty, do you say? Intersection

(Cra.@Red girl and pier)


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