I have a type of environmental protection at the beginning of environmental protection! Give a SORONA Environmental Protection T -shirt

2020 under the epidemic situation

The mode of getting along with nature needs to be changed.

After six months of burning, Australia’s mountain fire was finally extinguished. However, the disaster is still happening: the outbreak of the global COVID-19 virus has not been eased; the high temperature at the northern end of the Antarctica causes the appearance of “pink snow”; the Arctic discovers large-scale methane points, and its greenhouse effect is 28-36 times that of carbon dioxide …

Natural disasters around the world are constantly intensifying, which is both alarm and a “turnaround”. Under the epidemic, the “Ban Football” button pressed by countries accidentally launched the self -repair mode of nature: the water became clear, the air quality became better, and even the animals began to “go to the streets” … The mode of getting along with nature and nature needs to be improved. Sustainable development will be the main theme of the future development of the world in the future.


Sustainable fashion


The change in the clothing and textile industry is imminent.

The clothing and textile industry, as the second largest pollution industry second only to oil, is an imperative change in wastewater (20%) and carbon emissions (10%) sustainable fashion. ” Lead the industry’s change with actual action: Stella McCartney refuses leather and animal products, and cooperate with DuPont ™ SORONA® and ECONYL® to jointly develop the world’s first biological plant -based fur Koba® FREE FUR; PRADA; PRADA The regenerative nylon, raw materials, derived from waste plastics, fishing nets and textile fiber waste in the ocean; Burberry, as one of the “UN Climate Change Framework Convention Unfccc” fashion industry climate action charters, the 2020 spring and summer series uses recycled materials and recycled materials and Construction of sustainable fabrics aims to create a sustainable future for the earth.


Sorona® biological fiber technology

Create a sustainable fashion industry chain from the raw material end.

The clothing industry’s pursuit of sustainability has gradually deepened to the upper reaches of the industrial chain. Control the use of water, plastics, and oil, optimize raw materials, and find appropriate alternative materials. It is gradually promoting the development of this industry on sustainable roads. It is the real environmental protection to create a sustainable industrial chain from the raw material side.

As a scientific company with a 218 -year history, DuPont has been committed to the environmental mark left by the development of industrial development with scientific and technological innovation. On the basis of its nearly a century of synthetic fiber innovation, the revolutionary use of biotechnology through plant sugar fermentation, which has developed DuPont ™ SORONA® biological fiber technology.

DuPont ™ SORONA® fiber originated from plant -based plant -based raw materials that can grow each year. The core PDO comes from plant starch glucose, not oil. Compared with nylon, the SORONA® fiber process has reduced the consumption of oil resources by 37%, saved 30%of energy use, and reduced 63%of greenhouse effect gas emissions.


Chinese fashion is acting!

Since 2014, China’s top sports brand Anta has maintained in -depth cooperation with SORONA®. So far, 16 million Anta clothing has used Sorona® environmentally friendly fiber fabrics. Anta has always advocated communication with nature. He joined hands with the World Nature Foundation WWF to speak for the earth, committed to wild animals and ecological environmental protection, and took an important step for the sustainable development of the Chinese clothing industry. The concept of protecting the earth. In April this year, Anta’s cooperation with SORONA® has been upgraded again. The 2020 A-Chill Touch cool technology environmental protection T-shirt launched, which launched the high-quality experience that meets young consumers.


Not only adult clothing, children’s clothing has stricter requirements for environmental protection, health, safety and comfort. As the leading children’s clothing brand in China, Balabala has always implemented the concept of sustainable development and has obtained the “green environmental certification” issued by the State Administration of Environmental Protection. On April 22 this year, the 51st World Earth Day, Balabala and Sorona® fiber of DuPont and DuPont jointly launched the summer children’s cool and environmentally friendly T -shirt series to provide the best products and create more for children and families to create more. Safe, health and comfortable experience.


In addition, SORONA® also cooperates with T -shirt projects such as FILA, Taiping Bird Women, Lechang, Hailan House, Yixian, Cottonsmith and other brands. At present, tens of millions of T -shirts have spread throughout China and even the world.

Strong and strong, “Toughness” I have a style

SORONA® Environmental Protection T -shirt Alliance is in action!

Whether it is men’s clothing and women, adult clothing or children’s clothing, T -shirts have always been one of the highest wearing items. It is comfortable and versatile, and it can bring a variety of styling experiences regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Join SORONA® Environmental Protection T -shirt Alliance, starting with a T -shirt, use sustainable fashion to convey environmental protection awareness!


In addition to the sustainable environmental protection characteristics, SORONA® fiber also has the following excellent performance:


1. Gentle touch, smooth and delicate: dynamic hanging, dancing in hand. And its full and soft feel, with a high -tech weaving process, bringing a comfortable and comfortable dressing experience;

2. Elasticity and comfortable, stretched out: Traditional T -shirts are easy to deform after repeated water washing. SORONA® fiber natural spring -like structure allows the fabric to have a good tide, provides lasting comfort and elasticity and excellent fold recovery performance, and water washing is not easy to deform;

3. Cwede and breathable, clean and refreshing: The human body can achieve the purpose of cooling through sweat. If sweat cannot be dry in time, it will cause sticky, humid heat and other problems. The sorona® elastic fiber’s groove structure can not only quickly export the sweat on the skin surface to the outer layer of the T -shirt, but also quickly dry and bring a cool and comfortable dressing experience.


The T -shirt project of SORONA® has received the attention and support of the industry, media, professionals and other parties, and set off a wave of environmental fabrics in the industry. SORONA® not only helps the textile industry to reduce its dependence on petroleum and petrochemical resources, but also provides strong help for its efforts to reduce environmental imprints, bringing innovative significance to the textile and apparel industry! It is expected that in the future, it will cooperate with more brands to expand more possibilities for SORONA® fiber. The industry coverage is higher, deepening consumers’ memory of the brand!

Action with DuPont ™ SORONA® fiber!


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