Winter wool wool women’s coat warm winter, you are the focus of everyone when you wear right

In the cold winter, are you still wrapped in a quilt down jacket? Come and see what the ladies and sisters are wearing? If you wear it right, you are the focus of everyone. You may expose your shortcomings when you wear it wrong. Hurry up and throw away those inappropriate clothes!

1. suit version of wool coat


The queen of the workplace can choose a suit version of coats, it looks elegant and not lacking. A clean coat with a skirt, shirt, sweater, etc., can be taken off or put on the shoulder in the office. You will not feel cold on the way to get off work, you can lock warmth with a scarf. Of course, if you do n’t match it, you can choose a woolen suit. The gray grid will never be outdated. It looks particularly not obtrusive in the crowd. In short, it wo n’t be wrong.


2. College style woolen coat

The college style is the element of the horn buckle and the doll collar. No matter what you are, you may wish to try tenderness and reduce the age of ten! It is said that this is a style of Zheng Tai and the uncle. When you have a busy day of work, you do n’t put back home and put on this suit. A few ladies go out to play. During the day, you are the queen of the workplace. At night, you It’s a cute little white rabbit.

It is said that you will be more confident when you wear your favorite clothes. If you do n’t have such a coat in your closet, try it.

3. Cocoon -shaped wool woolen coat

This version is simply the gospel of fat sisters. As Korean dramas go deep into China, they have brought a group of brain disabled powder. I have to say that those coats in Korean dramas are really beautiful? You will be strange to find that although the heroine is tall and thin, wearing a cocoon coat will not appear bloated. The characteristics of cocoon coats are loose. There is no fixed shoulder, which is suitable for people of all kinds of shoulder width.

Without the design of the waist, the waist and hip will be designed wider. This is very friendly for girls with small belly and big buttocks. The design of the bat sleeve will hide your Kirin arm haha. It should be noted that the cocoon -shaped coat must not choose the style of the knee. Because it is loose, you have to expose your legs, otherwise people will seem to be put in a marijuana bag, which is not good.

4. Long -knee woolen coat


Don’t think that the knee will be pressed, it seems short, that is because you don’t choose the right coat. You can choose the waist model. The high waistline can lengthen your lower body ratio. There will also be a visual increase. Woolen cloth. If you wear long models, you must choose dark or dark colors if you do n’t have a special preference. You may wear it once or twice when you are light and bright.


Like black, medium gray, dark gray, dark red, and dark green are all good choices. It is thin and dirty, and always dry cleaning is also a expenditure. When you wear a knee coat, you can wear tight leggings. You can wear wide -leg pants this year, but be careful not to wear boots, exposing a thin ankle will be more beautiful, otherwise the level will appear messy.

5. Short woolen coat

Compared with the middle and long woolen coats, short coats are more and more popular with young people. If you are thin, you may wish to try the short.


Compared with the college style, the short jacket looks more youthful and sunny. It can be paired with jeans, with a clear upper and lower levels, giving a fresh feeling, and it is more convenient for personal actions. You can also match shorts, skirts, and stockings, which are also ladylike while lengthening the height. A sister who is afraid of cold can wear knee boots, so that in winter, they will not freeze their legs. Oops, anyway, you have a high face value and good figure, and you look good!


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