How to connect the microphone? The most comprehensive Raiders share, teach you to be a singer at home

I want to sing on TV, but I don’t know how to do it? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to connect the microphone K song?

First of all, I need to confirm what type is of my own microphone. At present, there are common wireless independent microphones, and Bluetooth audio.

The so-called wireless independent microphone is only the radio, no speaker function. It must be connected to TV or audio, amplifier and other devices. The Bluetooth audio is one microphone, open the power, the Bluetooth connection can sing, the radio is it, the speaker is playing is also it.

First, connect TV K songs via USB receiver

The receiver can be used directly into the TV and open the microphone. However, to adjust the microphone through the TV operating system, then through the TV’s speaker, achieve singing function. The requirements for TV are relatively high, but also pay attention to models.

Second, Bluetooth microphone / Bluetooth audio integrated microphone

This type of microphone, open Bluetooth, pair with TV, you can sing, more convenient, but stability is not necessarily good.


Third, wireless microphone + audio


This is the most common connection method, the speaker sound quality of TV comes is not enough, so many people K song will choose to have a sound, so as an example (wireless memay + audio), give you a connection tutorial.

First, connect the audio and TV, there are multiple connection methods (when the actual K song is actually simple, the sound is very simple, the sound is more troublesome).

1. Insert the power adapter circle into the audio power jack and connect the socket on the other end.

2, connect TV

1 Bluetooth connection

Press the “Bluetooth” button at the bottom of the remote control, switching the source mode for Bluetooth mode, the sound indicator will turn to blue, turn on the TV Bluetooth setting interface, turn on TV Bluetooth, match, the connection success will have a voice prompt.


2 coaxial connection


Insert one end of the coaxial line into the coaxial socket of the sound, the other end is inserted into the coaxial socket of the television. After connecting, press the coaxial button at the bottom of the remote control to switch the source input mode.

3 Line connection


First check the audio output type of the TV, is the standard single-port output, or the double-port output of the red and white, then select the appropriate manner to connect.


If the standard single-mouth audio line, the two ends of the line can be connected to the audio and TV, then press the remote control AUX button, the switch mode can be switched.

If it is red and white, you need to bring your own red double-headed audio cable

3, open the microphone switch, you can sing

Whether it is to choose which mode above, after the sound connection is successful, open the slog of the microphone directly, and immediately sing. When the product of the shell, the microphone’s chip is built into the sound, the sound connection is successful, and the microphone is no need to match, you can sing.


Fourth, wireless microphone + audio + adjustable receiver

Through the receiver device, connect smart TVs and sounds to implement K songs. Actual operation, through the audio cable of the receiver, one header is inserted into the TV audio interface, and the other speaker interface is implemented.


The above is all the tutorials of Skyworth TV connection microphone K songs. If you want the K song effect, you must have an external sound, the sound quality of TV comes is not enough.

Finally, recommend a TV K song software to everyone, as Bettle dog music. When Bettle dog music is a home scene entertainment software, “listening + look + sing”, has a copyright cooperation with more than 40 million massive music libraries and more than 90%, support SQ lossless music, snake sound, There is a massive blue super clear MV picture quality.

The page layout is perfect to fit the big screen user habits, there is a console in the K song interface, some lists, scan code songs and other functions. Consider music enthusiasts who practice sing, have a complete set of score systems. It is very easy to use.


As for the software download, you can install as a shellfish market, then download it.


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