Comprehensive detailed explanation of emerald pendant knowledge

1. What is jade pendant?


Emerald pendant refers to the use of emeralds, or live or flowers, and is not large, suitable for jewelry for wearing on the chest and waist. Emerald pendant cannot be made alone, mainly in cooperation with the rope chain.

There are many types of pendants, which can be divided into plain, flower cards, pendants, beads, imitation animal shapes, etc., and also include embedded emerald pendants.

Ice glass, clear water, slightly floating flower jade Buddha pendant

Inlaid 18K gold diamonds glutinous ice species, emerald color, peace, nothing card, chest

Ice species Piaoyang Green Fugua Pendant


Ice glass, floating flower and jade leaf pendant

2. Classification of Emerald Pendant


Emerald pendant is a collective name, and its classification can be divided into:


1. vegetarian card

Inlaid 18K gold diamond glutinous ice species emerald green nothing


2. Flower card

Ice glass species Qingshui Dragon brand pendant

3. Ping An buckle

Ice species green sunny level buckle pendant

4. Follow

Inlaid 18K diamond glutinous ice, thick green blessing soybean pendant


5. Beads

Glutinous Ice Purple Ball Pearl Necklace

6. Sculpture

Inlaid 18K gold diamond fine glutinous green landscape

Third, the selection skills of emerald pendant

It is similar to picking the rules of emerald pendants and other jadeite categories. First of all, it depends on whether the seeds, water, and color are good enough. The cleaner the texture, the better the jadeite pendant with the better color.


Glass species floating blue flower landscape pendant

Secondly, it depends on whether there are defects such as cracks, cotton, stone patterns, and impurities. The existence of defects will affect the value of emerald pendants.


The colorful and incredible jade pendant, the value is not high

When choosing the carved emerald pendant, we should also observe whether the carving is good. For example, the character pendant is clean enough, and the color is well -proportioned: the Buddha wants to smile, and Guanyin wants charity. At the same time, the proportion of hands, feet, and body should be well -proportioned to prevent large eyes, yin and yang faces, big nose face, and disagreeable facial features.


All in all, the emerald pendant that has good water, good color, good carving, no cracking and flaws, and flaws can be called high -end emerald pendant.

Ice Glass Seed Guanyin


Fourth, the collection value of emerald pendant

First of all, the better the texture of the jade pendant itself, the higher the corresponding value. Because jadeite pendants belong to a high -end jewelry in the market, and generally produced by high -quality emeralds, the emerald pendants of the seeds, water and color are good, which has high collection value.

Inlays white 18K gold diamond glutinous ice, green jade buddha buddha

Secondly, the beauty of emerald pendants does not only come from its own stylish styles, but also stems from the humanistic concepts and cultural connotations given by people. In this way, the natural beauty and spirit of emeralds are cleverly gathered in one, penetrating the humanistic concepts and social functions, and implicitly reflected the profound and profound national culture in the emerald jewelry. From this level, emerald pendant has a cultural collection value that is different from other categories.

Ice Glass Flower Flower Flower Bean Pendant


Fifth, the maintenance of emerald pendant

1. Regularly clean the emerald pendant to keep it clean and bright;


2. Wash the surface of the emerald pendant with water or neutral cleaner, and then dry it with a soft towel;

3. When cleaning the pendant, do not use a cleaning agent containing chemical ingredients or corrosive, especially a cleaning agent and rough fabric cleaning and rubbing;

4. Pay attention to the hidden position of the cleaning pendant, and the timely cleaning can make the pendant last as new.


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