Wang Likun appeared in the event, wearing black and red color -colored hollow sweaters, I have to bottom out, it looks cool

Factor Yan’s participation in the diving show, known as the “Goddess of Su Yan”, recently attended the new drama “Three Life Meeting You” starring her, and standing with the handsome Huang Jingyu is too eye -catching. Because Wang Likun learned to dance since childhood, his temperament is very special, so he can also be very eye -catching among many female stars. At this conference at this conference, Wang Likun was wearing a red and black striped sweater with a black dress, elegant and generous, with a smile of smiles. Let us analyze Wang Likun’s careful machine.


Wang Likun chose this set of dark striped clothes and did not show her old. Most people looked a little bad to wear this, but because Wang Likun’s skin was still fair, Hold lived in this color of clothes. Because the upper body is dark clothing, the skirt Wang Likun also chose a black gauze skirt that is also a dark color. In addition, there is a layer of ripple dot on the outside of the skirt. This design can make the black skirt look monotonous. Wang Likun’s shoes are English letters, bowls, high heels. This shoe and shoes are very popular. The heels of this kind of shoes are not high. Standing will not make people feel tired, and the shoe body will make the feet look thinner.

The ear chain on Wang Likun’s ear is also very thoughtful. This ear chain will make people visually make people’s faces smaller, and because the overall clothing is dark color, the ear chain is also dark. It will look very abrupt. Wang Likun’s hairstyle is three or seven bangs. This effect is still small, and the hair behind it is very matched with the style of clothes, making Wang Likun look elegant and calm.


In the high -definition lens, Wang Likun’s face value is still very capable. Wild eyebrows are really enviable, and eye makeup is simple. There is neither exaggerated eye shadow nor exaggerated eyeliner. also very beautiful. Under this high -definition lens, you can see that even if the age is rising, Wang Likun’s skin condition is so good that it is so good that the complexion is rosy and there are no flaws.


Wang Likun’s clothes are suitable for people of all ages. In addition, this striped style of clothes is a trend of in recent years, so various colors of stripe clothes appear. However, you must be cautious in choosing the color. This kind of red and black stripes are not suitable for people with yellow and black skin. After wearing this color, the skin tone will look dull, and the whole person is not mentally. There are many colors of stripes, such as blue and black stripes, yellow black stripes, yellow and white stripes, and so on. This kind of clothes are very good, wearing skirts, pants can be used, mainly because the color must be selected


The black wave dot skirt wearing Wang Likun is the most basic style, suitable for all ages, and it is also very thin. You can cover the thick legs. This kind of skirt is very good. You can do it, wearing small white shoes on your feet, Martin boots, canvas shoes very beautiful

Wang Likun in the camera is bright and beautiful, let’s take a look at what Wang Likun looks like in private. Wang Likun played the most trendy dress at the moment, and his lower clothes disappeared. Wang Likun, who was very slender, looked thinner. She chose a pink sweater to set her youthful vitality. This color was suitable for her. The Martin boots under her feet make her figure more superior, and Martin boots are really long and thin. This set of matching makes her figure play to the extreme. The bag on Wang Likun’s back is also a new style. The combination of this color makes people look very comfortable. Wang Likun’s hair is like a bunch, she looks very spiritual, her condition is very good


Wang Likun’s dress this time is very fresh and vibrant girl. The light green top gives a clean feeling. Setting off Wang Likun’s complexion is very good, with light blue jeans, very youthful, but this kind of pants give people a bloated feeling, making Wang Likun’s legs look a bit thick. The top is better, because it will expose the waistline, which is thinner. The white shoes worn on the feet are versatile

Wang Likun’s clothes are like tailor -made for her, setting up Wang Likun’s very elegant and generous, plus Wang Likun’s unique temperament, standing in the crowd is definitely the most eye -catching one. But this kind of clothes should be coated with red lipstick, so that the effect will be better

Wang Likun wearing this way is no different from high school students. The blue jacket with white short sleeves gives a very fresh feeling. With the black and white skirt, both youthful and energetic, the white hat on the head is also very matched with the color of the clothes. It is simply a goddess walking. After watching the ability to wear Wang Likun after watching?


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