Summary of the installation of electric water heater pipeline

1. Electric water heater installation chart

(1) Preparation before installation

Before installation, you must realize the supporting electric water heater hooks and screws required when installing the installation, and its related tools. If the load -bearing capacity of the wall of the electric water heater is not strong enough, you must make a safe bracket for the water storage tank of the water heater. Avoid falling water tanks and injured users.

1. Need to be linked to the device. In the process, it is necessary to fix the hook on the wall to prevent the hidden dangers of safety. After the device, the inspection must be stopped. It is certain whether the device can be strong. Stop testing, if the specification is met, the next step can be stopped.

2. Hang the electric water heater on the newly installed hook, and then stop the waterway device, and propose to choose a PPR material sanitary water pipe. The sealing ring is used at the connection. Pay attention to whether the connection of the hot and cold water pipe can be correctly connected to the water pipe.

3. Connect the water outlet with the safe valve, and then on the water pipe connected to the water pipe of life, so that the most projects are completed. The installation of the safe valve is to avoid overflowing water when adding water to the water tank. This step is very necessary, and the device cannot be negligible.

4. Select the position of the third -level socket according to the device location and the length of the wire. After the selection, use the pen to make it well. After that, the socket device prepared beforehand and the position just selected. After the device is completed, the hydropower of the electric water heater should be stopped to ensure that the phenomenon of leakage leakage and leakage can be used. The detection can be used normally.

2. Pay attention to six items of electric water heater devices


1. There must be professionals to stop the device

Due to its special performance, the equipment has certain complexity and difficulty, so it is necessary to stop the device by professionals during the device. Such as the punching of different walls, the special disposal of the decorative data, especially the embedded power cord and water pipe in the bathroom. Professional instruments need to stop detection and positioning the installation in advance. In addition to the tight connection of the pipeline request, it is necessary to think about the heat preservation of hot water, the length of the pipeline and the route pathway, the appearance of the appearance, the grounding of the water pipe, etc. This can ensure that the device regulations are accurate, and can also design different device plans according to the user’s detailed environment to ensure that the water heater can be used normally.

2. Request for family electricity standards

According to national norms, the power supply of home power equipment should be used for single -phase three -line 50Hz220V AC power. The three -line of the power supply -the front line, the scratch, and the ground line are correct and fits with the external logo. The ground is good, the insulation and maintenance is intact, and the thickness of the wire diameter meets the capacity load request. The power supply voltage in the country’s power energy allows-10%to 7%, and the calculation of the 220V standard voltage is between 198V ~ 235V. Regarding the electric water heater product, it is biased to -15%to 10%, that is, between 187V and 242V. In the area where the electric load is relatively concentrated, the extension is made.

3. Request to the maintenance switch

Regarding the water storage electric water heater, the power supply line should be set up separately. Do not share a power cord with other high -power electrical appliances. Set up the maintenance installation of leakage, overload, overcurrent, etc. 2 times.


4. Request about threads and sockets

The power supply wiring cannot be too fine, the power should be 50%or more than the maximum power consumption power of the electrical appliances, and the current is 6A to 10A (power 1320W ~ 2200W). (Power 2200W ~ 3520W), the cross -sectional area of ​​the power cord is ≥1.5 square millimeters; the current is 16A to 25A (power 3520W ~ 5500W), and the cross -sectional area of ​​the power cord is ≥2.5 square millimeters. The outer skin of the wire should be waterproof and wear -resistant, and there is a sufficient and good connection at the head and the connector. When using it for a long time, the handheld is not warm to stop judgment.

The socket should be matched with the electric water heater plug. It is best to use a 16A method, especially when the electric water heater rated the rated power of more than 2000W. The socket is best to use waterproof type, with shell maintenance to avoid water and steam from entering the connection gap between the plug and the socket. The socket should be placed vertically as possible. If it is installed on the wall and other objects, you should stay away from the water source or nozzle. It is best to use the water flow and water in the bath and the water. The socket should be easy to connect and avoid the power leader of the power supply. When the power leader is long, it should be stopped, adhered, and fixed to objects that are not easy to move.

In order to ensure the best use of the electric water heater, the water outlet pipeline of the electric water heater should be less than three meters. After use, turn off the electricity and turn off the water to avoid causing dry boil or super temperature. Do not use multi -channel water supply for fast electric water heaters. When installing the water heater, you must install the corner valve at the water intake end.


6. For the requirements of the installation location, the electric water heater must be installed in a dry place to ensure that the water is not sprayed. The ventilation conditions are required and the drainage conditions are good.


Combined with the above -mentioned electric water heater installation chart and precautions for the installation of electric water heaters, everyone should probably understand it. When the masters are installed, everyone must remember to do a good job of supervision, reduce some unnecessary problems in the installation, and ensure smooth installation.

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