Which jewelry is suitable for “immersive” bath? Don’t wear it wrong

Hello everyone, I am Xuan Brother.

Many friends are asking a question, whether jewelry can we wear a bath?


Most of my friends who asked this question were because they felt trouble and too lazy to pick them out.

Especially after the weather gradually turned cold, it was even reluctant to move.

But this problem cannot be regarded as no matter.

Different jewelry will naturally have different precautions.

During the bathing process, the things that jewelery will contact generally include hot water, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. The water is the thunderous point of many top jewelry.

Let’s take a look at the jewelry of water?



In the impression of many people, pearls should be “happy water”. After all, pearls are bred in water.


But in fact, pearls are very afraid of water.

There are two reasons. One is because the pearl is composed of calcium carbonate ingredients, which is very unstable in nature. It is prone to oxidation and discoloration. Clear water or soapy water will speed up this response.

The second is that the surface of the pearl has a slight small hole, and the water molecules are easy to penetrate, which causes the pearl surface to fall off and lose the original luster.


2, Lugin Stone

Natural green stone is favored by people because of its gorgeous bright blue.

But compared to other jewelry, the density of lapisolite is low, and the structure will be loose.

When the structure is loose, the problem of penetration will occur. When taking a bath, water and dirt may penetrate into the lapisite, which will fade and whiten, affecting its original gorgeous color.

3, wood jewelry


The so -called wood jewelry, including Bodhi, rosewood, rosewood, rosewood, and so on.

The texture of these cultural jewelry is destined to not wear a bath!

Once water is soaked, it is likely to mold or crack, which directly affects its value.

4, turquoise

Generally speaking, turquoise can touch the water, but it cannot touch the hot water!


Water over 35 degrees can easily destroy the structure inside the turquoise.


Therefore, the higher the temperature, the more likely it will lead to the deformation of the turquoise.

In winter, most of the temperature of everyone’s bath water is high, and it is easy to cause irreversible damage to turquoise.

If you have the above any jewelry, don’t be afraid of trouble when you take a bath. You should pick it.

If you really want to wear jewelry


Take a bath, you can consider the following jewelry.

1. Emerald

Emerald is relatively stable in all aspects, and short -time water will not have any substantial effects on it.

And like an emerald bracelet, it takes a little effort to wear it, and it is difficult to pick it up every day.

However, everyone should avoid wearing inlaid jadeite to take a bath.


The K -gold used inlaid, if wearing a bath for a long time, the color may become darker, and it needs to be cleaned specifically to restore the original luster.

2, agate

The chemicals of agate are also relatively stable, and the problem of bathing is not big.


However, it should be noted that alkaline water can corrode agate.

Do not wear agate bracelets to wash clothes or something.

3, diamond

Diamonds are the most well -known gems in nature.

There must be no problem when wearing a bath.

But don’t take it lightly. Some netizens once wore a diamond ring worth 150,000 to take a bath, and finally fell into the sewer.

In general, jewelry pays attention to three -point wear and seven points.

Dear friends, don’t be afraid of trouble.

I am Xuan Brother, follow me, focus on sharing the dry goods every day!

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