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David Beckham is a famous football player, but Beckham’s influence is more than just a football or sports circle. For many people who don’t love football, Beckham’s name is no stranger. One of the reasons is that he has a high face value and super high fashion perception. When he appears in public places, his dress and his face value can always make him climb on the headlines of major media. In winter, let’s take a look at how Beckham is wearing a coat!


A black double -breasted Chestfield coat with a pair of dark gray trousers, a pair of brown Oxford shoes, a strong gentleman’s style.

The same coat is changed to a thick thick flower woolen trousers, changing a pair of rough Martin shoes, with a hat with a bit more rural and leisure.


The camel is an eternal god in the eyes of the person who likes it. Obviously, Beckham also has a soft spot for the camel. The camel coat is paired with a gray suit suit, and the business fan is full.


When replacing the formal suit suit with sweater and jeans, its style becomes very casual.

If you feel that there is no highlight in front of you, it is also possible to adjust a pair of brightly color socks like Beckham.


Jeans, workers’ shoes, and sweater are strong workers, and coats give people a gentleman style. The combination between them is that we often say that Smart Causal, business casual style.


If you are a loyal fan of small white shoes, then you must try the matching of trousers, white shoes, and Tibetan blue coats. It is very suitable for daily wear.


If you can’t do without jeans, then you can learn the various jeans of Beckham with a coat.

The coat with sweaters and jeans workers, in my opinion, is the most tide match. The sweater gives more impression that it is a casual fashion fan. Highlighting the sense of streets.


The combination of human character pattern coats, jeans, Martin shoes, and round neck shirts looks full of streets.


Beckham is definitely a loyal fan of Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are not only good -looking but also very easy to wear. Good Chelsea boots are very comfortable. Compared to friends who are not very convenient for Oxford shoes, Chelsea Boots are definitely the first choice for winter shoes.

The British Fan’er’s coat with British Van’er’s Chelsea boots is definitely a choice that British Fan’er’s enthusiasts must not miss.

The temperature in autumn and winter is very low, but even if such a scarf is cumbersome for some boys, it is an indispensable prop that the scarf is a combination of a scarf.

One more scarf is another style.


When lacking a scarf, only the collar is up to the wind, so most of the collar suitable for winter stands not to pretend to be cool, but really cold.


Of course, in the picture above, whether it is Beckham or Hu Bing’s wear, it is extremely desirable. Beckham is slightly inferior in front of the world supermodel Hu Bing, of course, it is only slightly inferior.

Stacking is definitely an essential element in winter wear. It can not only keep warm, but also make the wear style more colorful, highly contrasting color, clear levels, and the overall more three -dimensional.

And the wear in this photo is also a very typical British Fan’er wearing and anti -velvet horses shoes. The suit and coats were once exclusive to the gentlemen. Or business occasions.

Of course, as the general public, our body value may not be as good as Beckham, clothes and shoes may not be as rich as Beckham, but it does not prevent our image better. Excellent people provide us with an example. We can choose to refer to and learn for them. As the saying goes, “love beauty, everyone has it”, and I want to change it to “the heart of hobbies, people, people, people We are all hoping that we are constantly getting better, whether it is image, quality or life.

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