Fabric sofa cleaning is very important, you need to know the fabric sofa cleaning knowledge

The fabric sofa is warm and comfortable. It is the first choice of home sofa for many fashionable young people. The fabric sofa is also suitable for small -area living rooms, which can make the living room look warm and romantic. After a period of use, there will be dust and stains. What about cleaning the fabric sofa? It is also more convenient to clean the fabric sofa. Let me introduce the cleaning knowledge of the fabric sofa.

1. Removal and irregular fabric sofa cleaning methods

1. Disassembly fabric sofa cleaning method Cotton fabric sofa cleaning: It can be washed at low temperature, but try not to clean it with a washing machine, and you should not use bleach to avoid fading. Template fabric sofa cleaning: Its advantage is that it is not easy to fade and can be washed. However, if the fabric is added with artificial cotton, artificial silk, etc., it must be dry. Note: Regardless of printed or ravioli cloth, when the composition of the fabric is hemp, wool, etc., it can only be dry when it is easy to shrink natural fibers.

2. Method of non -demolished fabric sofa cleaning method


Cleaning of dust: First use the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust published by the fabric sand, and then gently wipe it with a towel. Remember not to scrub with water in large quantities, so as not to penetrate into the sofa and cause the sofa in the sofa to be moisture, deformation, and sofa. Clean the clean drinks such as coffee: If the drinks such as coffee dripping on the sofa, you should immediately dip the towels and dip the warm water to suck the drink from the sofa surface. It is difficult to deal with stubborn stains. Washing on the fabric sofa with velvet on the surface: Swipe it with a clean brush dipped in a little diluted alcohol, and then dry it with a hair dryer. , Wipe it with a cloth, and the stains can be removed.


Second, the general method of fabric sofa cleaning


1. The vacuum cleaner method: The fabric sofa is more likely to be dirty than the cortex sofa, so in order to ensure the clean and beautiful fabric sofa, you must clean the fabric sofa regularly. It is a very good method to clean the fabric sofa with a vacuum cleaner, and it can effectively clean up the dust on the fabric sofa.

2. Cleaning method: Now the general fabric sofa has a sofa cover. You can remove the sofa outer cover and clear the flow, but it should be noted that it is not frequently cleaned, because the fabrics of the fabric sofa will fade, shrink, deform, etc. As long as you use it for about a year, you can remove the outer cover of the fabric sofa and clean it thoroughly.

3. Sprinkle pollutants: When the fabric sofa is changed to a new cover, a layer of fabric pollutants can be sprayed on its surface, so that it can effectively avoid dust staining.

4. Put a sofa towel: Because the fabric sofa will be more resistant to dirt, especially the position of the handrail, head, and cushion. For these places, it can be covered with sofa towels. It is convenient to clean the sofa towel.

5. Professional cleaning: For large -scale stains on the fabric sofa, please ask professional cleaning staff to clean. If it is cleaned by yourself, it is likely to destroy the sand of the fabric sofa, which is not good.

3. Special cleaning method of fabric sofa

(1) Water smoking equipment: sofa brush, sprayer, water absorption, sauna, high -temperature cleaning machine. Use material: high bubble removal agent. Operation method: 1. Use a vacuum cleaner to comprehensively vacuum 2. Dilute the cleaner, you can also inject water tanks 3. Spray the cleaner on the sofa 4. After 10-15 minutes, the stains are separated from the fiber 5. Use a sauna and a high -temperature cleaning machine Use it alternately, at least twice with twice. 6. While cleaning the sofa, use the water absorbers to absorb the sofa that has been washed 7. Let the sofa completely dry. In order to speed up the sofa dry, you can start the sofa dryer.

(2) Dry foam cleaning and use equipment and tools: sauna, high temperature cleaning machine, vacuum water absorber with a sofa brush and bubbler. Use material: dermis sofa maintenance agent, sofa stain removal agent. Operation method: 1. Use the vacuum cleaner to comprehensively vacuum 2. Local treatment is to use a special cleaner to treat oil stains and stains separately on the sofa 3. Dilute the bubble removal agent, inject the bubble box 4. Use the cloth bag on the sofa on the sofa. Where to brush the edge, corner and machine push after brushing 5. Use a single -disk machine equipped with a bubbler and sofa brushing, use a dry bubble to wash the sofa 6. Repeat 7. Use a high -temperature cleaning machine to the sofa to the sofa for the sofa. Disinfection and sterilization, cleaning treatment 8. Let the water absorbers take dry bubbles to completely dry the sofa

The above is the knowledge of cleaning the fabric sofa introduced for you. The cleaning of the fabric sofa is a sofa of other materials such as leather sofas. The sofa type that is better washed. You can understand the cleaning method introduced above. Clean your own fabric sofa.


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