Buy white wine, bottle, as long as there is this “4 mark”, what brand of tube, proper pure grain

How to solve, only pure grain. Quality pure grain wine is not spicy, drink is not easy to go, wake up fast, and long-term drinking will not affect your health, etc. …

This is unfair than alcohol, knowing harmful, but there are still many people to step on the pit.

Do you want to drink pure grain wine? Obviously not.

The liquor market is mixed, and many alcoholicans are covered with food wine, confuse the public for their payment, and there is no skill, and it is easy to find it later.


Therefore, the way to buy wine is really good, it is actually very simple, it is not difficult.

As long as you buy wine, watch 4 marks in the bottle, what brand is tube, no matter how cheap, it is a proper pure grain, share it to everyone today.


Not only white wine, everyone should look at the product information form outside the package, which is equivalent to the “introduction” of this item, but it can really understand, and don’t care.

A regular, trusted good wine, bottle is labeled factory site, origin, factory name, production date, production license, etc.

Such alcohol is in the purchase of raw materials, production and brewing, generally in line with national standards, methanol, butter alcohol oil, is treated, so these markers are the foundation of a good wine.

Don’t buy those “three-no-white wine”, especially bulk wine, barrels, 80% unreliable.

Bottle cap

There are a lot of “true bottle fake wine” on the market. It is one of the ways of speculating some bad merchants. It is used for some big name wine, so they must see if the bottle cover is intact, there is no trace of passive.

The white wine from the big factory is very strict, and there is a unique brand logo, which is also a good way to identify good wine.

If the bottle mouth is loose, or the cap does not look rough, it is recommended not to buy.


Raw materials are only food and water

This should not say more, everyone knows that pure grain wine is made of high-quality grain food, so only food and water in the raw material table of the bottle are proper food and wine, must pay attention to it.



There are no shortage of raw materials in liquor, in addition to food and water, as well as potato substances, even edible spices, flavors, etc., don’t think, these are alcoholic hiking, detour.

Product standard number is “GB / T10781”

In fact, it is not accurate. “GB / T10781” is only a common standard number of liquor products on the market.

Pure grain wine has different product standard numbers depending on the fragrance, as shown below.

Among them, “GB / T20821” (alcoholic wine), “GB / T20822” (alcoholic alcohol) is not pure grain, and when you buy wine, you can see these two must detour.

Master the four marks above, not afraid to pick a good pure grain wine.

Theory is to practice. The first time I use these methods of wine, I have to feel very hard, I have to look at it, and I have a waste of time and waste.

If you really feel that I can’t pick a good wine, or a friend who hasn’t picked it, you may wish to see the 2 cost-effective pure grain wine shared by the author.


Jun Zhongyuan private wine



Gifted class

Product standards:

GB / T26760

raw material:


Guizhou red scorpion sorghum, wheat, red water

The raw materials, the process is all along the pure sauce, and the new wine is hidden for 10 years.

The brewer has passed the government, and it is the “Maotai original head” Li Xingfa apprentice.

The only regret is that the propaganda is not done well, and the name is not mentioned. It is also very small.

The liquor is slightly yellow, sticking and abundant, one shakes, can see the flowing wine slow, the absence of wine is more secret, and it is slow.

Entrance sweet! Delicate fragrant alcohol! The old cooked sauce is rich, the liquid under stirring is mixed, the details can also taste Chenxiang, fruity, and take out, saying that Joan jade liquid is not over.


A mouth swallowed, smooth warm, wine incense back, in the mouth for a long time, and the aftertaste is endless.

Yutang Spring Wine



GB / T10781

Water, sorghum, pea, barley


There must be a lot of people familiar with “Yutang Chun”, but it is not much more familiar with Yutang Spring Wine.

The older generation knows that this wine is still very famous in the early years, once the same as the local alcohol, cost-effective, very sought after.

Pure grain brewing with natural cereals, taking the wine.

The alcohol is clear, no impurities, smelling the fragrance and refreshing, cool, like mening, like a thin sugar.


Entrance is sweet! Cool! There is a clear feeling of fragrant, pea scent, alcoholic, fragrance and sweetness of natural spring water.

After swallowing, the heart is refreshed, the wine in the mouth is overdone, and the aftertaste is long.

Pick 4 marks in pure grain wine, have you remember it? Welcome to the comment area message discussion.


Product standards:

raw material:


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