The new vitality of classic Brock shoes

To say that the long -lasting men’s shoes, Brogue is definitely the best among them. In today’s vintage trend, Brock shoes have become a very important part of creating a gentleman image with their classic lines and exquisite carved details. So we can find the figure of Brock shoes on the most fashionable men’s feet in the men’s clothing Zhouxiu Farm, and we can often see wearing Brock shoes on the handsome Hollywood male stars, such as “Tragedy The Red Eddie Redmayne, as well as the old -fashioned Hollywood Red Star Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc. Moreover, Brock shoes have also become an excellent item for many ladies to shape the neutral image.

Thom BrownerWB Four Four -striped Brock shoes

Because everyone loves Brock shoes, various shoe brands also launch various Brock shoes every year, such as Berluti, Thom Browne, Bally, Gucci, etc. The formal shoe brands are basically indispensable for Brock shoes. Of course, Brock shoes have not only appeared in the matching matching match to this day. It can be suitable for various occasions. You must know that it was in the first 16th century, but the shoes worn by the Scottish and Ireland worked at highlands during the highland. Essence

Brock shoes have gone through hundreds of years of development. It smartly transforms the original three -connector into a beautiful wing -shaped curve, which looks quite delicate and elegant. Now it has gradually evolved into a retro classic flat leather shoes under the feet of men’s feet. , Thus becoming the best symbol of gentleman identity. Because it has a variety of different forms, men from all levels of society can find the pair of Brock shoes that suits them.

Our more common Brock shoes are open toes, including: all Brock or pointed Brock, half of Brock, a quarter of Brock and long -wing Brock. There are also four closed toes, including: Oxford, Derby, Geely and Monks to buckle shoes. They usually appear in the form of dress shoes, but occasionally they become boots, canvas shoes, leather sneakers or other styles. Such a variable form makes it angry wherever it is.

Today, the connotation of Brock shoes has developed newly developed. This kind of shoes with flower hole eye patterns glow and heat in the fashion industry. The designer combined with some popular elements, including camouflage, contrasting, stitching, etc., after incorporating Brock shoes, making this retro shoe type a well -deserved street shoe. So Brock shoes are not limited to old men. More and more young people like to match a pair of Brock shoes in the street style. This is why many tide cards start making Brock shoes now. Of course The details will be more exaggerated.

For example, the Brock shoes produced by JKJY use soft wood as the sole, which not only changes the traditional shape, but also greatly improves comfort. In addition, the Brock shoes produced by Thom Browne are good at using popular colors such as camouflage and metal colors, while Givenchy perfectly combines Brock shoes and high -top sneakers, creating wireless possibilities.

On the men’s clothing week, many brands still have designed Brock shoes. Of course, the form of appearance is no longer an ancient style. Fashion Week is a place where new ideas bring new ideas. For example, Topman Design becomes more pioneer in Brock shoes. The thickness of the sole makes the role of the shoes as the role of the accessories. If the upper body is not colorful, the shoes will even become the focus of the whole body, not to mention it also uses black to use black , Gold and Silver’s strong sense of technology.

How do I wear such variable Brock shoes? In fact, according to the specific Brock shoes you wear, more classic and retro styles are more formal. The best partner is rough worst pants and light pants. It reflects the unique literary temperament of business people. Suitable for office, attending business conferences, and official public activities on weekends.

The color is bright, and there are even exaggerated details such as color fighting and contrasting color. Sometimes the fabric design is added, which is more suitable for casual dressing. The patterns and colors of pants, socks and shoes are at different levels, which can show younger vitality and tide.

Brock shoes are entering the world -type men’s shoe cabinet from the Scottish height. If you want to highlight yourself on the occasion of dressing, a pair of simple leather shoes can not help you. Try Brock shoes. The classic model is suitable for formal occasions, and creative models are suitable for life.

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