The 2019 Japanese Stationery Awards is released! Chinese stationery and Japanese stationery, there are more than a little gap

The 2019 Japanese Stationery Awards is released! Chinese stationery and Japanese stationery, there are more than a little gap


“2019 Japanese Stationery Awards”


Obtaining! prize! Produce! Taste!

As a big stationery country, Japan is countless awards

And this award is recognized by everyone

Japan’s “most picky” award

Every time I have attracted much attention

Among the many stationery

A total of 22 articles awarded this year, which is excellent


Awards, design awards, functional awards, creative awards

4 awards

as well as

18 departments reward

Xiangjun picked out the super clever product

Let’s take a look at these designs.

️ ️


GLOO square rubber stick

This year, the Gloo rubber sticks created by Kokuyo and Nendo Studio in one fell swoop.

You can buy it at 10 yuan. What is the fairy operation?

This rubber rod is first won in the shape, there is no dead ends in the square design, and no small corner is not let go.

When applying, you will leave blue marks, which is convenient for confirming the sticky position, and it will become transparent after a period of time.

The body is a square, and it is not easy to roll off the table. The lid is designed to be round, which is convenient to open it with one hand

In addition, the stickiness is super strong, and the thick cardboard is not a problem.

Without redundant text descriptions, this series of colors distinguish products.

Blue represents repeatedly paste, gray is standard viscosity, and red is super viscosity products.

Design award

TOMBOW MONO GRAPH GRIP automatic pencil

The winner of the design award is the Japanese dragonfly brand. His Mono series has been loved by the stationery awards.

The automatic pencil this time is also very interesting, and the price is only about 20 yuan.

Where is fun? In addition to pressing the lead down the pen, you can also “shake” -haraded the lead.

How much is it, and then push up the pens to fix the lead. It is very convenient to operate.

The main standard painting nib supports the thickness of 0.3mm and 0.5mm. The pen grip is equipped with soft rubber, which is very comfortable to write.

The end is the signature eraser of the Dragonfly House.

In general, this automatic pencil design and experience are very good.

Functional award

Sailor long knife research pen

Sailor is a century -old pen brand in Japan. It is said that people who have used his pen do not want to buy other pens anymore.

The award -winning long -knife pen is a artifact. Netizens said that the words written by it are like a brush.

Why is this? Obviously a pen, why can I write a brush?

Because the latest long -knife pens launched in October last year had a tip of the pens of the steel.

We all know that traditional pens can only be written in a fixed direction, and this design subverts tradition.

You can write different fonts from different angles.

Creative award

Kanmido Maco portable tape

The paper tape has suddenly been hot in recent years. For example, the Forbidden City Taobao was often snatched as soon as it was on the shelves.

The Japanese’s love for paper tape is even more crazy, and they can’t wait to bring them with them. Because of this, this design is born, tape.

Kanmido’s Maco can accommodate 4 15mm wide paper tape.

According to the need, choose 4 tape configuration. There is also a rotatable gyroscope in the interior, as well as a sawtooth design, which is convenient for tearing the tape.

For heavy handbook enthusiasts, I am afraid it is just needed.

Bad Bad Pen Award

Zepper BLEN ballpoint pen

Don’t look at this pen’s appearance, but it is jointly produced by Nendo and Zebra, um, NENDO again.

Its sense of use is still very 6, mainly solving two problems -the pen shaking and noise.

The first half of the pen clip and the pen body are integrated, and the overall lines are very smooth.

Not only simplicity, but more importantly, avoiding the feeling of heavy heads and feet during writing.

The brush tip is added with brass dumping, and the center of gravity is added to the pen tip. Configure fixed components between the ink sac and the shell to make it stronger.

Add a special spring to pressing the system, reducing a lot of noise during the writing process. This pen is priced at about 9 yuan in a certain treasure.

Floating signing

kanmido nokoto double -sided glue signature

Kanmido is the most famous stool brand in Japan. As a frequent visitor to the Japanese Stationery Awards, there is a winning product every year, and this year is NOKOTO.

Our common note is one -sided, which is easy to fall off.

NOKOTO is a double -sided pinch, firmly locking the paper. This one is really not a chicken rib, it makes people feel safe.

And it is a round one, and it will not be cut.

Pens award

Sonic vertical pen bag

Most pens are lying horizontally, and each time you find a pen, you need to turn it over for a long time. And this semi -open station vertical pen bag can always make people see it at a glance.

There are magnets in the pen bag, which can be adsorbed in the first half to adsorb the body of the bag, stand firmly, and put the phone inside.

Storage award

Lihit Lab Smart Fit Altna storage package

The Japanese’s obsession with storage has penetrated into the fine branches of life.

LIHIT LAB SMART FIT ALTNA storage package is a typical example. It can be used for office and can be used when traveling on a business trip.

Usually standing on the desk, each pocket is clear.

When traveling on a business trip, the bottom of the storage bag is tightly tightened. When the upper end is opened, it is a briefcase, which is stuffed with laptops. The material is DuPont’s super -strong cloth, and wear resistance is also very practical.

Signs a prize

Guchuan Paper Bread Sign

Guchuan paper workers have always been very popular in Japan. His signed paper is also cute, and each one wants to take away.

The bread series is well received.

Each sheet looks like a soft -sprayed bread. Every time it is used, it is very lucky.

Long -tail award

Plus long tail clip

Many award -winning design is born to solve the stubborn bug, such as this long tail clip. Many times you need to spend a lot of effort to make the clip barely open a small mouth.

The Plus long tail is added to both sides to add a fulcrum, which can save 50%of the force while reducing the pain of the hand.

This long tail clip also won the skill award of ISOT stationery reward last year.

Cutting machine

Midori carton cutting machine

It is a small one, but it can easily cut corrugated paper. It is quite suitable for the normal box, don’t open the courier with bare hands, friends.

Inside contains magnets, you can suck in the refrigerator or elsewhere when not in use.


Plus Fitcut Curve Twiggy Portable Pen -shaped scissors

When Xiang Jun just saw the picture above, he thought it was the eyeliner used by girls. I did not expect that she could turn into a scissors.

The scissors seem to be a thing that can’t be carried with you, but Twiggy is designed as the shape of a pen, which is much more convenient.

Many of its limited series are well received, and the Disney series is very popular.

Tape award

Mark’s Maste can write tape

Babies who like to make a handbook will be a tape. The award -winning Mark’s Maste tape has many types and supports neutral pen writing.

Rubber award

Kutsuwa magnetic rubber rubbing Zi

The magic of this magnetic rubber is that it contains iron powder. There is also a magnet at the bottom of the box, which can be attached to the remaining rubber dander after use.

Open the lid at the bottom, pour out the garbage at one time, clean and convenient.

The award -winning product of the Japanese Stationery Awards every year

They are all well -known Japanese stationery clerks

It was selected from the aspects of function and design

I touched in the stationery pile all day

Their picky is unreasonable

No wonder Japan is recognized as a big world stationery country

These small products are not only easy to use

The price is not low

For example, everyone used

Payo, Zebras, Mitsubishi, MUJI

They are all Japanese famous stationery manufacturers

Everything is very small

But from the perspective of humanized design

Solve the most common problems in life

I have to admit our Chinese stationery

Compared with this, there is still a little gap

But the gratifying is

Our old -fashioned domestic stationery is also evolving rapidly

Xiangjun also wrote a few related tweets before

The old -fashioned innovation and attempt

Every time it appears is amazing

I hope there will be more and more in the future

Better Chinese design appears

Let’s be the student party again

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Product Recommendation: transparent glue stick


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