Liang Xiaoqing: Woman who hollows out her mother’s wallet, has been a middle -aged and elderly model for 12 years, such as a million salary this year

Someone unloaded her makeup, and the ugly state was exposed;

As soon as she removed her makeup, she became a youthful beautiful girl.

Some people say that making models eat youthful meals, but she is completely unlimited.

Speaking of her name, everyone may not know her.

But as long as you look at her photos, most people will suddenly realize:

Oh ~ It turned out that she asked her mothers to keep buying and buying!

She is Liang Xiaoqing, the middle -aged and elderly model that once swept the entire network.

When everyone thinks that the middle -aged models are not beautiful and not enough,

Liang Xiaoqing’s “unique approach” chose a “few ways to go.”

At the age of 18, she turned on her old makeup and combed a mother -style hair.

For the first time to make middle -aged and elderly models, she sold 90,000 clothes.

Today, she has already lived with her professionalism as a model, and has lived an annual salary of millions of salary, car and houses, to realize a life of wealth and freedom.

Being able to have today’s achievements, in addition to daring to do other people’s unwilling to do, Liang Xiaoqing also has her own exception.

Beijing girl, dare to do, dare to break through

The rise of e -commerce has changed the shopping habits of a generation.

As long as your wallet is drum, you can buy everything you want without leaving home.

Some people are vassals of the times, and some are profitables of the times.

Liang Xiaoqing belongs to the latter.

When most people are addicted to online shopping, Liang Xiaoqing has eaten the “dividend” of online shopping.

She was born in Xicheng District, Beijing in 1992. She is 170 cm tall and weighs 47 kg. She has a slender and graceful figure, and her face is just right.

Relying on such congenital conditions, Liang Xiaoqing has been in the model circle since the age of seventeen or eight.

That year, she was admitted to a university in Beijing and studied communication.

“You are so good, why don’t you make a model?”

An inadvertent sentence in the same dormitory roommate gave the confused Liang Xiaoqing in the direction.

At first, she did not put her eyes on middle -aged and elderly clothing.

The teenage girl is the age of beauty and love, and the idea is simple: looking for model companies that can take beautiful photos, they can make money and leave their youthful and beautiful shadows.

Sometimes young is indeed capital;

But sometimes young is also limited.

When he entered the model circle, Liang Xiaoqing was deceived 800 yuan.

There was a model agency called her, saying that she could introduce her customer, but to do a model card at 800 yuan.

The young Liang Xiaoqing felt that people introduced themselves to customers, and they should pay some money.

She took out her own living expenses, and asked her classmates to borrow a little, and it was enough for 800 yuan to hand it over to the model agency.

But later, she found that it was not the case at all.

Once a customer, the company notified her, but the company also notified other models.

There are hundreds of people for each time for customers to choose, while customers only choose a few people.

After a few times, Liang Xiaoqing felt that he was deceived.

She began to find another way and be a lady.

In addition to the requirements of the figure and appearance, Miss Etiquette only needs to understand some basic etiquette posture.

For example, when attracting customers to seat, how to place it; how to hold the lottery box when presented awards is more elegant.

Moreover, Miss Etiquette’s remuneration is also objective, 100 yuan for 1 hour.

On the first day, Miss Liang Xiaoqing stood for 3 hours and three days after she made 900 yuan.

However, after doing lady for a while, Liang Xiaoqing felt that the “alternativeness” of this industry was particularly high. People looking for you this time may not necessarily find you next time.

Moreover, she still prefers to be a model.

In this way, Liang Xiaoqing returned to the model circle again.

She thought she had already known the routine of the model circle, but she didn’t want to be deceived again.

At that time, in 2010, the development momentum of online shopping was fierce, and major online platforms needed models.

Liang Xiaoqing contacted the customer. The other party requested that the other party had to test the mirror first. After the audition was passed, it could be officially filmed, and finally paid.

At that time, she took 30 clothes in the outside.

In the end, the other party said that her temperament did not conform to the positioning of their clothing, and did not pass the audition. Finally, she only paid the hard fee of Liang Xiaoqing’s 100 yuan.

On the way back to school, Liang Xiaoqing couldn’t help crying.

She called her mother to complain, and her mother comforted it on the phone: “Girl, don’t do it when you are tired, and enjoy college life.”

Dad learned that her daughter had been wronged, and sent a text message to Liang Xiaoqing: “Girl, don’t force himself too much. Dad is your strong backing.

Looking at the information of his father, the haze in Liang Xiaoqing, who was still in tears on his face, swept away.

She couldn’t be defeated.

There are only her and her sister at home. As the boss, she must take responsibility to buy a big house for her parents, so that their old age is peaceful and happy.

Through a friend’s introduction, Liang Xiaoqing took a photography work for taking publicity photos to the online shop.

Take 50 sets of clothes a day and pay 300 yuan.

Because the photography studio is far from the university, Liang Xiaoqing has to transfer to two bus twice, 40 minutes at a time.

In order not to delay the shooting, when the roommate in the dormitory was still sleeping, Liang Xiaoqing had already gone out to catch the bus.

At around 8 o’clock, she arrived at the shooting location on time, changed makeup, and prepared for shooting.

However, her serious and responsible attitude came to the customer’s unreasonable demands again and again.

The 50 sets of clothes have become 70 sets, and even more.

During the settlement remuneration, there were no more than 20 sets of more.

In this regard, Liang Xiaoqing didn’t care. If you give less money, give it less. In fact, she enjoys the shooting process, and she has accumulated the shooting experience.

Compared to money, what she needs now is an opportunity, and it is a lot of attempts.

With such a mentality, Liang Xiaoqing became more and more proficient in models.

But because of this, she encountered more and more routines.

A subsequent shooting, even touched her bottom line.

It was a promotional video for the studio. After taking a few sets of clothes, the person in charge of the studio asked her, can she shoot rabbit girl costumes?

Liang Xiaoqing thought it was some cute clothes, and they agreed.

But she was dumbfounded when she got her clothes. The so -called cute clothes turned out to be the extremely exposed high fork pants.

She politely rejected the shooting requirements.

The person in charge was still unwilling and asked if she could shoot a skirt with lace.

This time, she left her heart and asked to look at her clothes first. As a result, she couldn’t get out. The so -called skirt with lace was the almost completely thorough lace skirt.

Liang Xiaoqing rejected the request again.

In the end, the person in charge of the studio, based on her insufficient shooting, was originally said to be a good compensation, which only gave her 500 yuan.

In this way, in the deceived and routines, Liang Xiaoqing always adhered to principles. While learning to screen resources and accumulated shooting experience.

Finally, the opportunity came.

Become a woman who hollows out the mother’s wallet

Although Liang Xiaoqing’s efforts, although she failed to make her a well -known big model, at least let her have her own place in the model circle.

Some online e -commerce owners often find her to cooperate, and even introduce some shooting work for her.

Opportunity awaits those who are prepared.

One day, a cooperative e -store owner called Liang Xiaoqing and asked if she was willing to shoot elderly clothing.

Most of them are young people who shop on the Internet. Most of them work in other places and have no time to go home.

With online shopping, most people choose to buy clothes for their parents online and fulfill their filial piety.

There are also many elderly people who have entered middle -aged. They follow the times and have learned online shopping.

Therefore, middle -aged and elderly clothing is very marketable.

But middle -aged and elderly models are not so easy to find, the reason:

First, most models are very young, and they are reluctant to wear the clothing of the elderly.

Second, middle -aged and elderly models must be consistent with the elderly in reality, but most young models are thin.

Third, if you find some elderly people for clothing shooting, their physical strength cannot keep up with high -intensity shooting tasks.

The reason why this shopkeeper found Liang Xiaoqing was a middle -aged and elderly model because she was thin, her shoulders were wide, and she could support the loose clothes of the elderly.

Moreover, the owner feels that the baby’s fat on Liang Xiaoqing’s face is very in line with the aesthetic concept of the elderly.

In their opinion, the face is a bit fleshy, which means blessed.

Liang Xiaoqing was a little reluctant when he heard that he was going to shoot middle -aged and elderly clothing. After all, he was less than 20 years old.

But she thought about it: Since no one wants to shoot, why don’t I try it? Moreover, it is safer than shooting exposed clothes.

Therefore, Liang Xiaoqing agreed to the shooting requirements and went to the studio.

When the makeup division finished her makeup, when Liang Xiaoqing changed to the middle -aged and elderly clothes to look at the mirror, she was startled:

I seem to be more than 20 years old, and I really live off a “middle -aged and elderly person.”

After entering the shooting state, Liang Xiaoqing cooperated with the photographer with his own experience with his own experience.

For example, the standard smile of eight teeth, smooth and unpretentious movements.

Liang Xiaoqing quickly completed the shooting task, and the owner was very satisfied with her performance.

That day, she took a total of 250 clothes and calculated at a piece of clothes for 10 yuan, and the customer immediately paid her 2500 yuan.

Since being a model, this is the first time she has received so much money.

Liang Xiaoqing was very happy in her heart, and what made her rejoicing was behind.

In the clothes she took, there was a sales of 90,000 pieces as soon as she was put on the shelves, which instantly became a quarterly explosion.

Subsequently, more and more shopkeepers came here and asked her to shoot middle -aged and elderly clothing.

In order to shoot the best results and reflect the advantages of clothes, Liang Xiaoqing is pondering every day, how to put a posture in line with the temperament of the middle -aged and elderly people, and how to do it to give people a kind of “put on this dress, the whole person becomes noble and elegant, the whole person becomes noble and elegant. “It feels”.

As Liang Xiaoqing’s actions are increasingly in line with the aesthetics of middle -aged and elderly people, there are more and more shop owners who have taken her.

At the busiest, Liang Xiaoqing only slept for 4 hours a day.

Her highest record was to take more than 400 pieces of clothes a day, and almost average 40 clothes were taken in almost an hour. One dress had different postures.

Many times, in order to adapt to the season, it is new in time, and clothing shooting is anti -season.

In winter, shoot the new model of the next spring; in summer, shoot winter down jackets.


Liang Xiaoqing is going to wear a cool summer new style in winter.

The body cannot be shivering, but also makes people look generous.

In the summer, she had to wear thick down jackets in the studio,

Many times they covered the sister -in -law.

Not only that, it is necessary to take a thick older makeup in middle -aged and elderly clothing. It takes 2 hours to finish a full makeup.

In order to save trouble, the makeup artist fluttered layer of powder on Liang Xiaoqing’s face; in order to keep the hairstyle does not deform, he would spray thick hair on his hair.

Once, after Liang Xiaoqing completed the shooting task, he had returned to the hotel at 1 am.

At that time, it was winter, and the hotel facilities were incomplete. Without hot water, Liang Xiaoqing had to wash his head with cold water.

After standing for a day, I washed her head with cold water. Everyone in Liang Xiaoqing was faintly painful, and she had a high fever that night.

But the next day, Liang Xiaoqing still completed the shooting task in the best state.

If you pay, you will gain.

Her salary also gradually became a 10 -dollar remuneration at the beginning, and gradually became 120 yuan in the interior and 150 yuan.

As she shoots more and better clothes, there are more and more explosive models,

When it was best, Liang Xiaoqing’s annual income reached millions of millions.

After making money, Liang Xiaoqing bought a house for her parents in Beijing and Hangzhou. She realized her promise to herself and gave her parents a happy old age.

In fact, when he was just a middle -aged and elderly clothing model, Liang Xiaoqing was still a little embarrassed.

When the classmate pointed to the online shop, the “aunt” who combed her mother -style hairstyle and wearing middle -aged and elderly clothes, and looked slightly old, asked if she was at one, and said they had denied it and said they admitted their mistakes.

But later, when she rely on this profession to earn the first bucket of gold in her life, her previous unconfidence disappeared.

It is not shameful to make money by yourself.

This is the confidence that this job brings to her.

Today, Liang Xiaoqing is already a famous “Sister Middle -Elderly Clothing Model” in the e -commerce industry.

In 2020, Liang Xiaoqing participated in the variety show of “Master in the Folk”.

In the show,

Within 3 minutes, she changed 3 clothes and took 369 photos, zero mistakes.

On March 19, 2022, Liang Xiaoqing was invited to participate in the variety show “Hello, Saturday”.

In just 30 seconds, she placed 116 actions.

Moreover, in these 116 action photos, none of them had emoticons such as blinking and poor movements.


The luxury brand Alexander Wang held the first big show after the epidemic, and the model announced on the official website was Liang Xiaoqing.

She is about to be 30 years old, not only relying on her own efforts, surpassing most of her peers to achieve freedom of wealth, but also to the international stage.

Those who work hard will not be too bad.


There was such a story, saying that a person named God opened a bank to work hard.

Everyone has an effort account named after their name, and everyone can save their own efforts every day.

God will set up the most reasonable rewards for the people who save their efforts to set up the most reasonable returns based on the efforts of everyone.

Moreover, every 10 years, God will call out these gold card users and draw a prize. The award -winning person will have a huge success.

This story tells us that as long as we work hard, there will be rewards.

And to have huge success, rely on luck, but first of all, you must determine whether you are a gold card user.

In the show,


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