Wearing a comfortable face value, this smart meter movement and work that can be 3 months end can bring

PART.1 Preface


With the news of the 170 million euros of Nokia’s 170 million euros for the previous months, Withings made more people start paying attention to this startup company. And I was attracted by its exquisite appearance, and because of the previous CEO’s boutique, it should not be the product that was eliminated every year. I kept paying attention to this brand. There are not many smart watch product lines under Withings, and it has something to do with its positioning route. Withings’ current wearable equipment is a product combined with traditional quartz watches and motion sleep monitoring. And the Withings Activité Steel to introduce this time is the mid -end layout product of the Activité series. What charm is this French brand that integrates into Switzerland ingenuity that makes me decide as my resident watch after a few days of experience?


Part.2 packaging and appearance


The packaging style is not like a traditional watch, a typical European and American product packaging, a small box, but there is a small rope on it, which directly conveys the portable positioning of the product.

The side of the packaging is the introduction of the corresponding exercise sleep monitoring function. However, because the brand is imported, it is mainly English.

The bottom surface of the packaging is product -related parameters, and the corresponding Bluetooth address serial number is also marked. At the same time, you can also see the details of the watches.

Open the magnetic flip from the right side of the box and see the protagonist in the transparent acrylic box. “It is really irritable, at least the appearance is powerful.


The protagonist embedded in the paper support, Withings Activité Steel. The initial moment is 10:10.

The buckle design of the carton support is very interesting. The two sides behind it are not solved, it is difficult to take out the watch from the front.


After opening the box, I found that the products and accessories were really less than expected. They did not send the backup CR2025 battery, and there were no things that could be thought of and unexpected. There was only one back cover and reset small metal piece, and quickly entry the manual and watch.


Fortification/open cover, the head area is used for watch reset. Small but thick feel.


The protagonist and traditional watches will only make you feel like a beautiful watch, and you will not think of its wisdom core.

The overall design of Withings Activité Steel is clean and neat, using a 1.3 -inch dial of 316L stainless steel and chrome acupuncture. No second hand, non -digital dial, weakening time scale, the biggest difference between traditional watches is no right crown on the right. All of the above convey the brand concept of Withings.

As for how to adjust the time without watch. In addition, there is a small scale of 0 to 100%more than the dial of the traditional watch. The layout of the dial is a bit of design and momentum like a sports car dashboard. Built -in CR2025 button battery driver, nominal battery life for 8 months.


In the dial of the same level, the thickness is not thin.


The strap is made of black silicone, which is very soft. It is the softest and elastic material in the bracelet and watch I have experienced.

The back of the strap is a logo of Withings, and the inside of the strap is used to ventilate the concave design of ventilation and hydrophobic.

There is also the LOGO logo on the buckle, combined with the LOGO inside the dial, the inside of the strap, and the brand information can be described as the brand information.

The rear cover of the dial has not been torn off, and the model parameters are displayed inside. The strap and the dial area have a quick dial design, so that it is convenient to quickly replace the strap with any tools.

There is only one setting of a reset key in the back of the table, which uses the attached metal paddles to operate.


Some people say that the dial is too small. This varies from person to person. I personally feel that the size is moderate, and the black dial is more durable than white.


Part.3 wear experience


Just Withings Activité Steel, a smart quartz watch with Internet corporate thinking, accurately hit my pain point, has a face value, a wisdom core, and the battery life does not need to be tangled.

The soft silicone strap is very comfortable to wear and the sense of weight is not strong. The black version of the dial is more low -key and restrained. The 1.3 -inch dial is just right in my hand. But there are a few times that we wear watches and almost make mistakes, because they are used to judging the direction of the watch through the right crown. It seems that it takes a few days to adapt.


The bottom is slightly convex than the traditional watch, but it is not easy to make the watch and wrist too sticky, and the wrist and back of the hand are not easy to get.


The watch is actually old, nearly thirty years old, and even more childishness should be converged, and Withings Activité Steel is just right. Still allow you to be yourself, inheriting the classics but not the best.


About waterproof

Willings Activité Steel supports 5ATM -level waterproof. There is no problem with swimming and simple flushing. But do not soak and enter sauna for a long time for the health of the watch.

The dial is waterproof and relieved, and there is no need to worry about the natural strap. It is hot and sweaty. Avoid sweat stains and impurities.


special function

Thanks to the merit of the sensor below the traditional dial, Withings Activité Steel has an interesting and aggressive function. After setting the alarm clock through the APP, the three -click dial can automatically transfer to the alarm clock time. After a few seconds, it will return by itself. However, the trigger success rate is average, and the time for viewing the alarm clock is very functional, so I define this function to pretend to add bonus operations. Whenever someone is attracted by the STEEL in your hand, you can click the dial three -click to let the other party know that this is a more aggressive smart table. It may only be triggered by two rounds of familiarity. The second time is not so aggressive, =. = (The specific operation effect can watch the video in front of me)


About APP

Withings, this official Android version of the app, only provides Google market download on the box. It is inconvenient to use the Google market for the reasons you know. Fortunately, most of the major domestic distribution markets are available. I am in Meizu’s application store. Can be searched directly. When the application starts, it will prompt that the Google running framework is required, but it can be continued to be used after being ignored. The overall design style follows Material Design. (The iOS version is also MD design, and rare dual -platform follows MD design specification products, but iOS users may not be used to) but there are still problems in the current identification. In addition, synchronous exercise data will prompt that the positioning function needs to be turned on. It is slightly uncomfortable in operation, the localized experience is not friendly enough, and some interfaces also contain English. It is not as intuitive and convenient as mainstream domestic bracelet applications.


Even if the APP experience is not good, you can’t leave it, especially when you add a device for the first time, you need to use Bluetooth binding to synchronize the time. Adjusting the pointer is also operated through the APP side. When the app opens the search device, you can enter the search binding mode five times with the reset key behind the watch tray. After the first connection, there will be a software firmware update, and wait patiently.

The wearable equipment of the sports test is naturally the main state of exercise and calculating the amount of exercise. However, it is obvious that I have been used for nearly a week and cannot distinguish between running and walking. They all show walking. However, this can also be accepted. It is not a professional sports watch. I just need to understand the approximate amount of exercise in the next day. The specific sports status is better. It is unacceptable and the product positioning is different.


Although the sleep monitoring function looks smarter than some domestic watches and does not need to manually set the sleep interval, the actual experience is generally average. Because most Chinese people do not have the habit of wearing watches at night, and there is often a watch when it is hot, this is withings. The algorithm believes that the static time is determined to be the beginning of sleep, which often causes me to have more sleep time during the day, or only two or three hours of sleep time in the evening. If you wear 24 hours a day, the sleep monitoring data is still more accurate, and the degree of sleep can also provide a certain reference value.


The alarm function needs to be set by itself, but this way of interaction is relatively novel. The first use is a bit unaccustomed, especially some translations and the functional typing of the bottom circulation are a bit unsuccessful. Set a alarm clock, you can check the alarm time in three -click the dial. The dial is displayed, indicating that it is successfully synchronized to the dial. After the actual experience, the vibration is slight, but it is enough to wake up on the watch, but it cannot be closed as soon as possible, and it can only keep it continued to shake.


The most interesting point of Withings is that even if your mobile phone and watch hardware have no heart rate sensor, you use the camera and flash on your mobile phone to achieve heart rate detection. Open the APP’s heart rate detection, the screen calls the rear camera, and opens the flash. At this moment, the handle is pasted on the camera, which is best to be in the same line as the flash. The flash will illuminate the slight changes in blood exchange in the capillaries under the fingertips to calculate the heartbeat. However, the measured difference is about 5 to 10 units BPM. (If you are interested, you can watch my video experience)


Do not re -unbutton the adjustment of the pointer time, click the pointer time through the page of the details of my device.


Part.7 experience summary


1. In the later version, consider increasing the luminous function

2. Three -click dial to view the success rate of the alarm clock low


3. Sleep and exercise algorithm has room for optimization

4. It is not easy to find the direction without surface crown blindness

5. No mobile phone message Vibration reminder function

6. The localization experience of the app is not good enough



1. Traditional watches intelligent inner core, beautiful design enough

2. No crown, APP adjustment form is very creative


3. Long battery life, no troubles of conventional smart tables


4. Silicone strap is more comfortable than domestic watches


5. Good waterproof ability, not afraid to go swimming and water

6. APP’s heart rate function is good.

7. Three -click to view the alarm clock method is very improving


From the perspective of a senior visual interaction designer, in the domestic price of 1448, I scored 80 points for Withings Activité Steel. You can also replace it independently to adapt to more occasions. The data of exercise and sleep monitoring needs to be optimized and improved, so that this is not a bracelet. More often I only be suitable for the pure use habits that see the time and about the amount of exercise. More functions have also caused an increase in interactive experience and learning costs, which does not meet the initial positioning of the product. Also due to the positioning of the Withings segment, it naturally avoids the function comparison and price of the function of smart watches with the bracelet and screen. Middle -aged and young people who are pursuing life experience.

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