CCTV has been exposed, these “eye protection lights” hurt the baby’s vision, parents choose to choose platform lights for their children

Chinese eye health white paper shows that the overall incidence of myopia for children and adolescents in my country is as high as 53.6%.

China’s myopia rate ranks first in the world.

Before we went home in elementary school, the sun had finished the homework before going down the mountain. After eating at night, I went out mainly to play games with my friends. Now

Children go home from school every day to write homework. It is normal to write late, and work overtime at night is normal.

Many parents will choose to buy reading and writing lamps for their children

When parents buy reading and writing table lamps online or physical stores, they will find that the selling points of many table lamps are all selling points

Eye protection

, Sales staff will tell parents that


The lights of this light can protect children’s eyes and prevent myopia.


Many parents bought it home for this selling point to give their children, but can the eye protection light really protect the eyes?

CCTV reported the quality of reading and writing table lamps on October 04, 2020.

73 table lamps and 51 models have such problems.

For example, some

The label is incomplete, there is no labeled LED light source, no power is labeled

and many more. It is equivalent to buying a food. How many grams are labeled on this food. What are the main raw materials?

And these table lamps that our parents are most concerned about do not protect their eyes? Let’s take a look at the test results:


The test is based on the “Requirement of the Performance of the Lantern Reading and Writing Lights”.

Many parents buy eye protection lights for their children, but the test results of the test results hurt the eyes:

1. Two platform lights exceed the standard


Songwei, Oshara Overnight exceeds the standard

We recommend that children have lampshade when using table lamps. The main purpose of the lampshade is to prevent the light from being too strong, stimulate to the eyes, and affect comfort.

And the lamp that has exceeded the standard, the child will make the eyes feel uncomfortable after using it, make the eyes easily fatigue and easy to myopia.


When you buy a table lamp for your child, you must have a lampshade.

Don’t be naked outside.

Second, 45 desktop lights are unevenly illuminated

When the table lamp is used, if the illuminance is uneven, some places will light up, some places are dark, and children’s eyes are seeing some and darkest places that need to be adjusted.

Uneyscorizing the lighting of the table lamp will cause the child to constantly adjust the crystal of the eyes when looking at things, and the eyes are prone to fatigue.

If the illumination is insufficient, it will be darker. The child can’t see it clearly, and the eyes will go closer to see the vision.

Frek, Oslang, good vision, beauty, Haier and other brands have not met the lowest A -level requirements.

Third, 24 color temperature higher than 4000K

According to the relevant standards,

Long -term work LED light source color temperature should not be higher than 4000K,

The light of about 4000K will be soft and yellow, and the child’s reading and writing homework is more appropriate.

The color temperature of the sun is about 6000K, the color temperature is too high, and the eyes are uncomfortable.

The higher the color temperature, the more white the light, the more dazzling. When parents buy reading and writing table lamps, if they can adjust the color, they can be adjusted to the orange warm color system as much as possible, so that the color temperature will be lower, and the child’s vision will be more comfortable.

Fourth, 9 color rendering indexs are too low

The “LED Interior Lighting Application Technology Requirements” stipulates that the light source color rendering index is greater than 80.

The color rendering index is too low.

Five, 4 lights flashing


The four table lamps of Rinli, Walda, Philips, and Osram flickered severe.

Writing and writing under such a table lamp will cause a headache and uncomfortable child.

Huang Ke, the supervisor of the Quality Testing Co., Ltd.


Children read and write under such flashing lights for a long time, leading to the expansion of retina and pupils, causing children to have visual fatigue, visual recession, and severe headaches and epilepsy.

For specific testing, you can search for the video of the weekly quality report on the weekly quality report.

When buying a table lamp for the child, parents remember “six don’t buy”, don’t wait for the baby to regret it


1. If the identification is not complete, you don’t buy it

The logo of the table lamp should be marked with the type of light source, color rendering index color temperature, production manufacturer’s production address, product specifications, product models and CCC certification.

2. When the light is turned on, the light is too strong, so I don’t buy too white

The light is relatively white and white. Generally, the temperature will exceed 4000K, which is not conducive to children’s vision health. Just as we look at things under the sun, we will feel dazzling and uncomfortable with our eyes.

3. Feel the dazzling glare and don’t buy it


The lights were turned on in a darker place, but the light of the table lamp was dazzling, indicating that the illumination was uneven. Or feel that the light of the table lamp is very dark, and a book is not clearly seen below.

4. Look at the color pattern under the light, don’t buy it unknown

If the color rendering index of the table lamp is lower than 80, when you look at the color pattern under the table lamp, you will find that these colors are distorted and you can’t see it clearly.

If you find the colorful patterns under the desk lamp, parents are not recommended to buy.

5. It is not recommended to buy a mobile charging platform light

There will be batteries in the moving charging platform, but if the battery is used for a long time, it will affect the light. Suggest

Buying plug -in table lamps will be better to use.

6. Do not buy it


Parents can turn on the camera function of the mobile phone, turn on the table lamp, and use the mobile phone camera function to shoot a video at the lamp source of the table lamp. If there is a glare, we can

Seeing the light source in the video, the source of the lights kept flickering, suddenly and dark,

Seeing the video on the mobile phone, I feel dizzy in a while.

If the table lamp in the home has the above six cases, it is recommended not to use it for the child, and it will be better to buy it for the child.

In addition to paying attention to the table lamp, the table used by the child should also pay attention to the shiny table as much as possible. Otherwise, these desktops will reflect the brightness of the lamps, so that the child looks tired.

Many parents consulted which table lamps were evaluated in the comment area. The whole grid was evaluated. The mother of Jing went to Jiangsu Province to download the test results of 73 reading and writing lamps. After filtering all the unqualified one, the qualified one was 11 This (12 reports above, but I ’m completely eliminated after all the forms of the form.

Detection qualification results


















360 advantage














You can see qualified brands and models.

Mother Jing uses Panasonic, big brands, and clear signs and qualified testing.

It is recommended that children read a book daily. It can use 3000K to 4000K color temperature. If the lighting can be used for 5000K, good coloring is also conducive to the development of the child’s vision.

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Panasonic AA Class Protective Reading Light

¥ 796.6


Reference materials: CCTV “Weekly Quality Report”

China Consumer Network

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