Nian -end purchase watch guide: 10,000 yuan retro chronograph code table

[Watch House Clock Talk] Looking at the new products released in recent years, in addition to the modern style, the retro -design model also accounts for a considerable proportion. At present, it is not only popular for retro diving watches, but even the chronograph with retro design is also very fragrant. The combination of classical charm and complex timing functions brought by retro design makes the watch have a lot of interest. In the past 2021, in addition to the second -generation “Air Force Commander” and Zhenli A386 with a high degree of attention, many close -people brands have also introduced new retro codes with historical models. Compared with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of big -name watches, the price of the people’s brands is more than 20,000 yuan, and the approachable price makes them more acceptable to ordinary people. Today, let’s review through the video. What are the 10,000 yuan retro chronograph code watches worth starting in the year.

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Recommended by the year -end watch purchase: 10,000 yuan retro chronograph table


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The first one recommended for everyone is the Snow Tiena DS automatic chronograph with “UFO”. The watch shape inherited a product released by the brand in the 1940s. The millimeter was upgraded to 42 mm, and it was upgraded to a solid and wear -resistant sapphire glass meter diameter, making it more in line with modern aesthetic and use needs.

Snow Titan DS automatic chronograph “UFO”


The watch has a ranging ranging function that is rare today. The dial is surrounded by the ranging scale, which can be used to calculate the distance through sound speed. This function is very popular in the 1940s when the electronic ranging instrument has not yet been popularized, especially in the war. It is even more in war. Play an important role.

Model: C038.462.16.037.00


Like many retro models, the Citon UFO dial uses a curved dial. In fact, the original purpose of this design is to better accommodate the movement of the larger volume in the past, but now it has become one of the characteristics of the process. In order to better fit the dial shape, the pointer is also cleverly designed as a slightly curved shape. However, from the top, this subtle details are almost impossible to detect, but it guarantees that the pointer can be evenly and accurately passed through the surface of the arc dial, and the effect cannot be ignored.

Price: 14550 yuan


The A05.H31 automatic movement is based on the ETA 7753 movement and has a 60 -hour dynamic reserve time. The timing function adopts the cam structure. The essence of the movement of the silicon swimming shots not only has better anti -magnetic performance, but also reduces the movement of the movement due to temperature, which is more stable and accurate.

Multi -Hirher “Inheritors” Multifunctional Time Code

Another product released in 2021 comes from Mido. Mido has always been very outstanding in the design of the models. The new helmsman series “inheritors” show Mido’s elegant design style. The watch uses a 42mm case, with the primary color of the stainless steel and the PVD rose gold version. Optional. The shell that is polished and rusted is equipped with a thin surface, cone -shaped ears, large mushroom -shaped buttons, and box -type sapphire crystal mirrors, and has a waterproof performance of 50 meters.

Model: M040.427.36.042.00

The name “inheritor” shows a strong historical accumulation. Many of the many design elements of the models are the first products of inheritance from the brand in the 1930s. Compared with modern helmsman, the retro -style “inheritor” dial adopts arch -shaped design. This is also a more popular design style of early chronograph. The pointer and the outer edge speed measurement scale, these details make the overall layout more balanced and neat.


Price: 16500 yuan (PVD rose gold version)


In addition, the dial has a date window at 6 o’clock, echoing the brand logo below the 12 o’clock, maintaining a visual symmetric balance. A detail that is worthy of attention is that the word “MIDO” uses a strong retro hand writing body, not a modern printing body that we are familiar with, and it also highlights the retro texture.

Meidu Caliber 60 automatic mechanical movement

The watch is equipped with the Caliber 60 automatic mechanical movement. The movement is improved by ETA A05.H31, with a frequency frequency of 28,800 times/hour (4 Hz), which can provide 60 hours of power storage. This élaboré (through three orientation) movements are decorated with exquisite fish scales, blue steel screws and Geneva patterns.


Hamilton American classic H -type chronograph code watch

Finally, let’s take a look at the “Dark Horse” -hamilton H -shaped chronograph. Its prototype is Chronogram A/B chronograph that was born in 1968. The biggest feature of the watch is the “Panda Disk” design. In 2017 and 2018, the brands launched the limited edition of 1968 INTRA-MATIC 68 and Zhen Bo automatic chronograph with inspiration for this historical watch.

@Northeast Watch Collector Purchase Watch Operation

The new modeling in 2021 is more retro. The watch is presented in two styles of white and black. It can be matched with traditional black leather straps or Milanis steel bands. It is very rich in options. The new model canceled the calendar window above the 60mm meter diameter, and the ranging scale also “returned” the same color as the 1968 history. Change to CAL.H-51 manual-chain movement, consistent with historical tables. This generation of “panda plates” is more loyal to prototypes in both the appearance and the movement of the movement.


Model: H38429110

The H -type chronograph lines are clear and sharp, showing a full and smooth texture. The lines are naturally smooth and connected to the ears of the edges, elegant and exquisite, and integrated. The time label and timing needle cover the luminous coating, ensuring that it is still clear when you can still read it in the night or dark light environment. At the same time, the waterproof level of 100 meters is also better than the 30 -meter to 50 meter waterproof level of the chronograph at the same level, and the performance is better.

Price: 16100 yuan (Milanis Band)

The Cal.H-51 movement is based on the ETA 7753 movement and uses manual string. The movement contains 27 gems, with a frequency frequency of 28,800 times/hour (4 Hz). The upgraded power storage system can provide a maximum 60 -hour dynamic reserve time.



These retro codes in their early 10,000 yuan are based on the creative prototypes launched by the brand in history, revealing a deep historical heritage. The ranging function of the Snow Titana UFO is particularly influential. This is popular in the 1940s. Now there are few models. This design allows us to feel more from the times from the times. breath. The same is true for Mido “inheritors”. The fine -grained movements have been adjusted by three directions. The classic shape contains a modern core. And Hamilton’s H -type chronograph combines the current more popular “Panda Disk” design, with a manual clinging movement that has attracted much attention. (Xiao Feng, House of Figures/Watches)


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