The minimalism of the European and American style shirts, this summer, beautiful is very advanced, and there is a high-level texture

The shirt seems to be a flat-free single product, but it is very popular, and in the summer, we can also try a shirt of the European and American style to wear, through this minimalism, let you be more advanced. . It can also make your shape more texture according to their wear, and continue to learn about it next.


Introduction to European and American wind shirts


How to choose shirt?

1 white shirt


Want to show a good temperament, you can start starting from the basis white shirt, and the wearing the wearer of the European and American style will often choose the white shirt confession, through the foundation color, the high-level feeling, for not wearing clothes The girls are in this white shirt to solve your dressing, let you become a fashion.

2 striped shirt


In addition to the white shirt, you can also learn from a slightly designed shirt, such as striped shirts, grilled shirts, these elements can make a shirt to be enhanced, and it can reflect different charms. . And through this striped shirt can also reflect the breath of youth, incorporate different colors, naturally feel more fashionable.


3 denim shirt

In addition, the denim shirt is also a popular single product. If you think that the white shirt has been flooded, you can make changes from the material, but the denim shirt can be single-wear, so it’s more plasticity. If you are worried about your own matching ability, you can learn from this blue denim shirt, absolutely look.

Shirt match analysis:


1 shirt with nine pants


When choosing a shirt, the trousers is particularly important. The suit is relatively suitable for workplace, shirts will look very simple, and this shirt can also be used in black suit pants to reflect the level of layering, while wearing a wearing trimming through this suit pants Leg type, even if the leg is rough, it can wear.

In the case of the pants, you should pay attention to the length, try not to try too long trousers, nine pants is the most suitable, through the nine pants, you can modify your ankle, showing an ankle will feel more thin, and The matching tips of this appearance can also make your sexy curve show, look more fashionable.

2 shirt + cowboy skirt


If the body is good enough, you can try to match the skirt, the style of the skirt is also quite rich, the slimming effect is the cowboy skirt, and the mix of the cowboy skirt can be used to modify our legs, and try to try The cowboy skirt of the package hip, this design will modify your crotch and thigh roots, which is also more friendly to the sluggish body.

3 shirt + crash

The wearing a hole in the hole is relatively leisure, and it will enhance the street feeling. For example, the shirt is mixed with hoiser jeans, and it is very handsome, and the area of ​​the hole is not too big, otherwise it will feel very violated. And, it is easy to expose your leg crude problem, and small-size hole is already sufficiently fashionable, and it is more designed.

4 shirt + leather pants

The match of leather pants will be very novel, but the leather trousers have certain requirements for the body, and the legs of the legs don’t choose tight leather pants. If you don’t release your leather pants, you can try the straight version, or the wide-leg version, Then mix with a more slim shirt on the upper body, and you can improve your fashion feeling through this mash.

5 shirt + plaid pants


White shirts are still a good clothing, because the grilled trousers will feel comparative retro, combined with white shirts, can create simple combination, this kind of matching method is very fashionable, The color of the garnant is also don’t have much flowers. For example, black and white grain is the most common, like the black and white shirt, which is black and white shirt, is very fashionable.

6 shirt coloring system

White shirts seem to be monotonous, but combined with some suitable matching techniques to improve the brightness of the shape. For example, we can learn from the contrast of the column, and can improve the highlights, the red skirt, which is a bright spot, and the white shirt above, for example, with the white shirt.


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