Maybe your wardrobe storage requires it, winter storage guidelines (2020 version)

The ideal is full, and the reality is skinny.

This sentence describes the storage of the wardrobe.

After drinking the “never changing season” wardrobe chicken soup, everyone was tied up with their hands and feet:

Thoroughly disconnected? Do not buy it again? Add another set of cabinets?


The above three capsules are difficult.


Any of the wardrobe of others, I can only sigh in my own family: love.

The season has been in front of you, thick quilts, down jackets, cashmere coats, sweaters … all need to be safe, and the clever woman is difficult to put in nowhere. At this time, if the pocket of the natural grant machine cat should be good: looking at the mini, it is actually unlimited, everything can be installed, and what can I find.

When you wake up, you still face your own reality.

Season storage

When the season is replaced, the clothes and things of the previous season “packaged” to make out the golden area to welcome the protagonist of the new season.

The reason why the winter and spring changes have a headache because there is both difficult and difficult (limited) space. In order to understand those things in the season, this topic will be described in three contents:

Winter was cleaned and stored

As well as

Down jacket cleaning and storage

Reduce the use of wardrobes that have been affordable for seasonal replacement

At the beginning, it was mentioned from the huge winter.

The cleaning and storage method of the quilt is closely related to the filling material. This article only share the cleaning and storage method of the current mainstream material winter quilt.

(Remarks: The quilt below refers to the core of the quilt)

01 Clean before storage

Many people heard that the reaction was strong after hearing the “washing the quilt”, indicating that the quilt who had been covered for several years had never been washed. The epidemic experienced in 2020 reminds us that we need to review the hygiene habits in life.

The materials used in the mainstream are: cotton quilts, fiber quilts, duck down quilts, goose down, wool quilts, different cleaning methods, how to clean the most important reference is

Washing label

Essence We investigated the washing suggestions of mainstream bedding brands, and even the same material and various brands have different views.

According to the suggestions of various brands, refer to the practice of professional laundry. The following summary is for reference only,

The cleaning method of each bed is finally washing the standard

Cotton quilt cannot be washed water and cannot be dry


Essence Local stains use neutral soap or detergent to wash and dry them in the sun as soon as possible.


Fiber is most resistant, but can be washed with water

Essence For the advice of IKEA, you can use neutral detergent low -temperature water washing (your own washing machine or buffet washing room), or washing the shop dry washing.

Silk can be washed local water, not dry washed

Essence Wipe local stains with a neutral detergent, do not expose it, and air dry naturally in the cool and cool parts of the ventilation.

The down type, do not dry, but you can use special detergent low -temperature handwashing

, Do not wash the washing machine, do not wire, squeeze the water out of the pavement, choose to dry it in a place where ventilation and non -sun are exposed to the sun, and shoot until the down until the down to restore fluffy.

Wool quilts, do not wash water, need to be sent to a professional laundry dry cleaning treatment.


You can’t expose it, put it in a ventilated place.

Winter is laborious, no matter what material is cleaned, it is laborious. If it is to extend its life span (the higher the material, the more expensive, it is worthy of maintaining it), you must pay attention to the maintenance:


Put the quilt outside the core, clean and replace every two weeks


Local stains are cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent stubborn stains

Dry dehumidification in the sun or ventilation according to the material

Before the winter is stored, the stains must be cleaned up, dehumidified, and in a dry and clean state.

02 Choose a storage tool that suits you

Winter is stored, moisture -proof and dustproof are the most basic general requirements, and then choose the appropriate tool according to the space conditions.


How to plan the storage space of the quilt?

Most families are specially quilted,

Follow the principle of nearby

, Winter stored in the wardrobe, cloakroom or bed bottom of the owner’s room.


If there is a family in the storage room, it is stored according to the convenience of the family’s use,

Follow the recognition, take good obtaining, easy to put back

At the same time, take care of it

Height, waist and leg

Factors such as physical condition, and then determine the storage position of winter.


Each family has different space conditions. Not everyone needs to use a compressed bag. We give different storage suggestions from the surplus to nervousness according to the space.

Since it is winter, it will only be used after at least half a year. The space for daily use is not so convenient to seasons, such as the top of the wardrobe, the bedbox, the upper or corner of the storage room.

No matter where it is stored, there must be good ventilation conditions, especially the living environment in the south, moisture is pain, and you have to find a way to relieve pain.


Fold the quilt into the size of the storage box or the storage bag used in the matching, and put it in it, and put it in a dehumidifier, insect -proof agent, etc. at the same time.

As long as there are more than two winter quilts, it is recommended to do visual management.

In order to improve the recognition, use the translucent storage fits or labels, and the label (refer to the new clothes hanging trademarks) and other methods.

Recommended storage tools: fabric storage software

Light quality, no stress on the high place, you can identify the quilt through color

Or post labels on the partition to prevent forgotten for a long time


Special reminder: If the winter is stored on the top of the wardrobe, use the Oxford cloth steel frame to organize the box with caution. The box is too heavy.

Especially for women and elderly people with high physical strength


The wardrobe, cloakroom, storage room, and bed box of the home seem to be very large. Once the winter is entered, there is little space left. This situation needs to be considered

Compressed quilt volume



At first, according to the length and width of the storage cabinet, shelves and other spaces, the quilt is stacked into the size of the matching, and the storage bag or rope or tie

Fixed volume

, Put on the dust -proof cover, put the plastic quilt vertically or stacked in the planned space in advance.

Roll up the quilt to storage like an egg roll


Rope or tie

Fixed shape and size of the folding quilt

Use a sleeping bag storage method to set up a barrel storage bag or drawing rope bag


Recommended storage tool: pumping bag bag

Essence Remember not to be greedy when you buy

Marble packaged storage method,

Recommended storage tool: tie

Bringing it with a rope or tie, cover the dust cover outside

The idle beam belt is also a good quilt

The quilt after a rope or tie can also be used to prevent dust from old objects.


Such as old shirts, old sheets


The cabinet space can not make enough land, make full use of the bed space, it is recommended to use it easy to identify

Plastic box

, 间 出 出

When a headache for space, it is almost a vacuum compressed bag, but such tools are required for quilt materials: cotton quilts, chemical fiber quilts, wool quilts; down quilts, silk quilts are unavailable.

Knock on the blackboard: In addition to selecting a vacuum compression bag, you must pay attention to the closed quality, but also

Pay attention to the size


Greeds may not be put in the storage cabinet.

发 可 地 can be played

When there is no squeeze, you have to take a different approach. Here are five reference methods:


1. Streamlined quantity.

Raise the quilt at home, streamlined and streamlined. The quilt also has a cycle of use, which is greatly reduced with 5-8 years. The quilt that will never be covered should consider idle treatment. What if you do n’t have enough guest quilts to do this kind of concern, there are many other solutions.

2. The quilt is a mattress, paved under the body.

This trick is more suitable for cotton quilts (as if back to a university dormitory more than ten years ago)

3. Rent a mini warehouse.

Many cities have set up such services, a storage cabinet outside the home, storage of items that cannot be given up in the season or current stage.

4. The quilt becomes a sofa.

Find a storage bag with appropriate size and good color matching, and fold the quilt into the sofa in seconds.

Time exchange space Born a new lazy sofa.

True silk, wool, and down the precious material quilt are afraid of pressure and use it with caution.

5. Use a child quilt.

This solution can be considered in the quilt upgrade. The two beds are perfectly covered in the four seasons. There is no need to worry about the one left and right.

In recent years, with the increasingly abundant items and the pursuit of instant consumption, the main contradictions erupted by home space are concentrated in too many places and too small places. The winter and spring season is an opportunity to face the conflict.

In such a special environment in 2020, I believe everyone has a multi -angle and deep understanding of the relationship between living space, the relationship between people in the living space, and the relationship between people and space. We have the items, observe the space we live in, and find a comfortable person-item-space-time-time four.

As well as

As well as

As well as


As well as


As well as


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