What is the high heels of Disney? Sleeping beauty shoes are noble, crystal shoes are simple and generous

I do n’t know if you are watching Princess Disney, have you ever wondered what the high heels under their skirts look like? The artist Griza shared with you through painting, and Princess Disney’s high heels.

Princess Belle’s high heels

Princess Belle’s representative color is yellow. She often wears long yellow skirts, and her half -tied hair gives a lot of intellectual impression. Princess Belle’s every move is also very generous. Unlike princesses who only pursue love, she attaches great importance to independence and freedom, and has been well received by many people.

Because of the yellow skirt, Princess Belle’s high heels are also yellow and are still fine heels.

Wearing such shoes, I feel that every step will be very confident, and it is also very matched with her own.

Snow White’s high heels

The most classic shape of Snow White is the blue top and yellow long skirt, plus the red bow on her head. Therefore, red, blue and yellow are mixed together, which is the representative of Snow White.

Her high heels are yellow, which is also a yellow skirt with her yellow.


There are also particularly cute red bows on high heels. I feel that this kind of shoes are also in reality, especially with Lolita skirts, which will give people a very cute and cute feeling.

Queen Aisha’s high heels

Aisha is different from other Disney princesses. She is a queen. Because she can’t master her magic, she always refuses people to feel a “cold frost” feeling.


Aisha’s high heels are very stunning. Her skirt is a pale blue dress. The overall heels are white, but there are blue jewelry as embellishment, which looks very shining in the distance.

Aisha’s pair of high -heeled shoes feels like walking towards us, and it will definitely stun the audience.


Cinderella’s high heels

Speaking of Cinderella’s high heels, that is the legendary crystal shoes. With the help of a kind person, Cinderella wore gorgeous skirts and crystal shoes, and took a pumpkin carriage to the prince’s ball. But the magic disappears at 12 o’clock, and she walked in a hurry and dropped a crystal shoes. The prince who fell in love with Cinderella was looking at her with those crystal shoes from each other. The last two also lived together very happily.

Cinderella’s crystal shoes are also very shining. The simpler and generous shoes, the more durable the shoes. I wonder if you like this style of high heels?

Princess Elier’s high heels

Princess Elier is a mermaid princess. She has fiery red hair and green fishtails. After becoming humans, her skirt color is the same as her fishtail color. So her high heels were also designed with skirts, and hollow high -heeled shoes felt very design.

It is worth mentioning that there is a golden fishtail behind her shoes, which is estimated to be a small decoration of the shoe zipper, and the artist is also very attentive.

Sleeping beauty high heels

Sleeping beauty is Princess Eluo. She has been blessed by a lot of fairy since she was a child, but she was also cursed by a witch. On her 16th birthday, she touched the textile machine with curiosity, her fingers were broken and fell asleep. Fortunately, a prince kissed her, and the two became couples and lived together happily.

Sleeping beauty skirts are pink, her high heels are also pink, and gold -like designs similar to butterfly wings look very beautiful.


If such high heels are on the counter, I believe it will attract many girls’ attention, and it feels like wearing a noble His Royal Highness.

Although these high heels are very beautiful, everyone knows that girls wearing high heels are actually very hard. These high -heeled shoes like Disney princesses are thin and tall, and it is not easy to walk.

Which Disney princess’s high heels do you like best? Welcome to leave a message and discussion in the comment area.


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