Shanghai Grandma’s leopard printing style leads the fashion trend of “Chinese aunt”, which is more fashionable than young people.

In today’s diversified era, although people’s tolerance for fashion is very high, for the elderly, some too fancy clothing items are not only difficult to control. Wearing it can also cause controversy. For example, leopard elements with visual tension.

Leopard print is the most popular pattern in animal patterns. With its unique texture and bright color matching blessings, it perfectly interprets wild fashion beauty. In 1943, the first fur coat with a leopard element was born, and since then, the leopard print has become the darling of the fashion industry. It is popular to this day.


Wildness, fashion, and exaggeration are the best interpretation of leopard elements, but because of this, leopard pattern clothing is not easy to control. It is very tacky to wear, especially for elderly women , But the grandmother Shanghai has made a good demonstration.

Shanghai old grandma leopard print shape wear

The clothing of the elderly women in Shanghai is indeed good. Even the leopard print items that are difficult to control can be dressed in high -level and tacky, leading the “Chinese aunt” fashion trend.


The conjoined skirt of leopard print elements, which are dotted with black and blue, weakened the leopard print to give people a strong visual sense, and the overall color matching will not look too exaggerated. With a leopard cross -body bag, its style is sports and leisure, which has a good age reduction effect in order to shape. The yellow scarf on the head can be described as the finishing touch.

“Pearl Girl”

A sense of vision.


Leopard long -sleeved shirt matching

Bohemian style


The printed wide -leg pants, originally thought that the large -area printing items were combined together, it would look more tacky and old -fashioned, but the old Shanghai lady wore a high sense of sense. Benefit from

“Selected money”

, The tops and pants are cut with silhouettes,

The more loose, the more age reducing

It feels more comfortable; followed by the embellishment of leopard flat shoes, it has a good response effect.


The hip -shaped leopard skirt is very tested. If elderly women want to put it out of the color, they must pay attention to

Matching details

Essence With a black belt around the waist,

Highlight the waistline position

At the same time, it is also divided into the proportion of upper and lower body figures, while the decoration of black flat shoes and red handbags makes the overall shape color matching more expensive, and it also reduces the tediousness of leopard prints.


How do old women wear leopard prints?

01. Don’t be too full

The leopard print itself has sufficient visual tension. If it is covered with the whole body, it is difficult for ordinary people to hold it, especially for elderly women with weak skills.

Properly reducing the proportion of leopard prints will make the overall shape look too exaggerated.

Leopard -top suit with black wide -leg pants, focusing the visual focus on the upper body, combining simplification is more advanced.

Or with leopard pants, the wide -leg version of the leopard pants to modify the leg shape and improve the fashion degree. The upper body is matched with a long coat, and the length of the clothing is appropriately covered with the leopard trousers. Too full.

02. Don’t spend too much match


The most taboo of printed items such as leopard print is to match the same attribute items. This


“Flower” style wear

It is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue, affect the overall style of fashion completion, and it looks old -fashioned and tacky.

It is recommended to match the pure color item

, Like wearing a leopard coat in autumn and winter, you can wear a black turtleneck sweater,

“Inner simplified and Furious”

High -level has a sense of layering.

If you want to enhance the sense of fashion of the overall shape, you can also choose the method of using a black conjoined skirt inside the leopard coat to expose the ankle to help lengthen the leg lines and reduce the visual burden on the leopard print.

03. Local use of leopard decoration

In addition to leopard -style clothing, it can also be dotted with the finishing touch of leopard patterns.

Bright legs wear black coats with a pair of leopard high heels. The overall shape is simple, which can show good fashion clothes.



Bag, hat, scarf


Leopard -print items such as leopard can have a good decorative effect. The proportion of itself is not large, but it can make the original shape that looks more fashionable.

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