Both Heng Yuan Xiang bedding plant products to be inspected failed to join the frequent problems

Source: Beijing News

In recent years, a variety of products subject Heng Yuan Xiang failed; join the frequent problems of factory

Joined the factory product quality is poor, or will affect, “Heng Yuan Xiang” brand reputation. Figure / Vision China

Recently, the well-known textile brand, “Heng Yuan Xiang,” its two bedding failed the test. Beijing News reporter combing found that in recent years, Heng Yuan Xiang’s textile products failed the test several times, and most of its “join factory” production. For lack of supervision joined the factory so that it can not guarantee the quality of products, Gordian Heng Yuan Xiang became the title of product quality.

Both products are for failure

April 25, Huainan City, Anhui Province Administration for Industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as “Huainan City of Industry”) issued “Huainan City in February 2018 textile goods detection result.” Huainan City of Industry web content display, in February 2018, Huainan City of Industry, to strengthen quality control bedding market, protecting consumer safety, conducted the supplies quality inspection activities on the bed, and commissioned Jianghuai quality and technical testing services Limited testing.

The results showed that two Hengyuanxiang brand products have been seized substandard. Among them, a brand, “Heng Yuan Xiang” and “elegant lace family of four” (standard model “quilt 200cm × 230cm, bed linen 245cm × 250cm, pillowcase 48cm × 74cm”, item number “LM2500D”, nominal production enterprises ” Danyang City, Jiangsu Province textile Co., Ltd. gagaku “) is seized” washing size change rate “project failed; a brand,” Heng Yuan Xiang – color sheep “(hereinafter referred to as” color sheep “) of” brightly jacquard family of four. ” (standard model “quilt 200cm × 230cm, bed linen 245cm × 250cm, pillowcase 48cm × 74cm”, item number “1AB1710”, nominal production enterprises “Oukai Nantong household textile Co., Ltd.”) is seized “fiber composition and content.” the project failed.

Affiliate frequency of factory quality problems

Beijing News reporter learned that, “Choi sheep” as Heng Yuan Xiang’s sub-brand. See the introduction of its brand, “Cai sheep” in the official website of Heng Yuan Xiang, “Fazeya (colored sheep) was born in early 2003, Heng Yuan Xiang Group is the art of fashion lifestyle brand, product category covered by clothing, knitwear, home textiles, car home and other areas” .

Substandard products to be inspected nominal production units, “Home Textiles Co., Ltd. Nantong Oukai,” Heng Yuan Xiang was “to join the factory.” Statistics show that Oukai Haimen Home Textiles Co., Ltd. to create a “fazeya” Cai Yang brand to join in the beginning of Heng Yuan Xiang Group, to become “fazeya” colored sheep who first joined the textile factory. Heng Yuan Xiang official website, you can see the closely linked “color sheep” and this plant, known as the “color sheep a textile factory.” Heng Yuan Xiang 2015 official website posted a message can be seen: “September 1, 2015, Heng Yuan Xiang joint Quality Month Lottery sheep industry branch opening ceremony was held in Haimen colored sheep textile factory, a textile factory colored sheep – Nantong Okey Home Textiles Limited staff attended the event. “

恒源祥两款床上用品被检不合格 加盟工厂产品问题频出

And another product of the subject’s failure nominal production enterprise “Danyang City, Jiangsu Province Ya Yue Home Textiles Limited” (hereinafter referred to as “elegant music Home Textiles”), it is one of the factories to join Heng Yuan Xiang. Statistics show that “Aloft textile” cooperation with Shanghai, “Heng Yuan Xiang” powerful, has become its major textile manufacturers. In recent years, the test results Hengyuanxiang bedding failed, the variety of products produced by the “textile Yale.” June 2017, Jiangsu Province Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the results of silk quality inspection of goods, bedding and other categories of goods, the results show that nominal trademark “Heng Yuan Xiang” and “brushed cotton family of four (hundred children).” (specification model quilt: 200 230cm 1 pillowcase: 48 74cm 2 sheets: 250 250cm 1, the nominal manufacturer as “Jiangsu Province, Danyang City gagaku textile Co., Ltd.”) “consumer use, moisture friction color fastness” two projects failed. In accordance with the requirements of the standard GB 5296.4-2012; the wet rubbing fastness warp 2-3; 2-3 zonal wet rubbing fastness, and this section goods “does not meet the provisions of 5.5, no maintenance methods; 6.2.1 does not comply terms, not the fiber composition and content, content service method using tag identification durability; moisture warp rubbing fastness, rubbing fastness moisture weft failure. ” November 2015, AQSIQ issued a special silk net sales and inspection results, a nominal Jiangsu “Danyang City gagaku Textile Co., Ltd.” production of “Heng Yuan Xiang” silk air conditioning is on account of the pH value, such as filling good quality The reason was sentenced to failure.

In 2014, Heng Yuan Xiang failed the test of a product, but also its “joined the factory” production. August 2014, the Liaoning Provincial Administration of Industry announced the list of 107 kinds of sampling failed bedding supplies, you can see the list of unqualified products, from “Jiangyin Hongliu sheets Co., Ltd.” production of a nominal trademark ” Heng Yuan Xiang, “the cotton printing a family of four, for” alkali perspiration fastness “non-compliance are classified as” substandard products. ” Heng Yuan Xiang marked the official website posted a message 2016 “on the eve of Chinese New Year Group chairman Liu Ruiqi his party visited the factory to join Heng Yuan Xiang”, the “Jiangyin plant tamarisk sheet” is called “Heng Yuan Xiang textile factory.”

■ reporter observed

Who layers of OEM quality supervision?

Beijing News reporter found that, Heng Yuan Xiang products have been sampling substandard products, authorized “to join the factory” manufacturing. In fact, “to join the factory” may not really the producers, there is a case “once again commission processing,” the.

January 2015, Haimen Market Supervisory Authority issued an administrative penalty information “2014388 Xu Jianping production unqualified family of four.” Information display, be punished artificial “Xu Jianping,” July 2014, Haimen Market Supervisory Authority law enforcement officers carry out enforcement inspection found that the parties, the parties sell the finished product to be a family of four district 220 sets, labeling sign reads “Name: Cotton Inca embroidery family of four; trademark: Hengyuanxiang; NO: 2,014,015; Specifications: pillowcases 48 × 74cm, quilt 220 × 230cm, bed sheets 250 × 270cm; fabric: 100% cotton, quality grade: qualified; test: 001; standard: GB / T22844-2009; safety category: class B; authorized manufacturer: Danyang City, Jiangsu Province textile Co., Ltd. gagaku; address: Danyang City imperial Town Changli Road 7, Jiangsu Province; trademark holders: Heng Yuan Xiang (Group ) Limited; Shanghai household textile Co., Heng Yuan Xiang. ” By Taizhou fiber inspection and testing revealed that a family of four color fastness project does not meet the national requirements. After investigation, the parties in June 2014 by the Danyang City, Jiangsu Province Textile Co., Ltd. gagaku commission processing, “Heng Yuan Xiang” Inca embroidered cotton denim jacket 220, a family of four batch of raw material by the parties in May 2014 from Tongzhou Zhihao market purchase the product at the time of the survey have been sold.

Beijing News reporter found that the relationship “to join the factory” and Heng Yuan Xiang brand, but also allow consumers to Heng Yuan Xiang brand distrust. At some online shopping mall, a consumer of Heng Yuan Xiang’s a color as “sailing”, the specification is “200 × 230cm” The air-conditioning was commented:? “Heng Yuan Xiang textile with Danyang Yale have anything to do with security simply scratch not open, speechless overall general bar. “

Last June, the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce announced a family of four failed Heng Yuan Xiang news for “How to join Heng Yuan Xiang factory monitoring product quality” issue, Heng Yuan Xiang is a quality person in charge reply Beijing News reporter said: “The company it has been the focus on product quality control, long-term study to industry and commerce, quality inspection departments. as an old enterprise, the brand is our life, we must be more demanding strict standards to manage to control our quality. “but look at the results , to “join the factory” producing poor quality of the control, which will ultimately affect their brand reputation. (The Beijing News reporter Wang Wei Feng Jing)


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