The prefabricated beam steel templates are on the bottom of the base, and the fixed card, end board, burial and side mold installation, which is very practical

Prefabricated beam steel template production and installation

1. Inspection work:

Check whether the bottom mold of the production line is biased. For example, if the biased position exceeds 5mm, it must be adjusted. Whether the side molding mechanism is intact, and the end board is assembled in advance.


2. Cleaning on the table:

1. Keep cleaning on the production line, and keep the bottom mold without foreign objects. You need to use a steel ball ball along the edge of the bottom template and the side mold before you paste the tape. , Paste it, be straightforward, firm, not to fall off, not higher than the bottom mold;

2. The molding agent on the bottom mold should be appropriate. Too much causes the bottom plate to be too smooth. If too little, it will cause problems such as prefabricated beams or irregularities. It is advisable not to produce oil.

Production venue

Third, a fixed card:

This step is the end of the fixed beam. 1. After the operation of the tension is completed, the steel twisted line and the bottom of the bottom row on both sides of the top are fixed on the steel twisted card on both sides of the bottom, and there are four (the vertical point line is also the same);


2. The fixed card needs to be tight on the signs of the two ends of the beam, and the marks cannot be covered;


3. The fixed card should be completely vertical (using a right angle ruler to ensure that the four card heads are on the same plane up and down).

Fourth, install end board:

Refers to installing the end plate on the end of the beam close to the fixed card. You need to pay attention here:

1. The end board must be assembled according to the height of the prefabricated component and the specifications of the steel twisted line in advance, and the mold is applied on the side of the prefabricated component;

2. Each end plate must be close to the fixed card, and it is completely vertical on the steel twisted line;

3. The sealing board assembly is complete and the main secondary beams such as the embedded parts are completed.

Prefabrication beam board

Fifth, buried parts installation:

1. Buried parts must be fixed to the specified position according to the requirements of the drawings, and the error is within ± 2mm;

2. The binding should be absolutely firm and not tilted;

3. If there are embedded components on the surface of the prestressed component, it shall not exceed the component boundary;

4. After the embedded parts are fixed, a review should be performed to ensure accuracy.

6. Installation side templates:

After the prefabricated component’s steel bars are tied up and the review is not correct, the template can be installed; 1. The template needs to be cleaned in advance, the molding agent, and the template stitching should be pasted with foam tape to prevent leakage;

2. The side mold agency should be poured and lubricated before use, and poured it once a week during use.

3. Before the template is lifted, it is necessary to determine that the template mechanism is in a closed state, and when hanging, be careful not to scrape the prefabricated component semi -finished items;

4. The same online template assembly places must be seamless and fixed with a card. Advanced same -span templates need to be kept horizontally and parallel;

5. In order to ensure the geometric size of the component, set up a set of support files and trolley rods every 3 meters before the agency, and ensure that there must be one at the seam of each side mold.

6. All side templates are lifted, and the support files and levers are placed and opened the template machine;

7. During the opening of the organs, you need to observe whether the end and its accessories are installed at the same time.

8. Opening the standard of the government is based on the strict fit of the side mold and the bottom mold, and the efforts cannot be roughly deformed and damaged by the template mechanism. The occurrence of template deformation, inadequate opening, damage to the organs);

9. After the template mechanism is fully opened, check whether each organ is supported and whether there is a gap between the template and the bottom plate.

10. After all the above processes are checked in place, and then covered the machine cover, the gap between the two beam end versions must be protected with templates to prevent the concrete from falling in the process of pouring.

11. Finally, the beam’s size will be reviewed again.

Effect after demolition

Seven, disassembling template:

Generally, the time of disassembly template is the second day after the concrete pouring is completed, it should be noted; 1. In the order of the installation template, reverse it, first remove the cover, support, and cards, and then lock the agency to collect the organ. Get up (the time movement needs to be consistent with all the unlocking personnel during the unlocking process, avoiding the suspension of the template deformation, the inadequate opening, and the damage of the organ);

2. The hanging mold should take a cross -crossing hanging. At the same time as the hanging mold, the sealing head can be removed by the hanging places; use;

3. Pay attention to the safety of hanging molds, use a dedicated hanging mold tool;

4. Disassembling the headboard should pay attention to the disassembly steps and skills. Do not blindly knock on the end of the end plate, which causes problems such as the deformation of the end board and the cracking of the beam.

5. The sealing headboard that is removed can be temporarily placed on the beam, but it must not be placed on the tightened steel twisted line;

6. Disassembly fixed card, end board and its accessories need to be uniformly recovered for cleaning and maintenance;

8. Other unwilling matters shall be implemented in strict accordance with specifications and construction drawings.


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