Orange juice Qifeng | Orange juice replaces milk Liu Tao the same orange juice Qifeng

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Egg yolk 90g

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

Corn oil 63g

Fresh orange juice (2 orange) 72g

Low gluten flour 90g

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

Protein 144g

Gan sugar 108g

Corn starch 9g

Lemon juice 9g

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

Practice step

1. 1. Prepare all ingredients for preparation. Cut the widest part of the cleaned orange in the middle of 4 ~ 6 pieces of about 3 ㎜ thick slices.

2, 2, pour the appropriate amount of water and fine sugar in the small milk pot. After the low heat is boiled, put the orange slices in the pot and cook for 2-3 minutes. After drying the water on the kitchen paper spare.

3, 3, use the shaved ware to filter the remaining orange epidermis, and squeeze the orange meat. At the same time, a preheat oven at 150 degrees.

4, 4, egg yolk paste: pour corn oil and fresh orange juice 72g in the cooking basin, mix with eggs and mix well until emulsification.

5, 5, sieve in low -gluten flour, pump up with the eggs and stir well. Add the egg yolk solution and orange dandruff to continue stirring and set aside. Be careful not to stir too much to prevent ribs.

6, 6. Make protein paste: Prepare water -free oil -free dishes pour into the egg white, pour into the lemon juice in the formula, and start to send protein.

7, 7, and three times with fine sugar and starch: When the protein is sent to the big fish eye bubbles for the first time, the second time when the protein turns to fine bubbles, the third time is in the tattoo that is not easy to disappear in the protein.

8, 8. The protein has been sent to dry foam.

9, 9. Take out 1/3 of the protein paste and egg yolk paste and mix well.

10, 10. Pour the mixed batter into the remaining protein paste and continue to stir well. Be careful not to overwhelm it to prevent the bubble.

11, 11. Pour the batter into the Qifeng mold (let the batter fall into the mold from height), and then light the mold.

12, 12. Put the mold into an oven with a good preheating of 150 degrees up and down, and bake for about 55 minutes (you can use a bamboo stick to test whether it is cooked after baking).

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

13, 13. After the bakery, light a light shock.

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风


橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

The cake after drying the mold can be eaten immediately. If you need to save it, use the plastic wrap and put it in the freezer and eat it. After a week, you can eat it (freezes and freeze it when used).

Egg yolk diet taboos

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

Avoid cooking old eggs

The eggs have been cooked for too long, and the surface of the egg yolk will form a gray -green sulfide sub -layer, which is difficult to be absorbed by the human body. Protein aging will harden and become tough, affect appetite, and it is not easy to absorb.

Eggs should not be cooked with sugar

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

Eggs and sugar are cooked with a substance called glycopritine due to high temperature effects, destroying the amino acid ingredients that are beneficial to the human body in the eggs, and this substance has coagulation effects, which will cause harm after entering the human body. If you need to add sugar in the cooking eggs, you should wait for a slightly cold and stir. The taste is not reduced.

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

Dragon eggs do not need MSG

Eggs contain sodium chloride and a large amount of glutamic acid. After heating, these two ingredients generate sodium glutamate and have a pure umami. The main ingredient of MSG is also sodium glutamate. If the MSG is put when fried eggs, it will affect the egg itself to synthesize sodium glutamate and destroy the umami flavor of the egg.

Do not store cooked eggs with cold water

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

Some people often immerse the cooked eggs in cold water and use the heat expansion coefficients of eggshells and protein to make the eggshell be easily peeled off, but this approach is not hygienic. Because there is a layer of protective film on the appearance of fresh eggs, the water inside the eggs is not easy to volatilize, and the microorganisms are prevented from invading. The temperature in the air cavity drops sharply and has negative pressure. Cold water and microorganisms can enter the egg through the pores on the double -layer membrane in the shell and the shell.

橙汁戚风 | 橙汁代替牛奶 刘涛同款橙汁戚风

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