More than the wind, there is a good time than the suit, the “tooling wind jacket” in this spring is fire, who we like

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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The sun is bright, all things have a spring, washing the lead and gray haze and cold, but also ended the 绪 绪 绪 绪. The rainy rain in the past few days ago, I walked me to be fragile and sensitive.


When I saw the spring sun, the birds were born, even if they put it in the tray, they also doodled their buds, and they were in an instant sun.

One to spring, always love to toss some little gadgets, as for why not flow, but when you are garlic, please forgive me is a veritable “flower idiot”, and the flower is not good at. At that time, when I got a garlic, I deliberately didn’t go to the skin, I would like to see how they broke freely, ok, people were really cruel, I admitted.

Since the mood is so happy, the emotions are so rising, then let’s talk about spring.


Workwear coat / windbreaker

Bar. When Luo Wei saw the share of the day, I was in an instant.

It is more like a windbrow, it is playful; it is more sweet than the sweet and greasy woman, especially in the commuter wind, how to give a visual experience? Completely follow the Luo Wei.

Working wind jacket / windbreaker patterning background analysis:

Style point

: The casual tide outside these years is popular, and the tooling wind is one of the best products.

From the tooling pants, tooling shirts, tooling jackets, to Martin boots, old shoes, casual neutral leather shoes, horses, and then to today’s tooling jacket, windbreaker, this wave with handsome trend is just released in the whole winter depressed.


Neutral, handsome, leisure,

Obvious style

Khaki, moss green, black, military uniform green,

Color classic

; Can be adjusted to any women’s single product, showing a beautiful model.


➞ color color

If you pay attention to observation, the color of the tooling wind jacket is generally: beige, khaki, black, dark blue, gray, military uniform green, etc., is hard to be handsome. When coloring, need to be adjusted

Refreshing and gentle


Gray blue + pink

: The material of the workfelt is more special, biased, with glossy texture, if it is the unique color attached to the top, especially attractive attention, such as blue, the blue, is unclear, or ash Let the hipster more confusing.

Use it to match the faint pink, a hard, a gentle, and the ultimate contrast is a more playful smart spark.

Knowledge point

: This set of powder black bags are highlights, it is the key to improving fashion, it is less tasteless. ↓

Deep blue + light blue

Deep blue although the atmosphere, but it looks mature, when it is present in the tooling windbreaker, the male model is highlighted, and it does not look at it. It seems that the old board is still serious.

Therefore, properly added


For example, a delicate light blue lotus leaf is sweet shirt, increasing a woman’s flavor, and the refreshing blue grinding jeans in the summer will reach the aging youth effect from the style, giving tooling windbreaker more casual.

Gray + white / beige

: When gray is warm, give people a dirty old old impression, particularly unfriend of skin color. Especially like this, there is a grateful grateful windbreaker! It is really very chasing, it is difficult to wear trendy.

Take a white shirt, weaken the effects of skin tone from the neckline, choose one color big sweater, sure


Winning it. Beige small straight pants ethographic shirts and injected elegant atmosphere.


Gold + gray

: For the tooling wind jacket, the shorter, the more easily wear trendy, and it is more easy to control the style. Short jackets such as such a thin image below, can also sunscreen and functionality.

Take a white t-shirt, follow the following elegant gray skirt, elegant and handsome feelings don’t have a good idea. Light as a sunny soft golden color, like a sunny sweeping all haze.


Deep gray + black

: In the tooling wind jacket, the neutral use color of the elegant is easy to suspect that wear the wrong clothes, “stealing” the boyfriend or dad. Toozing clothes, must use





The dark gray tooling jacket in the picture below, the black wide legs, the big trousers, the free-depth workfall, let the handsome dominant, and the handsome is unhappy.

Just please don’t forget that the neck embellish silk scarf style, cleverly reflect the details, let the woman taste everywhere, what is sexy? ↓

Black + green, khaki + white

: Spring needs to come to the color, representing the fresh green of the spring, finally can shook the spring, the spring is beautiful, add some yellowish tones, and immediately present a vibrant growth color.

Compared to mature is green, it is warm and melted, and it is more likely to be tied in a stable black. Compared with green jumping sense, the steady card is inevitable, but there is a small laminated embellishment, which is not bad.

Gray blue + black


: The biggest benefit of wearing the wind coat is that in order to pick someone else’s personal style that is not darently wear. The more you have some personality, the more you live and dance.

For example, a black personality tassel skirt, exaggerated design, is the most perfect partner of the tooling wind jacket. Downish light blue, attached to the thick fabric, there is also a silky elegance in floating.

➞ style matching articles

In addition to color, I want to put a sense of commuting tools in:

Captify style, adjustment


. Despite the consistency of the main style of the tooling wind jacket, refine

Different colors, lengths, details

And there is a different way of thinking.


: The shorter length, the smaller the impact of the formation, the easier it. It emphasizes that playful, cheerful, lively, transfer people’s line of sight, beneficial to significantly thin, magnificent, neutral or male breath.


Key point


: Increase the exquisiteness and injection of a woman. ↓

Short outer casing + dress


: With the short coat of the tooling wind, it will produce a backing with it and the soft and clean skirt. The kind of “痞” is fresh and cute. The tooling jacket of white t-shirt, shirt, casual leather shoes, of course, is full of joy.

When mixing with gentle skirts, please pay attention to keeping clean and refreshing, long skirts can easily drag, but will pull the legs. Suitable slim narrow skirt, the fabric is elegant, revealing the charming ankle, pay attention to these small details.

Short outer casing + pants

: When the shelf is in the trousers, please make the trousers look a woman, such as white, light blue transparent color, bringing precise, thus weakly neutralization of coats.

There are also those who are particularly hot in pants, leather pants, and glossy fabrics, and the style is very strong. Of course, the powerful assistant of the tooling jacket.

When you match your pants, you will be the most taboo too “male.” Appropriate skin care, big V collar, revealing the wrist, let the little sexy are quiet.

Commuter occasion

: I want to make the tooling coat to put a lot of color in the commuter wind, need to correct it too “痞气”, add more exquisite and gentle, suitable for workplace, still inseparable, and decent.


Which elements look tenderly? Shallow color, delicate and diverse fabrics, deflection lines, skirts, pointed single shoes, are all unsitious women’s exclusive.

Refreshing white


, Leisure hooded, lack of rope, very common tooling shorts, if the fabric is thin, is the summer sun sunscreen. Use them to match long wide-leg pants, gentle skirts, refreshing and wonderful.

Even a denim petter is very vivid. Please pay attention to the details of a woman’s flavor, scarves, necklaces, pointers, streamers, and less they really don’t work.


Strong black and enthusiastic red


One appearance, full of dazzling. As a classic color, they need to increase some tension and coolness to play the stunning stunning. Imagine, when black red is a well-behaved lady, there is definitely no wonderful work.


Black tooling jacket, lining, bright orange red skirt, redness. The intervention of casual sneakers highlights a passionate energetic. Well, elegant, it is also a variety of faces, you will see how you demonstrate it.



The tooling jacket seems to be more advantageous in the overlay. Let it smoke in the windbreaker quietly, appear to be energetic, add the silky spiritual touch. Tip high heel shoes, personality bag, let the trendy are gently easy.

Or surely overlay the shoulder with a sweater, let the casual wind occupy, sometimes leisure is not another elegant, a comfortable relaxation.




: When lengthening the length of the tooling wind coat, it has a “ambition” and a “ambition” of the world. It instantly converges a beautiful playful posture, which has become a lot of atmosphere, steady, and it will not be seen.

Therefore, its match is in detail.

Exquisite ear, the atmosphere watch, the chic ring, exposed a slender ankle, aged bucket bag, the tidal leather pants, these are places worthy of fine play, they have their blessings, can not board the official occasion Also in succession.

The same khaki long windbreaker, it is elegant and gentle. There is a large bag with a very strong bag, put a lot of sense, so that the gentleness also has the angular, with a style, no matter when it can always comeide.

If it is dark, you can join a bright color dotted, express a shocking effect of the colored drama, let the hipster plus points, and more mature women want to highlight the beauty of beauty.


Not there, you can draw your finishing touch at a point.


Below, take a look at its practical:


: Green long windbreaker, an increase in the area, mature, and more attention to the color. It is necessary to be light and still heavy. Based on this principle, choose dark or bright clothes, with light-colored trousers.

Green + brown, green + red, can reach the above needs. Of course, there is a black knit skirt, simply let the gas field is the land, and it can be dotted with a white shoe bag.


: Although gray is close to green, the color is completely different.

Biased, partially

Let it look more and more precisely. The leisure wind, skin, and romantic wind in the figure below are a good combination.


Especially in combination with small black pants, don’t forget to add some necklaces, silk scarves, pointed elements, and oh.


Ok, the above is the wearing shared sharing, I hope I can give you some inspiration and ideas. Spring is coming, you can be beautiful, from the mood to appearance, the same!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately believe it, welcome to leave a message to discuss, we grow together on the road to become beautiful!

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