How should IKEA curtains? Don’t be a little bit of this, you can save more than half!

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Home decoration is beginning to study the curtains installed, what material is used? What color is used? What curtain rod is used?

Maybe average users also have these several needs, I bought a new community, after the delivery, there is a curtain shop to enter the community, and there is a home downstairs, I will see it. ! If you don’t have it in 5 minutes, I have no interest in communicating with the boss.

Then added a community owner group, just in the upstairs, there is a neighbor big sister home is also a curtain business. I opened a big store in the curtain city. I suggest me to see, and I will move the store to Ou Yada home city.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

As a senior online shopping user (lazy cancer patient), there is a very serious choice of phobia, there is still a fear of the curtain city, so I haven’t going to go, plus big sister usually the propaganda of friends. This is this, this,

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Or is it like this,

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

This kind of court luxury style and my family four-head wind are really gaps too much, nor goes. But I still have to thank this big sister, borrowing the work of their home, saving me a silver.

Role of curtains

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

This is a problem that must be considered, why? What is the purpose? For individuals, the main role of curtains is as follows:

Promote sleep: Today, someone tells you that you will not say that you will not say, tomorrow, someone tells you that 80 have already abandoned that you have earned a few billions, Coat’s anxious liver hurt, on the ground floor In the effort (playing games, watching TV …) If you don’t pull the curtain, how do you sleep?

Adjusting the light: Of course, it is necessary to sunburn the sun, and the sun is still needed to block a strong direct light.

Protecting privacy: So intensive floor spacing, want to change clothes, go to the toilet, do a shame, no sense of feelings.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Insulation: Winter Warm, summer cold, thick curtains can effectively block the flow of indoor and outdoor air and keep indoor temperature.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Soft installation: The curtain is also the important soft part of the family. It needs to be used with other soft parts of the indoor. It can be installed with a b, and the shortage of installation is very good.

Market analysis of curtains

In terms of price, I didn’t make more comparisons, it is said that a set of curtains has 50-70%, I don’t know the true and false, I can talk about it. From the current capital of this provincial capital, it should be a physical store. > IKEA> Online shopping.

In addition, when I visited the song, I found that there was a curtain, better than the store downstairs, but the price is also very troublesome, it is necessary to find someone to come, can be loaded with itself, not complicated.

The overall feelings of the curtain store are uncontrollable, especially the places such as the curtain city. I will generally be very halo in this environment. The main reason is that the recommendations and introductions of the enthusiastic shopping guide and guidance will not be able to stand.

In addition, the imaginity of the price will also make yourself have been doubt in the pit. All kinds of accessories such as lead fell, curtain, hook, flowing, all kinds of processing still countless work costs.

As a senior online purchase, there is also the idea of ​​online shopping curtains at the beginning, but I can’t see the physical object or very influentially affect the shopping experience, and one search of the curtains, all the screen is like this style.

A search window curtain rod, full screen, and Tang Yin’s nine-ring tin curant, it also makes me limited patience difficult to persist.

IKEA can say that the pain points of the curtain city and online shopping can be fully exposed to the product, the price is transparent, the style is simple, and the function is practical. It can quickly find the products I need, so my curtains cannot be found in IKEA. Solved in IKEA.

IKEA curtain system

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Curtain classification

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

IKEA is selling the curtains

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Delivery, roller blind, venetian blind, Roman curtain

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Direct curtain

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

This is the most common fabric that hangs on the curtain rod. IKEA’s direct curtain is a standardized product, and the length is 250 × 140cm, two pieces per pack. It is basically enough for general windows, if there is special width What should I do? IKEA has a special fabric processing department that can put the curtains of the curtains, or you can purchase the fabric in the textile area.

Sannira velvet opaque

Lee Yongka Material

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

There are also a variety of materials for finished curtains. They have thick and complete, and there are also cotton or linen, or the thick velvet fabric. Most of the overall style is simple and solid, and go home and match it. Wrong, there are some plant patterns or pattern with patterns.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

If you don’t have a thick-transparent material, you can use the IKEA double or three-layer curtain design, one layer of shaded roller blinds, the middle layer of gauze, one layer of curtains outside, taking care of shading, decoration, privacy protection;

If you pursue nature northern European, you can use cotton and linen blended fabrics; you want to order luxury, you can use velvet fabrics.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

According to the different connection methods of the curtain rod, there are three curtains of the IKEA direct curtain:


The suspension can only be installed with a roman rod. When installing, the entire curtain rod is installed, put the curtains, and then put the curtain rod back, a little time, and the hanging belt can be disconnected, which is more convenient, but If the hanging belt is opened, if it is directly pulled without the curtain ring.

Invisible trics

You can also apply hooks to the Roman rod or slippery, you can apply any way to install any way without any accessories.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!


宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

It is directly punched on the curtains, then installs the metal ring. When installing, it is almost the same, and it is necessary to remove the curtain rod.

Then, according to our choice of curtain rods, you can choose different curtains curtains to install it.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Roller blind

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Let’s talk about the roller blind, IKEA roller blinds and venetian blinds are characterized by any ball, pull rope and curtain rod, mainly to ensure the safety of children.

How do you put the curtain down? Use a pole or pull down with your hand, pull it to the needed position; how to pick up the curtain back? Take a little bit to pull the curtain with a little force, it will automatically return to the roll.

The IKEA roller blind has two series. The Tuler series is completely opaque shadow. There is a black and white gray. The length is 195 cm width from 60-180cm, one model, which can be said to adapt to various sizes. Window;

The Sgsraf series is a translucent roller blind, with rice yellow, white and black gray can block and filter direct light, can be installed in the living room, filter the sunlight, and keep privacy.

Venetian blind

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

IKEA’s louvey blind is divided into two, but every kind of traditional venetian blinds we know is different, and traditional venetian blinds are like this, need a pull rope to pull up, adjust the blades. Use the ball activity to adjust the blade angle.

IKEA Hopwo venetian blind is like this

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

It is a hexagonal honeycomb structure that contributes to heat preservation, saving heating costs, and translucent design has also protected privacy, reducing partial light;

The material of the curtain is non-spun polyester fiber. It is very obvious that such a curtain shortcomings is also very obvious compared to traditional blinds, and it is possible to scrubbew with traditional blinds. It must not be installed like a traditional blind. Kitchen and bathroom;

The second cannot adjust the light of the light, so personal feelings are not very practical. IKEA does not have drawn rope and balls, and the opening and closing method is full of technology.

IKEA also has a blind-free blind, Hu Tester, as long as 22.9 yuan, saying it is a blind, is nothing to do, just like a paper is a lot, do not need to punch, With the 3m rubber that comes into the window, you can use a clip when it is collected.

Although cheap, it has fully completed a curtain to regulate light and protect privacy mission, so your uncle is still your uncle, IKEA can always find functional use, the value is not low, complete the small product The market’s products, but I believe that in addition to renting a house, general home decoration will not use it.

Roman curtain

IKEA’s Roman curtain has only this, Lin Luoma, color is not available. Only white, polyester fiber material, the same as the design without drawstring, but the magnet in the curtain sleeve is collided with the curtains, this is not forbidden, how much is it for me to compensate for the lanyard? This Roman curtain personal feeling is also generally true.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Curtain rod and track

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

After saying the curtains, then we must consider how to hang the curtains. The most commonly used family families is Roman rods and slides. IKEA is also the same solution. The order is not the same is to open Taobao search curtain rod, see all Like the old State of Tang Dynasty.

The IKEA’s curtain rod and the rail system are simple and almost invisible. They don’t look like the fumes in the curtain store. (IKEA curtain rod, direct track system)

Curtain rod

The most practical use of IKEA’s curtains should be the combination of Riga / Hu Jia double-window curtain. This curtain rod system is only black and white two-color optional, including a rough two curtain rods, two curtains head and three sets of wall mounting Parts, curtain rods are telescopic, 210-385cm, and 140-210 cm can be selected, which should be able to meet the use of most bedrooms or restaurant windows.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Without the curtains of the IKEA, you can do any other accessories, you can complete a curtain installation. If you have other personalized demand, you can also configure the curtain rod and other mounting parts, IKEA curtain rods, wall mounts or curtains Head, you can purchase separately, with your own needs to match the installation components.

In addition to such molded curtain rods, this called Aya’s curtain rod is really can’t help but “oh”, as long as 7.9 yuan, contain all accessories, if only single layer gauze can buy home Direct use, but only 1.4 meters in width, suitable for small windows.


Virtida guide rail system is very convenient and easy to use, easy to assemble and highly flexible.

Monorail crossbar and accessories

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Corner system

Wall mount

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Ceiling mount

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Slip stop and hook

Corner system installation diagram

The powerful place for the Virtidalak is:

1, can be extended to any length, although only 1.4 meters per rail, but can extend the splicing to any length by bringing the own accessories;

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

2, there is a special corner part, you can do 90 degrees flexible corners;

3, the installation is flexible and convenient, can be mounted on the wall through different accessories, or can be installed on the ceiling, can be used as curtains, or the room curtain is separated, or single-layer curtains can also be used.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Three-slide cavity

A little reminder: Don’t buy a three-slide road curtain, because this component is used for the cover, the general family uses a straight curtain, and after pulling up, the space of the three slide curtain is completely not enough to stacked. .


In addition to curtain rods and slides, IKEA also has two curtains

Foste curtain landscaped 39 yuan IKEA China to buy

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Fosine curtain landscaped, up to 2 meters, but the load is only 2 kg, so it can only be used in a smaller window, I think it can be used to install a bathout.

Dirit is a stainless steel material, the total length reaches 500cm, can adjust different lengths, or use the transfers to the corner, if the pull is too long, it may cause the steel wire to fall too much, IKEA’s suggestion is plus a middleware every 140cm If only single layer curtains are installed, you can use it.

Although the two curtains rolls, although the color is online, I think I think that I will hang up the curtain with two iron nails in my family, I don’t need to be so complicated, so I don’t want to be so troublesome. Wires use it!

Curtain installation skills

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

How to measure your windows

To create a beautifully laminated curtain, make sure that the measurement data of the window is accurate.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

1. Width of the window (a)

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

This will determine the width of the curtain rod or track crossbar you use. The size of the two sides is at least 15cm, and the curtains can cover the windows and can be fully opened.

2. Length of the curtain (b)

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

This will determine the length of the curtain or segregation. The measurement starts from the top of the window frame, until the curtain or segregation curtain meets your demand height. According to the previous experience, the length of 15 cm should be added based on the measured data. Install the curtain rod or track crossbar at 15cm above the window frame.

How high is the curtain?

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

Can you hang more high, on the one hand, it can play a good light shielding effect. On the one hand, the high-top can be pulled high, and the length of 2.5 meters of the curtain is 2.7 meters height, which will not be a lot.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

If it is the floor window, it is recommended to make a curtain box, the curtains are mopped, and IKEA has special curtains, and the tablecloth is customized, and can be customized from the IKEA textile area.

What is the curtain buy?

1.5-2 times the width of the window, deliberately made a pleat with a curtain hook to achieve aesthetic effect, then shorten the width of the curtain, and to achieve a good shader, it must pull to 15cm width than the window, so Ning Guan Do not narrow, but it is not too wide.

Blove installation measurement map

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

What is mentioned above is the most ordinary direct curtain installation technique, and the roller blinds that need to be used for rolling or louvey curtains, only need to give the merchant to the window.

What color is selected?

As a straight man who has no aesthetic, there is no experience, so give everyone the recommendation is safe first, gray, brown, beige, and rice white should be more secure color, no more choosing some and sofa or bedding almost Color echoes are also good.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

If you think that these colors are monotonous, you can also use some green, pink, blue, cautiously small fragments. What should I do if I choose the lotus whistle B fail? I am very staring at it every day, waiting for the habit, it is okay. Well, just like this!


宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

According to the format of Zhang Ma, now I need to sum up the advantages and disadvantages of IKEA curtains.


Simple style, applicable now popular MUJI or Northern European style, strong practicality, can greatly reduce the choice of time costs.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

The installation is convenient and flexible, the components are abundant, and all of the IKEA does not use the curtain box, and there is no general-purpose pleated lace recommended to achieve a better practical effect and visual effect.

宜家窗帘应该怎么买?别小瞧这件事 选好了能省一半钱!

The price advantage is obvious, no need to hit the corner of the business.


Single style, a slightly lower applicability for some large appendages.

The installation cost is high, and the installation fee of a curtain rod is 30 yuan. If you have a strong ability to do it, it is recommended to install it yourself.

Some users reflect the curtains of the IKEA after cleaning, so don’t wash, dirty with a vacuum cleaner.

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