Winter is flipped with bloated down jackets, try the leather, cool, and wild

If you want to show a more unique charm in this winter, we have to try some kinds of personality, such as a good choice for a big leather, makes your gas field open in minutes. Turning into a workplace, how to see it. Don’t be a little princess, try to see the domineering wear, the leather is the queen of the sky!

Since we have to choose a leather, then we must pay attention to color, black is of course the first choice, which can bring us quite steady atmosphere in winter, and the black slimming effect is a great level. For small sisters who are more rich, the bag contrast is very high, you can easily have a slim figure, hidden the effect of hiding the fat!


Secondly, the version is designed. The right version is more able to highlight your strength. For a small sister, a small sister, the shoulder, the design will be more friendly, it can make your shoulder line look more Smooth, and will not make your shoulder look particularly generous, resulting in a very bloated whole person.


The styling of the shoulder can make you feel more simple and compact, so that you have a more gentle and introverted breath. If you choose a shoulder shape, you will make your shoulder line broaden, so that the whole person’s gas field is full. It looks particularly strong.

In addition, picking short leather clothes to make a match, even the upper choice, after all, the gas field of the leather is very good, choose short shapes to highlight this kind of gas, and you can make your waist lines well It is highlighted to make the whole person look high.

It is necessary to add a tightening design in the cuffs, but is still relatively loose in the arm, which can form a good black meat effect, so that you will be a perfect meat on your arm.

Inside, we can choose simple, it is very good to use white sweater to match, and we can match the high waist straight suit trousers in the lower body, which will look more practice, then match the high heel of the previous pair of patent leather materials. Short boots, with elastic fabrics at the edges, which will be more convenient.


In addition to this short small leather, you can also choose loose style, using long-long leather to create a disappearance for yourself, this will make you look more sexy.

We can match the high waist leather shorts in the lower body, which can play a certain echo effect, use the medium and long leather to cover the short-length shorts, this can make you show a pair of legs, create a lower clothes The feeling of missing, lets you look more sexy.

However, everyone remember that it is best to choose a loose when picking leather, don’t be too tight, tight design is very high in our body, and will make you not very convenient in daily activities, feel very tight, comfortable Dropped significantly.


I’m getting a black leather, we can also look at the brown-tie match, such as using a short brown leather to match, which allows you to look more gentle, and more color is shallow, will make You look more energetic.

Because it is integrated into the design of the pilot jacket, it will bring a good parcel effect. It is very effective for the occlusion of the fat and the ban on the meat of our shoulders, and you can create a relatively casual feeling. Especially tall, weakened the gas field of the leather, bringing you more daily side.


Dark brown leather looks more stable, you can make you show more elegant charm, and it’s more superior effect, but dark leather is not good, it is easy to look rustic.


So the little sisters may wish to consider it to match a white half-length dress, which can play a certain neutralization, let your wear more soft charm, which seems to be more charming, and the leather can bring us Some gas fields, there is no sexy.


It is also very good to use the lapel leather to make a very good. The official elegant design will make your wear gas field multiplied, and we can choose the orange-yellow knit cardigan in the inside as a match, which can give you a touch Bright colors, let the whole person look more sun-rich warm charm.


The high waist jeans and leather jeans and leather clothes are not too perfect. It can give us a rimming role to bring us the role of the roll-away role. Thin straight, especially highlights the bone body.


Like this single product that allows us to open, it is very popular with the small sisters of the workplace. If you want yourself look cool, you can try it! Pay attention to me, let us get more and more fashionable.

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