10 children’s thermal underwear evaluation: these two warm underwear, not keeping enough

Fumad said:


The country has already entered the winter mode, and Qiqing Qiqiu has wear it to the children.

There are so many brands on the market, and the publicity page is also five hundred.

How to choose, can you buy a comfortable and warm autumn?

The evaluation of this issue, Fumad has contracted 10 children’s warm underwear, what is the result, let’s take a look ~


Evaluation samples & evaluation indicators


Work details

Detective breathability

Water washing dimension

General review

Laboratory test

Consumption suggestion

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According to the sales of the e-commerce platform and the brand awareness, Fumad chose 10 children’s thermal underwear as this evaluation sample.

The number of codes selected is 120cm.

Evaluation indicator

This evaluation is divided into two rounds, the first round of performance, will enter the second round of laboratory test.

Standard logo


The standard identification of 10 thermal underwear is complete and accurate

Qualified products, standard identification should be complete and accurate.

According to the product packaging and tag, 10 children’s thermal underwear standard identification is as follows:


1. The standard identification of ten children’s warm underwear is complete and accurate.


2. Ten children’s warm underwear, although they have declared warm underwear standards: FZ / T 73022-2019 “Knitting warm underwear”.

All clothes have certain warmth, but the thermal underwear for thermal underwear is performed, and the insulation performance is more secure.

Horse K Zhen N

3. Six security categories meet the requirements of national standards on infant textiles.

According to national mandatory standards, GB18401-2010 “Basic Safety Technical Specifications for State Textile Products”, infants and young children (36 months, and below) textiles, safety categories should comply with Class A, and products directly contacting the skin should at least B.

GB18401-2010 “Basic Safety Technical Specifications of National Textile Products”


Horse K Jane N, banana N, Pakistan L, H beans, h * llo k * tty, good H

Safety categories are Class A, which is more secure for infant textile requirements.


Good H

The remaining four are class B, as follows:

According to the use of the applies,

Ann child, flute S

There is a baby’s size, but the security category is not a class, it is recommended that parents choose to choose.

In summary, the standard identification score is as follows:

Nice h


Most heart


S gun, banana n, h * llo k * tty, flute s, horse K Zi N has a trace terminal

10 children’s warm underwear is better, only

S gun, banana n, h * llo k * tty, flute S, horse K Zzhen N


This 5 trace of tabs.

Washing mark design


Ann child, the water sump of the s gun is behind the neck of the clothes

It is important to keep warm underwear as a close-fitting clothing.

People passing through the autumn clothes know that if the water is washed in the back neck, and the edge of the label cloth is sharp, it will scrape the skin, very uncomfortable.


Top 10 thermal underwear, there are two water gauge designs:

Nothing label, direct printing, comfortable, comfortable

Cloth label, stitching in the clothes, may scrape the skin

Dad will wash the watercress design, and organize as follows:


1. Wash the water does not affect the comfort of comfort: banana N, horse K treasure n, good H, flute S.

Nano n, horse K Zazhen N

All are all inductive labels, and the comfort is high.

Good H, flute

For the fabric label, but both suture in the outside of the clothes, it does not affect the wearing comfort.

2. Washing labels affect wearing comfortable products: Pakistan L, You Yer, Ann, S gun, H * llo k * tty, h beans.

These 6 warm underwear wash the water, except

H beans

Outside the upper, all in the interior of the clothes is a cloth label.

Ba L, Youoy

Wash the water mark in the left side of the clothes,

Ann child, s gun

At the inside of the clothes, the neck may be scraped to the skin, causing discomfort.


Only H sub is completely bone seam design


The bone seam refers to the raised portion of the sewing of the clothes, and the boneless clothes will be more flat, close-fitted, if the underwear is boneless, it will be more comfortable.

10 children in warm underwear, only

It is completely boneless.

Excellent Y library

Some bone seams.

Bag (lock)

The cuffs of the clothes, the neckline is generally a bag (lock) side, which prevents the frontside.


In the child’s warm underwear of this evaluation, only

It is no bag (lock), which is prone to the burr or deformation.





The 10 children’s thermal underwear for this assessment is a style that is not plus velvet, but the thickness is still different.

Test method: Take the thickness of the warm underwear using the thickness of the thickness, and finally take the average.

The thickness of 10 children’s warm underwear is as follows:


Considering that individuals have different preferences for thermal inner clothes, the thickness is not included in the score.

In summary, the work details score is as follows:

Overall, the details of the workmanship are

Wireless head, stitching, washing sessions in the outside of the clothes.

And the workmanship is relatively bad.

Washing sections are in the back neck, which is easy to scrape the skin.

Good H is the most comfortable breathable


The thermal underwear is a close-fitting clothing, it takes a long time to wear, so comfortability is very important, and the comfortable thermal underwear is in a skin, and it should have a good performance in breathability.


Skin sensation

Bananan n, good H, H beans, horse K Zhen n comfort is better

Evaluation method: Multi-colleagues touch one by one, synthesize the color evaluation.


The 10 children’s thermal underwear is evaluated as follows:

Nananan n, good h, h beans, horse K Zhen n soft

Soft skin, better comfort; the remaining 6 are relatively poor due to the high amount of cotton.




Good H is the most breathable

Test method: Pour 100 ml of water in the beaker, record its initial weight, put the back of the underwear on the beaker, put it into the microwave to heat 1 minute, then record the weight of the beaker, calculate the weight difference. The larger the transmittance, the better the gas permeability.


The test results are as follows:


1. Good H sub-breathable.

The water vapor is maximum, 0.11 g.

2. The remaining 9 are not large.

In summary, the skin’s breathable score of children’s warm underwear is as follows:

Overall, the best skin breathable is

Only the size of the gun is washed without changes in the front and rear

New clothes buy home, wash just prepared to put on, but found that clothes shrink, this should be one thing in the most disappointment.

Therefore, Fumad decided to wash 10 warm underwear with washing machine, see if there is no change in the front and rear size.

Test method: put the upper clothes of the thermal underwear set into the washing machine, start the “standard wash” program, and the cleaning is about 60min, and the long change of the front and rear clothing.


1. The sized and rear dimensions before and after the rifle are no change.

2. The excellent Y library is the most serious.

Excellent Y library, flute s, h beans

The size of the water is ≥1cm after washing.


The shrinkage after washing is the most severe, which is 2.1 cm.

3. The remaining seven water washed before and after the size of ≤ 1 cm, while the Naughty wash is long, it may be because the fibers are not fully restored after the fibers are stretched.

Overall rating

Top 3 tests

In combination, the test results of the above 7 indicators, Dad according to the importance of the importance, weighted average the comprehensive score of 10 children’s warm underwear, as shown in the figure below:

It is important to safety of your clothes. In addition, as a warm underwear, the thermal insulation performance is good, and the parents are very concerned about.


So Fair dad respectively ranked first 3

Good H, banana n, h beans,

The detection of two indicators of formaldehyde content and insulation rate, as follows:

1. Good H son’s insulation rate is preferably 32.04%, reaching FZ / T 73022-2019 “Knitting warm underwear” insulation rate requirements (standard requirement of ≥ 30%).

According to the tag information, 3 are not to perform thermal underwear standards, but in the product details page,

Good H, H beans and banana N


Both claim ourselves are thermal underwear and have insulation.

After testing, only

The standard requirements can be called “warm underwear”.


H beans and banana N

The insulation rate is much lower than the standard requirements, just two ordinary “bottomers”.

2. Formaldehyde was detected in three.

After two rounds of test, only good H is standing out, becoming a recommended product of this child’s warm underwear evaluation.

Recommended reason:

1. The insulation rate reaches standard requirements, and keep warm performance.

2. The security category is a class, which is in line with the requirements of infant textiles.


3. The details of the workmanship are the most common, wireless head, and the sewing situation is good, and the water is sown outside the clothes.

4. The fabric is soft and breathable and comfortable.


5. After washing, there is no obvious shrinkage.

1. Select the standard labeling products:

Check the outer packaging of thermal underwear, which includes name, model, material information, implementation standard, security category, etc., is a comparison.

2. Select the standard product:

Infants under the age of three, textiles should be purchased in accordance with GB 31701-2015 A class; children over three years old, the textiles directly contacting the skin should comply with GB31701 B and above.

3. How to buy warm underwear in warm performance:

The insulation rate of thermal underwear is related to factors such as clothing textile fiber characteristics, textile processes, looseness, wind gas and moisture absorbing. It is difficult to determine its warmth only by the material of the clothing fabric.

So the best way is to see if the implementation standard of thermal underwear is FZ / T 73022-2019 “knit warm underwear”.

Little Red Flower Evaluation Profile:

We are the first batch of people engaged in commodity comparison assessments in China, and we have established a “small red flower evaluation” to recommend more secure and cost-effective children and household items to their parents through independent, objective, professional comparative evaluation.

“Small Red Flower Evaluation” adheres to three principles: do not accept the test samples provided by the company, do not accept advertisements and sponsorship attempting to affect the test results, independent payment entrust the national certification testing mechanism for testing.

Please pay attention to “Small Red Flower Evaluation” to get more baby products compare the assessment.

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Work details

Detective breathability

Water washing dimension

Laboratory test

Consumption suggestion

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Horse K Zhen N


Horse K Zhen N


Good H

Good H

Good H

Good H

Good H

H beans

Ann child, s gun

Excellent Y library


The test results are as follows:


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