Give your baby a bottle 5 points can’t be ignored, novice mother should not be wrong.

I have recently been good news, or I will be a bimony, although the child has not been out, but I am also a novice mother, I have been in the past, I have bought a foggy water for Zhang Luo baby products. What should I buy? Don’t you need to buy? In the bottle,

The bottle can be said to be accompanying


Estimated supplies, however, there are many brains, materials, design, have thousands of autumn,

Bobbar, plastic bottle, exhaust pipe, no exhaust pipe, narrow mouth, wide mouth, different capacity, fat, thin ~~~, even listening to Mommy directly kill all inclusive, “there is I haven’t let go. In addition to saying that this Mummy is quite rich, there is really nothing to say ~~~

For novice mothers, always use the highest standard to take the children’s daily necessities, especially the “eating”, pacifier, and the charged control of the ingredients, always let us prevent us, and have a well-known brand baby bottle burst Actually contain bisphenol A! (Bisphenol A is a chemical raw material, including environmental hormones, if the infants and young children have exposed to the reproductive system and brain development), because mothers should have basic concepts in picking bottles, but bottle materials ? Is there any advantages and disadvantages?


How do you choose to choose?

In fact, the bottle really doesn’t have to buy too much. Don’t buy too much, but before buying, parents must do it, buy a bottle, pay attention to it.


Bottle brand

I have had my mother to count, my mother is choosing a bottle, the first choice is

Brand reputation consumption, but I don’t give it to which brand,

But in many bottle brands



Japanese brand

It is often found in major discussion districts. Various domestic licenses have their own effects, such as anti-leak design, it is not easy to leak during use, but also reduce the water. Among my experience, because I am a mother’s mother, the choice of the bottle is as long as it is

Convenient to buy channels, and reputable brands, in addition to ensuring the quality of the bottle, not afraid to buy black heart goods, do not cause difficult to replenishment, but also the standard specification, let me It is possible to freely match the milk talents of the milking and other manufacturers, will not cause the caregiver to have trouble in the bottle.

★ bottle design

How to choose the wide mouth narrow mouth? In fact, the width of the bottle of bottle depends on the use of caregivers, most mothers will choose the width because brewing milk powder is more convenient, not easy to sprinkle. However, narrow mouth is the general standard caliber except for the price is cheaper. If there is a mother like I is also a bottle of breast milk mother, the narrow mouth is actually more free to match with other manufacturers of milking tools or milk thanthes. So how to choose, it is different from people!

★ bottle capacity

The capacity of the bottle is generally divided into four common capacities 120/160/200 / 240ml. Because there are also use deadlines, so you don’t have to buy too much. In addition, according to the baby’s food, you will choose the best, in general, the new BB fever is about 100 ~ 120ml. 1M + BB Treatment is approximately 120 ~ 200ml, one day should be controlled at 800 ~ 1000ml, so the first purchase, master “4 big 2 small” principles, first prepare 4 240ml and 2 120ml Bottle can be.

Bottle material

The most common bottle material in the square is colloidal and glass, and it is divided into PC, PP, PES and PPSU, silicone.

1, glass bottle

Glass material is easy to clean because of long life, it is easy to clean, and it is not easy to generate scratches and chemicals. Milk, plus outgoing carry is also inconvenient, and the female association said that under normal circumstances, there is no need to buy glass milk, I heard that the glass is crash, this will ask Mommy himself. A bit. Pediatrician recommended that parents can use a glass bottle when BB is 3 months or below, at home, when BB grows bigger, you can transfer milk bottles when you take milk bottles.

2, colloidal bottle

Plastic material is light, good to carry, no damage, the price is relatively cheap, there is four materials from PC, PP, PES and PPSU, all kinds of gliicles have excellent, no specific, but In the use of experience, the most mothers choose PPSU glue, followed by PP glue, PES glue, then why are all materials?

△ boiled disinfection method

* Traditional disinfection method, is to achieve a bactericidal effect by high temperature boiling heat, the advantage is that the operation is simple and convenient, and can be used for emergency disinfection, the correct hot water disinfection method is to boil the water, and it is indeed turned off the fire, and then the bottle , The pacifier is soaked in a boiled hot water for 3 to 5 minutes, and a simple disinfection effect can be achieved.

1, steam pot disinfection method

With regard to the way of use of vapor disinfection pot, it also operates with high temperature sterilization. At present, there are many brands of electric disinfection pots on the market. Parents can choose according to need or price, and the way to disinfect is only to follow the instructions. Decontain the purpose of disinfection. However, it should be noted that before disinfecting all bottles, nipples, bottle caps, etc., using a steam pot, and then put it together.

2, microwave disinfection method

Put it into the microwave in the milk after the cleaning bottle is placed in the microwave, and it can be opened for 10 minutes. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the microwave, so as not to deform, damage.

3, UV disinfection pot


The principle is like the disinfection concept of sunlight, using ultraviolet rays to reach sterilization effects, which is generally expensive, because it is made from ultraviolet lamps and stainless steel, so some parents think is in use. It is more peaceful. However, the disadvantage is that the plastic material is easy to have an odor after disinfection, and it is easy to generate quality changes and depletion. It is like a general commercially available Milk Tsui. It is not recommended to disinfect UV disinfection, and many inconvenient factors also affect parents to buy will.

★ Summary

Finally, I should remind my parents and care, and the baby can clean it with a bottle every time, my mother can clean it with a bottle and simmer to dry it on the bottle frame. The size of a certain amount or disinfecting pot can accommodate the size, and then Take disinfection work together. After the milk bottle is completed, remember that the water in the bottle is brighter, and the sterilized bottle is placed in the ventilated place to cool, and cover the gauze or lid protection. In addition, if it is still not using a bottle after disinfection, it is basically re-disinfected to prevent bacteria.


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