This year, a pants called: card trousers, high-grade knowledge, very suitable for women who are three or forty years old

It is also the heroine under the pen, it is often wearing “white shirt with a card”, such a set of suites. “Yidu” in the “Golden Years” in Zhang Mangyu is also a set of matching, which is recognized as the highest repulsence. Clean shirt, simple trousers, waist, a brown belt, such a set of art women’s wind direction.

Zhou Gongzi was also like this private service with a single private service. Before the lens, the whole person was simple and bright, and the temperament was exploited. Today, Xiaobian will tell, this seemingly ordinary card, what is the magic of his trousers, how can we wear such a high level?


First point, body lightning

Although its trousers seem to be ordinary, the style is similar, and there are many small details in the version, which can be selected according to their own body characteristics.

Hipster wide

The proportion of the hips is a large woman. When choosing a pants, try to choose a single profile of the following portions when choosing a pants.

From the thighs to the legs, the legs are gradually gathering, and the proportion of hips is weakened by allowing the visual pants version.

2. Leg proportion


If the leg proportion is not very slender, you can use the legs to pull the trousers, revealing this method of the ankle to draw the proportion of the lower body legs.


The ankle part is usually relatively thin, so appropriate to expose the proportion of the trousers to elongate the proportion of the pants, it seems to be more slender, the legs and the exposed ankle can also form a visual contrast.


3. Care muscles

Although the ratio of the leg is long enough,


Leg shape

It is a very good woman, it is recommended to choose such loose straight pants as the first choice.

The loose version can avoid the shortcomings of the legs of the legs, and the straight lines can make your legs look more often. Be sure to avoid too slim pants, especially



Effect of pants.

Second point, select the point of style

In addition to the parts of the stylus, it is also particularly important to find a ridden trousers. Not only simple style is simple, usually looks hundreds of card pants, basically have the following characteristics, next time, according to these requirements, it will not choose difficult.

1 loose sense

Whether it is any version of card pants, the most important thing is its “relaxation”. It is important to leave a certain gap between the trousers and the legs. If you choose a tight version, it is too highlighting the sense of women’s line, and there will be a lot of temperament.

2 trousers nine points / trousers

The nine pants can have a pants to cut itself nine points, or you can choose the ordinary trousers, and you will turn into nine pants legs. The legs of nine pants will appear to be more slender, and the whole person will be li. Under the t-shirt, the casual shirt can be.

When you match this trousers, you will retro neutral. The shoe-in-choke shoes / sports shoes can be used, and the top is equipped with leather / long-term clothes, etc., suitable for women.

3 high waist

The waist line part chooses the style of the high waist, it will be more feminine, and can stretch the proportion of the lower body, and it seems more slender. The whole style is mainly reflected in the cropping style of the pants hips and trousers. The part of the waist of the trousers can be used with a strap belt, more intended.


Third point, the different open mode of card pants


Khach pants can be called “universal pants”, which can present different styles with different items. The style is more likely to be worn in different occasions. Xiaobian summarizes several common matching style, everyone follows.

Part1: Simple clean


White shirt + card pants are the highest recognition of a set of style. It’s simple to clean, and there is no other complex feel. Everyday attendance is very suitable.

Example 1: White shirt + card pants + white canvas shoes

Matching sail shoes is a style of partial comfort. Bags and tops can choose a cloth material, visually simple natural, and more relatives.

Example 2: White shirt + card pants + leather shoes

Match a pair of dark shoes / boots, fashionable and handsome. Waist with a black


Thin belt

Belt, such a salt and sweet style is a french girl’s feeling, and the high wag of retro colors is also a highlight of the entire set.

Part2: warm sensation


Example: Pink sweater + card pants + brown single shoes

Gentle big sister


. The whole person looks warm and sweet.

Single shoes will be more embarrassed to women, and the top of the weed sweater is also a more softness of the whole person.

The silk scarf is on the neck, or it can be on the hair, and it is possible to brighten the level of the whole set.


Part3: career practice


Example 1: Dark Suit Jacket + White Low Lead Shirt + Card Pants + High Heels

The combination of suit jackets + high heels is the must-have two pieces of women in the workplace. The choice of pants is not to choose a particularly loose version, too casual. The legacy of the legs is the most appropriate choice.

When you look at the white shirt, if you are worried that you are too calm, you can do some of the selection in the small details of the shirt.


The whole suit is selected from the low color of the brightness.

Example 2: Long windbreaker + white bottoming shirt + card 其 + boots

The utility effect of military green windbreaker is obvious, and the resistance of the wind is also visually pulled up. The color of the top can also choose a low saturation yellow top, and the pants form a combination of hosaramis. The windbreaker chooses the style of this A, even more. The slim style with belt can also be more embarrassed to women.

Part4: Leisure

Example: white loose jacket + card pants + Mul

If you want the overall style, you have to choose the items of your top + pants to choose loose style.

No Self-Sense Summary Top is a good choice,


You can pick some careful open / pad / wale / exaggerated trumpet cuffs, etc. These design special styles.

The choice of the shoes is as simple as simple, and one foot / sweeping / belt sandals can.

In the fourth point, when wearing a card, try to increase these “care machines”

There is also an indispensable to enhance a height of small jewelry!

1 brown belt

The brown retro belt of the calf skin is definitely a piece of texture that makes the whole set of texture, as well as a temperament of a Hong Kong-style girl.


2 pearl earrings

If you want your own, you will be more temperament, more elegant, just match the earrings of the pearl. Absolutely the first choice for warm temperament.

3 gold jewelry

Golden earrings, necklaces, bracelets can make the overall match more taste, high-level.

The card, the pants can not only match different styles with different items. The most important thing is that it is simple and uncommon, so that one is universal, everyone will not study its matching method. Then, put Xiaobian today to summarize the match to lead!


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