More than MCM is still fire, Park Xunhui, Jin Yuxi robbed the back of this price!

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I recently found a brand of packages from 2012, I have been in silently contracted all the hot Korean dramas. The expansion rate is high, and the hot is longer than the stars. Don’t believe you!


From the “gentleman’s character”, the forest echo,

To “You are fascinated by me” Park Xunhui,


Xu Xianzhen has also trained this generous concise in TVN TV series “another Wu Haiying”, and is not in a minimalist package.


More amazing is that its degree of hot is more than South Korea, even in China.

Wang Likun also selected a wrap-out mirror back this brand in the TV series “Two Flowers”.

A group of airports in Yang Zi is also carrying it, handsome and clean.


It is the brand LAPALETTE from Italy, and is a bag brand that is specialized by all kinds of Korean actress. Therefore, it has become one of the bags to buy Korea!

The design is gorgeous, the workmanship is, it is still so cheap!

Because LAPALETTE uses the horse as the characteristics of brand design, everyone is kind to “pilgrimage”. Various exquisite metal pony logo allows the bag to exude classic elegant feelings, but also don’t lose child funny.


What can’t believe that so many stars dump LAPALETTE, as long as you can take it around you! What can’t believe, it is, such a complex and precision style, it is actually a first-line, hand-made.


Unique design, delicate crafts, each of which is not carefully produced. For details, even each nail is a trainer’s handmade!


The spokesperson selected by each season are the most popular stars in Korea.

In South Korea, the popularity of the pony bag is unbeaten from China’s MCM! Not only is it deeply popular, but also many South Korea’s red idol is essential daily. And the spokesperson selected by each season are the most popular stars in Korea!


Zheng’s sister has been invited to serve as a brand spokesperson of Lapalette, and Jessica’s sweet people and Krystal’s hot and handsome, colliding with pony bag personality and feminine temperament.

The spokesperson of this season is because of the red oxygen beauty of the Korean drama “Moonlight Painting”. The lively and more lining of the pipa pack is fresh.

When Jin Yu is privately out of the street, it is also very popular, and she has been sold out.

Flash! LAPALETTE is the most popular series!


Long-term best-selling “Line Nia Michaela” series, with metal and rivets decorated with the theme of the theme, and the combination of candy colors, gorgeous and cute.


Unlike traditional various pony patterns, simple lines and fresh color matching, it is the characteristic of the new “Line Esther” series, which is a series of unstutes. The dottles of the bow have also added a little career ~

There is also a new series called “Trudy Shopper Bag”. This time designer moved the little horse to the buckle, adding a fun to the simple package.


In South Korea, this series is deeply loved by female college students and office workers!


There are many small sweet potatoes that have been in the small red book.


Recently, a small horse bag in Korea, has to be quite exquisite, and the price is also very high. This kind of words is very suitable for the young girl, and love is a little dignified. And the most important thing is that there will be no hit in China!


@ 吃 吃 N:


Although there are a lot of bags, but the highest use is still it! Pony tofu bag, ash brown is very good with clothes, the line is simple, I like it very much, I bought it almost every day in last year. Can put 6P and wallet, shoulder and shoulder, it is not heavy.


@ Sunny_3:

South Korea’s local brand packets, a few years ago, I saw the Korean drama met this brand, and the thick retro taste was super cute! This is more than one point on the right, and the design is safe, and it is not too convenient to get the top and off work! Going out shopping, often praising this package! It’s not a big card, it’s best!


Welfare time!


Old rule

Write out in the comment area

How did you know that Lapalette is a brand?


As of June 17

One of the highest, one, has a chance to get


LAPALETTE rivet pony worth ¥ 899


Short wallet (blue) one!


Now the Lapalette pilot of this Korean drama actor is already stationed in Xiaohong Book! O’尼 同 一 一 get! There is no one in the event as low as 50% off, and there is no such cost in Korea!


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“You can reach the LAPALETTE brand special


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