Early morning! Ouyang Nana “Function Vintage Shoes” first open box! This is a topographic surface

I believe that many small partners in these two years have a lot of effort on wearing, and all kinds of styles are exchanged. Sometimes I really feel pure, pure white wild and temperament.


Especially a lot of first-class levels of styling, designers are all over-cool.


Therefore, the functionality is always the first choice for many friends!


Recently, with the Spring Festival, the temperature of the northern cities continued to fall, and the rain and snow weather is more frequent.


A pair can deal with a variety of climate environments, and it is also essential to easily concave “functional retro shoes”!

Tomorrow, there is a pair of heavy joint shoes that will be started, and the design, rich materials, this wave of joints directly pull the plaque.

▼ 小 编 上 实 拍

01 luxury materials jointly is not small

The two sides of the joint name are FILA Fusion and Aries, respecting everyone to everyone, as the trend branch under the Fila, especially in shoes, is impressive.


The street apparel brand from the United Kingdom is founded by Sofia Pranchera and Fergus Purcell in 2013.


Aries originally only launched a neutral style women, and then gradually covers a single item such as men’s clothing.

Aries deeply inferiorly inflated into an avant-garde pattern, exquisite cutting techniques into one. At the same time, the entire brand has exudes a strong resend, and the small details that can be seen everywhere, it also reveals the high level of fashion.


The same is not small, it is a Fergus Purcell, one of the founders. Palace famous Pengros Triangle logo is designed by him, although it does not skateboard, but it has laid the status of slide boundaries and fashion circles with this LOGO.


Previously, a series of joint apparels built by FILA Fusion and Aries successfully detonated the trend of the trend, and then the first joint shoes in both parties were also officially exposed: RJV Aries High.


The two sides are inspired by Greek myths and cattle strange, and the windproof waterproof in sailing sports is integrated into the design language, and the retro sports shoes launched by Fila 2000 and the retro basketball shoes TERATACH born in the 1980s.

It can be seen that the overall shape is quite thick, and the high-top design is equipped with air-conditioning, large-scale cool black dress, low-key and no temperament.


As a pair of “function retro shoes”, the upper size of the upper shoes is highly translucent outdoor skill cloth, which is supplemented by lychee skin outlines.

As the outer upper, it has been full of layers, but in fact, the whole double shoe is designed with a double-layer upper, and the inner mile is a textured fluff while elastic inner boots.

The waterproof zipper of the shoe is extended through the upper.

You can quickly tighten the shoes to help the neckline, plus detachable outdoor elastic shoes, all highlights full function.


A place that also reflects that the function is still in the scientific configuration of the whole double shoe, and Tecno-Energia kinetic foam technology is equipped with the Fila Fusion RJV Aries High.

The foaming aperture is accurately regulated using a unique foaming agent, which presents a microcapsule deconstruction, a total of 25 billion microphanes.

The bottom floor is from the 2000 RJV classic outsole, and the raw gum is mixed with bright red, rendering the retro atmosphere.

In terms of details, the waterproof zipper, lace buckle, and the post-heel position can be seen, and the ARIES LOGO can demonstrate the joint identity.

02 light quantization design is a surprise

When you see this pair of Fila Fusion RJV Aries High, Xiaobian feels that there is a large-scale leather, and an inner footage is designed and a heavy midsole.

Should the weight of the whole double shoe should be lightweight?

However, in fact, the weight is less than 500 grams, and it is already lightweight in such a size of the shoe.

The most straightforward experience after the foot is the high feedback, which can obviously feel soft while having a good rebound.

Whether daily commuter wear or as a pair of outdoor shoes, it can bring a good wear experience.


In terms of matching, the cool black dress is not picking people, Xiaobian matches a simple style of sports trousers from HackMind brand, embroidered craftshelves out of flame shape.


This trousers are worn by loose trend, wearing fertilizer. Size is large, hip legs fertilizer, please pay attention to size information, specifically please consult the store to shop


(Monday unified shipping)


HackMind heavy cotton embroidered flame trousers


Price: ¥ 149 (original price ¥ 269, New Year’s Eve)

Version: loose / biary

Fabric: 420g heavy winding / 100% cotton

Amoy password (copy below):

07! In the year, he is not the year, you are me, https://m.tb.cn/h.f8vk4bp?sm=59bb37 HackMind embroidered flame plus velvet thickened sports trousers autumn and winter loose Oversize fat

The size of the size, the small compartment is tested, and the double shoes are large. When you start, you can choose a small code as appropriate.

03 morning limited edition offer to get carefully

Want to start the new Fila Fusion RJV Aries High of the small partners must look carefully.


On January 16, it was officially launched at 12 o’clock at noon tomorrow, and then on January 22nd official store official store official store, priced is ¥ 1380.

In addition to Xiaobian’s black models on the foot of the box today, there is another more refreshing pure white color, more bright eyes.


Interested friends must be able to lock the APP in tomorrow, Xiaobian wishes you to sign smoothly!


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