Summer children sleep kick, only some children are hot, less parents pay attention to these two points

There are a lot of treasures that will be worried about the baby, although it is summer, but in the air-conditioned room, the treasure moms are still worried that the baby kicks the quilt will catch cold.


But no matter how hard it is for the baby to cover the quilt, the little guy is “can’t be kick”.

In fact, there are many reasons why the baby kick quilt, they are not because they feel hot.

The baby is frequent in the summer, and the mother is covered with the collapse, mother-in-law: The quilt cover the quilt is too thick.


Anya is a newbie mother, although there is no child care experience, but she is very hard to bring this. Recently, the weather was hot, and the family also opened air conditioning early, although it was a lot, but Anya always worried that the baby would be cold.

So when the baby is sleeping, Anya will deliberately cover her little quilt.


However, she did not think that the little guy actually started to kick the quilt frequent. One night, Anya is five times, and I can only go to work on the dark circles the next day. When Anya’s mother-in-law called complaining that the child had quilt in the evening, the mother-in-law speculated that it might be too hot at home, the baby slept uncomfortable.

But Anya explained that the air conditioner in the family has been opened to 26 degrees, and it will not be hot at all.


So I got the doubtful mother-in-law went to Anya, when he saw Anya’s small cotton covered with the baby, his mother-in-law smiled helpless. “Although the air conditioner temperature in the family is low, you have a small cotton quilt covering your baby!

This will also make the baby feel very oppressed. After all, we have a little quilt, and it will feel the panic!

After listening to the mother-in-law, Anya suddenly realized that she only thought that the child would be cold, but I didn’t expect a thick quilt to let the baby slept uncomfortable. So, when Tian An Ya gave the child a thin quilt, I didn’t expect the baby that there was no quilt in one night, and I slept very stable.

Why do your baby especially like to be quilt? Not only because of simply feeling

Although the baby is more afraid of hot, if the indoor temperature is high, the baby may be a move because it feels uncomfortable.

But not all babies are because they feel that hot talents, there may be some other factors in this.

Because the summer temperature is high, many treasures have a habit of opening air conditioners, so it is necessary to take a small quilt for the baby.

However, the mothers have to choose the quilt for them in accordance with the baby’s tolerance, rather than thinking about itself as adults.

The baby is more sensitive to the outside environmental irritation. If Bao Ma is covered with the quilt cover the baby, then this will make the baby feel very pressure. Feeling the obvious baby naturally can’t be sleepy, so they will make the tinrane.

Before you go to sleep, if you are too emotional, then these excitement will remain in the baby’s cerebral cortex. After they fall asleep,

This kind of excitement will still exist, which makes the baby sleeps unstable, frequent quilt


. Because the summer is hot, some treasures will give the baby before going to bed, then this will also bring excitement to the baby’s brain, mainly because the hard-working gastrointestinal system will continue to return the signal to the brain. In the middle, the baby is not sleeping.

How do parents judge whether the baby is because it feels too hot?

When Bao Ma is judged whether the baby feels overheating, it is not possible to justify their arms or an ankle. Usually, the baby’s hands and feet temperatures will be lower, and the baby is touched to judge whether the baby is overheating is not reliable. Bao Ma can gently detect the baby’s back, if the back is slightly sweating, then the baby feels hot,

If the back is warm but no sweating, then the baby’s body temperature is suitable.

Usually, the indoor temperature is maintained at 23 degrees Celsius, the baby is easier to sleep, and it is not easy to feel hot.

So the mother can adjust the indoor temperature to the temperature range of around 23 degrees.


. There is a baby’s infant house that is not air conditioning, as long as the baby is blown up directly from the air conditioner.

In addition to indoor temperatures, the treasures must pay attention to the temperature of the child in the nest.


If the child is too high in the nest, the baby will feel hot.

In fact, the baby is more fearful than adults, the temperature is controlled around 32 to 34 degrees.

The more you get to the hot summer, the parents should control the heart in the temperature of the child’s sleep environment. but,

Although it is easy to say that the baby is easy to felt hot, the parents should pay attention to the impact of other factors.

. In addition, if the baby feels that the body is not suitable, then there will be frequently been pulled by the quilt, and parents should be noticed.


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