Chinese bank account is sealed, triggering Western media attention

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Recently, some banks in Spain seized more than 1,300 bank accounts, banks could not give specific reasons, and these Chinese lives and businessmen were greatly affected.

The Chinese bank account is covered. (Source: “National News” news screenshot)

According to the “National News”, Chen Suixiu is a Chinese citizen, in Spain for nearly ten years, but two months ago, Caixabank suddenly sent him a letter, saying that his account has problems, to go to the bank to close the account before 60 days and Remove all deposits. No, Chen Suixiu can only use it, and have to put forward the requirements for payment for payment to the employer. “Account is sealed, I can’t pay money, I can’t pay bills, taxes, house loans and insurance, I can only ask the boss to give me cash.” Chen Suixiu said.

According to the report, Chen Suixiu now doesn’t know what to do. The bank did not give any reasons to seal her account, leading to a great dilemma encountered by their work and life. In fact, the problem encountered by Chen Suixiu is not an isolated incident, many Chinese in Spain, working and business, their accounts are also blocked by banks. The Spanish Chinese Legal Association said that banks don’t divide the Chinese accounts. If you can’t say that you can say that they are just in accordance with legal doing things, there is no discrimination.

Up to now, Caixabank did not give any reason for the Chinese who was blocked from the account, the Chinese Legal Association believed that this is possible to be related to a small Chinese money laundering in February 2019. At that time, in the BBVA bank event, more than 35,000 Chinese bank accounts were sealed, including a large number of Chinese residents who lived in the law in Spain in Spain.

At that time, BBVA Bank’s statement was that compliance with law prevention may occur, they have “obligation” to seal up anyone’s account.

At present, the Chinese Legal Association of Spain believes that there are indeed some Chinese money laundering behavior, but it is not possible to expand a small group of criminal acts to the entire Chinese group. This is the practice of bank discrimination and illegal.

The Chinese account opening in Caixabank is reported that there are about 80,000 people. Most people comply with Spanish law, but many people have not received any statements from banks.

The legal experts of the Popula Evermann, one of the world-renowned four major accountants, said that after the anti-money laundering of Spain, the account check of bank customers in recent years is increasingly strict, but some customers do not have money laundering, but due to accounts The exchange of funds will not be clear by the bank, but the customer does not know why the account is suddenly could not be used, which is unreasonable.

After a Chinese Pang, after the account was sealed, she went to the bank to ask the reason. He didn’t understand why the account could not be used, although he asked the bank to explain, but the bank could not give any specific reasons. “I don’t understand what happened, now I can’t pay the water and electricity, I can’t even swipe the card in the store.” Mr. Pang said.

It is reported that there is a rumor in the Spanish Chinese community, saying “a smellous fish full”, a Chinese money laundering behavior cannot represent the entire group, but Many banks in Spain are based on this to seal a large number of Chinese accounts.

Javier Cano, the former regulatory director and legal adviser, for the Bankinter Bank, believes that this problem is extremely complicated, there are many Chinese accounts to be sealed, but banks are implemented in accordance with legal agreements, but this will not only cause loss to banks. It is also a huge life and business, it can be said to be two defeats.

The Chinese Legal Association believes that in addition to technical issues, language and cultural obstacles are also one of the reasons why Chinese customers have been closed by banks: usually the Chinese is conservative, and life is happy to maintain silence, they will not make things, but there is no matter Good solution. At present, the association is organizing strength to help Chinese rights protection, and do their best to help our West Chinese resolve bank account issues.


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