How do men from different age groups choose a watch that suits you?

Men has always been the mainstream consumption group of the watch, and the watch is a magical magic of the watch in them. It is called “clothing on the wrist”, and the choice of watch is often related to their age. 20-year-old personality, the watch is a personal jewelry toy, which is mainly in a cool multi-function; 30-year-old, the wind is a written in the development of the personal business, is a partner of the business battlefield; 40-year-old calm wise, watch is an experience status Exposure; 50-year-old knows the life, the watch is also a personal material and spiritual wealth.

20 years old choice watch direction: fashion, popular, cool

Twenty-year-old is a border from the boy to a man. At this stage, their young vitality is personality. For the future, it is full of embarrassment and yearning, and the attitude is clear and dare to show yourself. Although it is confused, it is courageous, challenges unknown and chasing love, For the choice of boldness of the watches, for their own character, pursuit of innovation, the watch elements should try to be lively, and the fucking mechanical automatic watch is very conforming to the young people, and hundreds of people. The stacked hollow art space in the part combination, the beautiful visual effects and the dynamic dimension of the gorgeous, creating a fashionable mechanical atmosphere, rubber straps do not fear sweat penetration, indulge in the release of young vitality.

30 years old choice watch direction: business, taste, light cooked

Thirty, the 30-year-old man gradually faded, the character began to become constant, and it was also determined the business direction, and strive to fight for the age of fighting. The man’s direct demand for the watch is to take the hand and meet the identity and create a taste. Recommended a highly recognized facket lucky 8-word platoon ghost watch, overall concise atmosphere, detail, revealing high-end, yacht pomelo wood grain to build a level and cool business style, 24-hour display dial and 6 points The Touri Wheel forms 8-word construction, meanings the eight parties to wealth, prosperous, bringing a good luck while supporting the scene.

40 years old choice watch direction: calm, status, quality

The 40-year-old man’s state, economic ability, etc. has gradually become smooth, and it is a dynamic stage of the cause, and their mental mature is different from the eyes of the choice of the watch. The road and watch The crafts have their own unique insights. Only the surface gorgeous things are not enough to attract them, but also need real quality to evoke consumption desires, so than this fancy hollow night gravity flywheel watch, visual and auditory dimensions Experience the more attention to the intersection of hollow art, and the 25-year-old men should have a calm mature, the classical texture of the shell side has a CNC engraving process, and the details add a Confucian charm.

50-year-old choice watch direction: appreciation, art, collection

The 50-year-old man’s business is stable, the social experience is rich, and there is enough time and conditions to explore your own hobbies, gravity gradually biased towards the ideal life and inner self, they are more eager to follow the state, more pursuit of feelings From the play table to the Tibetan table, you can use your own preference to choose a watch with the collection and appreciation. Limited sale of luxury dragon carving diamond flywheel show long-term reputation, there is a high collection value, 3D Huaxia Dragon totem carving lifelike is like flying dragon in the sky, echoing with Tuomene, feeling full, representing honor and noble Side of the shell and the dragon body are inlaid. Swarovite, stable, gorgeous, and the aristocratic crocodile leather strap in the form of a gorgeous crocodile, which is not only timing tool, but also more A artwork for dedication to high-end watch appreciation.

Different stages of life, the scenery is different, the fun is also different, and the changes in the character experience have also changed the taste of the selection table, and the right thing is correct. The fellow watch, a good family, and make your childning to mature.

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