The United States is mad, he is a school student during the day, and it is the devil who killed women at night.

Hello everyone, I am my heart. I may have seen this photo.

This is a handsome man who is full of eyes, including smile, and sign your hand. His hair comb is meticulous, and the expression is speaking. If he does not explain his identity, we may guess that he is a lawyer, doctor, or a policeman.

But in fact, his name is Tedore Robert “TED” Bundy) is one of the most famous killers in the United States last century. He has across 6 states, killing more than 30 people, most of which are two young women around 20 years old. Ted quietly killed, divided into the body, throwing the dead, even guarded the body overnight, and the police have never caught him.

It is not because the police are incompetent, but in the people in the people, Ted is another kind of life that is very different from the murderer:

He talks is extraordinary, rich in humorous, is an excellent graduate of famous universities, heard in laws and psychology; he has a background of politics, Zeng Zuozuo, and also participated in the Olympia Prevent Committee with honorary experts; he has one Love your girlfriend, there is a group of warm families.

Such a positive person will not be divided into the suspect by the police, plus all kinds of other factors (which will be said later), indirectly leading to Tude’s killer activity period for several years.


Some experts have speculated that the actual number of murders in Ted may exceed 100 people.

Today, let’s take a look at the famous life of the famous serial madman.

The information about Ted Bonddi is very uncomfortable, and there is often an entry between information. I will try to publish the information released by the authoritative media during the author.

(数 7909)


On November 24, 1946, Tyd Bondi was born in a non-marriage pregnancy clinic in Burlington, Northeast, Northeast, USA. His mother Elenor Louis Kauel was 22 years old, no marriage.

Since Koewell is a devoutuator guild, not marriage, in the opinion, it seems a noticeable behavior, so the mother Elean will leave Ted to leave.

Three months later, Elean’s father, is Tude’s Sam Cowell, I think this matter is not appropriate. He as a church deacon and believes that it is obliged to raise Teduo, so I want to get Ted again through the orphanage.

In Ted’s birth certificate, his name is Lloyd Marshall, but in fact his father is a mystery. The Eleno family also suspected that Ted was a child who was born after being raped. In order to avoid rumors, the grandfather gave Ted’s own surname “Kao Wil”, so Ted became the “son” of the grandfather, and Hudo became the “sister” of his own son.

Many serial killer’s childhood is full of sore, loneliness, metamorphosis, and torture and other factors flooding their lives for more than ten years, but Ted is not: the grandmother is very loved by Ted. Templar, often teach Tedle, Tetre.

In 1952, Elio took Ted to Washington, here I met later husband Johnnny Culpeper Bundy, an honestly passed chef.

One year later, the two were officially married, Johnny also adopted Ted, since then Ted was “Telf Bondi”.


Although Eleano and Johnni have four children, but because Ted is the eldest son, accompanying the longest time, I will take him extraordinarily taken him, Johnny will also say that Thai German childhood is spent in freedom and happiness.

(Ted and Square Johnni Calpe Bondi)

But the evil sprout has grown out in Tiede childhood:

On the surface, he inside, shy, in fact, he has strong control for things, once he is not as good as him, he will ruin it.

At that time and the playmates of Ted, one of the children’s family is very good. The other is relatively cold. The Tiede family belongs to the latter, and the childhood childhood is relatively short, the physical strength is not good, running, shooting competition. Under the influence of the installment of sports in the United States, Ted is not a popular.

However, the desire of small Ted was as the US president, and he determined that he could do it. This huge contrast with reality makes him full of angry and inferiority, so he wants to “destroy this group”: He digged a deep pit in the forest that everyone played together, and it covered sharp branches. And cover the top of the grass pad, waiting for someone to fall in – the final little girl falls, the right leg is almost split by the branches.

After the secondary school, Tiede has excellent results, and the appearance is also handsome. He gave some friends, and the girl took the initiative about him, but he was rejected by Ted, he said that because “he doesn’t know how to get along with the girl.” He doesn’t drink, don’t dance. Everyone is generally “very sunshine, very smart, just very shy”.

In fact, Ted’s interest is changing: Adolescent Ted is not interested in girls, he is just not interested in normal dating. He is in touch with pornography. After violent video, he can’t exultment, keeping in the brain fantasy violent love, starting crazy voyeur women, and arranges the “voyeur task” to arrange a detailed and meticulous timetable, which indicates a few to? What is women doing, when is it to peek?

At the same time, the Tiede fans have theft. Just upon junior high school, Ted will steal some small objects, and later he began stealing wallets, credit cards, and stolen credit card to buy some luxury to maintain its own wealthy image.

Ted’s only normal hobbies are downhill skiing. Of course, snow fixtures are stolen, and the cable car ticket is also drawn by himself. Ted was stolen during high school, and he was arrested, and the police station was educated. However, in accordance with Washington’s conventions, this crime record is removed when Ted is 18 years old. In 1965, Qingqing and white guys, Ted came to Phuket Bay University and learned Chinese.

(Ted’s high school graduation)

Give love

The reason why Ted chooses Chinese majors is that he wants to be different. But the facts have made him disappointment: school life is very bored, Ted is forced to have two points, in addition to the class is sleeping.

In 1966, Ted, which is unsound, to school to the University of Washington, and met the Simi Stephanie Brooks. Stepheni is out of appearance, tall, and like skiing, or a rich woman. Ted began to pursue Stepani, two people develop as a couple.

(Stepani Brooks)


During the university, Ted was changed to high school and silent and shy image, and the incarnation is keen on the active molecules of sports and politics, organizing a variety of communities activities. Later, according to what he said, “Just use the whole love to invest in the evil desire to suppress the heart”, he also wants to live in this period.

In the second year, Stepani graduated from Washington University. At this time, she has been a bit greasy about Ted, and she is going back to San Francisco to make a breakup. Ted did not promise, he also applied to the University of San Francisco University, to go to San Francisco to accompany her. Stepheni had to let him follow.

Tercad has changed the changes in Stepheni attitude. Stepheni has graduated, and he is still a student, so he is urgently needed to be certified by social status. At the beginning of 1968, Ted took out, he was determined to be polite.

No academic qualifications, no social experience, reality, Ted, a slap in the light: He can only engage in low wages, the best opportunity he gets, is as Arthur Fletcher, Washington State The driver and bodyguards of the governor campaign. Ted was very trying to do this job and received the promotion of Fletcher.

The good scene is not long, Stepheni once again put forward again, and completely returned to San Francisco, no longer talk to Ted.

Almost in the same period, Ted learned his true identity. He found his birth certificate at home (otherwise arguing that Ted’s brother told him) and found that he is a “sister” child, is a “hybrid” that is unknown.

Frece failed in the campaign, Tedlian driver lost this job, in order to maintain his livelihood, it can only be used as a female goods salesman. The triple strike of feelings, career, and life, made Ted near the collapse. Dorothy Lewis later identified that this crisis “may be the key period of its development”.


However, Ted’s handsomeness seems to have a certain role in selling women’s wear, his turnover is high, and there is a lot of commission. After having some deposits, he resigned from the women’s salesperson and reported to the theater art course of Philadelphia University. In the fall of 1969, he returned to Washington and rented a apartment while playing several workers.

The housing of the apartment is very impressed by Ted, sometimes please ask him to drink coffee. In the landlord, Ted is a positive young person, and I don’t know how tired. But in fact, Ted has returned to the old industry: the clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, sounds, and TV in the room are stolen, and work is just the props that he hides people.

At the end of 1969, he met a very important woman at the bar, Elizabeth Kloepfer, and two were then a relationship with six years. Elizabeth from a family, 24 years old, is divorced, with a 3-year-old daughter. She and Stephenny are in the middle of the court: Stepheni is a new era of independent, and Elizabeth is quiet. It is a typical little woman in men and women, because of the marriage of failure, Elizabeth lacks security, love vinegar. The two are very fast.

(Ted and Elizabeth)

Ted and Elizabeth’s life are not smashed, they will always quarrel with trivial things in life, sometimes the laundry cooking this kind of small matter will also quarrel. When the quarrel, Ted would violently jumped, and after calm down, he lowered his head and did his family (very similar to the characteristics of the family). There is no common interest in two people. Ted later, because Elizabeth love reading books, he also looked at a lot, wasted his time.

But Ted’s psychology produced a delicious change, some psychologists pointed out that Elizabeth family is good, and Ted has just learned that real identity, he may be embarrassed to Elizabeth. Ted in a quarrel admitted that he was not a sun college student, and he did not write books (these were all lying words in Elizabeth). I didn’t expect Elizabeth to say, then you will go to study, I can help you pay tuition. This makes Ted think that there is no way.

In 1970, Ted returned to Washington University and studied psychology. At this time, Ted seems to be immersed in playing a good character: he saved a 3-year-old falling child; the second year came to Seattle emergency rescue clinic to do volunteers, and responsible for killing people who want to commit suicide. Professor of Psychology is very favored by him, and then writes in a recommendation letter:

Mr. Bondi is no doubt is one of the best graduates in our hospital. I think he is the best student who has seen in Washington University. He is smart, can do, active, and serious, he is more like a professor rather than a student. He is so good, good and get along, will work hard … he has the most studied psychological variables that affect the court judgment.

Such an excellent graduate will become a murdere of sweeping the United States after a few years.

In 1972, Ted gradually returned to politics and worked for the governor of Governor Dan Evans. This time he is a publicity public relations, mainly responsible for finding the speech handle of Evans competitors, and discusses attacks one by one. He is very good, some media will come to interview him, he is very shy, I am just a small person. But actually he enjoys the bathing of magnesium lamp.

(Ted received an interview)


In order to collect the information of competitors, Ted learns to use a fake, fake Hu, and change the shape. In the next murder, Ted often changes the appearance through the above method.

During this period, Ted came into contact with the police. He was surprised to find that the police did not only the technology but not only the technology, and there were no techniques such as DNA. . An idea is going to press or can’t hold – maybe he can kill, rape, just like he once fantasy, and the police may not catch him.

At the beginning of 1973, Ted was admitted to the University of Utah by Judica University with the recommendation letter of Evans, Washington University. That time Ted came to “Peak of life”, he decided to find Steinny.

Not what is his unforgettable of Stephenny, but he can’t accept himself, he has to retaliate. This time Tiede has once again appeared in front of Stephen Nie, two people fell again in love. During this period, Ted was still interacting with Elizabeth and applying new women during the internship unit. The career, the heart-hearted handles make him float.

In January 1974, Ted was at the highest concentration of Stepani, and suddenly disappeared from her life, did not appear, did not answer the phone, just smash Stephenny. When Stephani finally found him, he asked him the reason why he disappeared: “I don’t understand what you mean.” Ted later told the police, “I just demonstrate what I can get her.”

Poisonous hand

Many servants for the first time, the first crime is in life, but Ted is reversed.

The earliest record is that the earliest record is in January 1974, that is, he gets rid of Stepani on the month of 1974, and some information showed that he started a crime in 1973.

In the early morning of January 4, Ted took a crime tool, wandering near Washington University, looking for goals, and finally drilled the 18-year-old Karen Sparks. At that time, Karen was sleeping, Ted was slammed to her head, blood and four splashes, Karen dressed past. After the Tiede raped Karen, and inserted into Karen under the skin with foreign objects, he finally left from the windowsill. Ted is full of gloves without leaving evidence.

(Karen’s bed)

Karen was in a few days, although it was finally awake, the brain was seriously injured, and he couldn’t afford anything, and no clues were provided.

This is the first attempt Tiede tried to kill, he didn’t dare to take Karen away. But he found that it was hard to break the case, and the police took him at all, his courage was big.


On the evening of February 1, Ted broke into the 21-year-old Linda Ann Healy, a 21-year-old Linda Ann HEALY, University of Washington, and took her home. Ted first killed Linda, headed by steel saws, and buried the body part on the mountain. After the head corruption, Ted took her head to the mountain.

(Linda Jili, the first dead)

Linda made part-time hosted by a radio station in Seattle, broadcasting early weather. She should appear on the radio on the morning, but she didn’t see it, she did not appear until night, and the roommate was very popular.

The police checked the Room of Linda: It was very clean, there was no trace of fight. But they opened the pillow and found that the above blocked blood was immersed in the pajamas on the pajamas of Linda. The police suspected that someone took the room to take the Linda.

According to Linda’s social relationship, the police investigated 65 people. Of course, Ted is not in it, the police have nothing.


A similar case has occurred in one and a half months.

On March 12th, the 19-year-old Changchun State University Student Donna Nanson was missing on the jazz concert.


On April 17th, the 18-year-old Washington Central State University Student Susan Rancourt went to watch movies, and then didn’t come back. Susan learned the karate, if someone tried to kidnap her, she will counterattack. But the police did not trace back to her whereabouts.

At that time, the police did not have the concept of “serial killing”. They just found that the separation of the missing case is still concentrated in the campus investigation.

This time, someone provided such a news: three days before Susan missing, there are two girls who have encountered a bandage in one hand, and the handsome man in the brown Volkswagen beetle, he is very friendly. The girl helped him lift some books. When a girl helped, she was not afraid, she was inexplicably scared, put the book in the car cover; another girl put the book, let her help her help. The girl is afraid, and I’m gone.

The police recorded these two information but did not take them more.

On May 6, 22-year-old Oregon State University Student Roberta Parks approved a friend to drink coffee in school, but she has not appeared. She also disappeared.

On June 1st, the 22-year-old Brenta Ball was missing after leaving a small bar. Branda’s life is unruly, so the first few days of missing alarm, then the police have intervened.


Watching witnesses told the police that they saw Branta and a man hanging a bandage in the parking lot.

10 days later, the 18-year-old Washington University, Georgann Hawkins, was missing on the road to his dormitory.


Gegen lived and Branda is very close, and nearby women are nervous.

Gegen’s case also has witnesses: Some people say that when I saw Ge Gen, she was talking to the crutches and made a heavy briefcase man talking.

Before 1974, Seattle will have a female disappearance every six months, but now there is a case in almost a month in half a year. At this time, the police finally linked these disabled cases:

Every night, missing people are young, long hair, white girls.

The people in Washington areas, and the girls don’t dare to take the car. Police public suggestion young women: do not take the night road, walk, take the main entrance.

Ted at night is killing mad, what is Ted during the day?

At this time, Ted was the assistant director of the Crime Advisory Committee. He also wrote a guidebook for women to prevent rape. Later, he went to the state government emergency service, specializing in looking for missing women.


People looking for missing women are the initiator who disappeared.


These girls’ bodies were fragmented in a few months, or even a few years later, landlind continued to find them in the mountains or other remote areas. According to Wikipedia, the police have noticed this “hand tied bandage, a man who opened a beetle”, but did not dare to disclose it to the media. There are also some information show that the police have some bunch of hands to the murderers, and even the female missing time and mysterious learning: they write the number of female missing times, and the geographic location is written into a number, trying to find the mystery, suspect that they are “sacrifices Taste”.

I guess in the middle of the police, the two situations may exist at the same time, they may know “Beetle” man, but I don’t know who he is, where to find him.

Just when they were confused, an amazing case occurred.

Top wind

Before Ted was almost at night, after killing at least 6 women, Tyr jumped to try, he decided to act in the day. Anyway, the police also took him no way.

The result is that he is not only successful, or he murdered in a tourist area crowded. On July 14, there were two girls who were missing in the Temmamish Lake Park in the eastern side of Seattle.

The Samish Park is a famous resort, the first choice for young people. In July, the summer, a lot of young people gathered here, swimming, dancing, playing, and the park also held a beer party, tourists up to 40,000. No one thinks that murder is quiet.

Telf Wear white tennis sports suit, hanging on the arm, politely requesting 23-year-old Janice Ott to help him move the sailboat. Ji Nisi promised, leaving him, after she was missing.

Ted also used the same story to defraud the 19-year-old girl Dennis Naslund. The two girls have reported the police.

(Two girls missing in the park of the Park in Semamis)

In addition to these two girls, it was also called a lot of people to help, some girls did not see the sailing boat with the past, only to see a beetle car, they were afraid to leave. They have to live, plus other eyewitnesses, can recognize that there are 8 bits. They also provided such information to the police:

This person and the generous introduce yourself “Hello, my name is Ted”.


(Tyd Bondi)

“Thaed” finally entered the vision of the police.

The two female disappearances were extremely concerned. What do you want to think: The Seattle Police Bureau is next to the park; the big day, the tourist area has such a case, and even the fierce method has no technical content, only by a little lie can take away people. The pressure of the police increased.

Soon, the police disclosed Ted’s sketch portrait, car information on the newspaper, collecting clues to the whole society, more than 3,000 influx for more than a time, but most of them are useless, and some women have to retaliate their boyfriend The lie is that the boyfriend is Ted.

One of the phones have given the police extraordinary impression: the alarm person will contact the “Tharma” and the Blanda missing case occurred on June 1. She said that her boyfriend is also called Ted, which may be this murderer.

The alarm said that her boyfriend also opened a beetle. She found a knife in the co-pilot, and found a large bag of women in her boyfriend, and some gypsum and bandage. On June 1, my boyfriend was originally eating with her, and she suddenly left. They gave their daughters the next morning, they gave their daughters, and the boyfriend was late.


She said that she is just suspicion, because her boyfriend usually usually gerk, she feels “unlike what will make such a violent thing.”

This phone is Ted’s girlfriend, Elizabeth dialed.

At the same time, Many Ted’s colleagues, the suspects of the students through the police have recognized Ted, and also called the police. Although the police did not believe in a law student without adult criminal records, they still summoned Tyd Bondi to let witnesses recognize.

Surprisingly, 7 of the 8 witnesses think that it is not him.

Guess Ted may change the image through a hair style, and he has estimated the use of the cosmetic course studying in Tiangpu University, and at this time, the case has been blurred in the past for more than a month.

(Different Dressed Ted)

The police did not have a chance to ask, and Ted was only the same as men who were reported by girlfriends in other phones, and they were released. Unless Tiede committed the case again, the police will never catch him.

Ted knows that it is not possible to continue in Washington State, but he can go to other states, because the news between state and state is not interoperable. Incident, he received a notice of admission of the Utah University Law School.

On August 2, 1974, 20-year-old Carol Valenzuel disappeared, but no one reported.

On September 2, Ted killed an unidentified woman in Idaho and put her body into the river. After the Tiede moved to Utah.

In fact, Ted can apply for the University of Phuket Wan University, and in Washington. He also has a related person to help, but Ted is thinking in advance. In order to murdere, he applied for the distance from the Utah University.

After Ted, he likes Utah, because it is relatively murder in Utah relative to Washington. Here, there is also a gum in the abyss, the salt lake desert, and if you murder, you will hardly have witnesses, and the corpse is also very convenient.

After Utah, Ted was still keen on the community activities. Everyone like this humorous young man. But Ted is not at the course of the school, which makes him upset. Not long, he started to kill again.

On October 2, Ted killed the 16-year-old girl from the parents, 16-year-old girl from home, Nancy Wilcox (Nancy Wilcox).

On October 18, the daughter who killed the local police officer, 17-year-old Melissa Smith.

Merissa’s disappearance caused high emphasis on the authorities. But Utah police didn’t know what Washington happened, and I didn’t know who Ted is, they can only look blindly. After 9 days, Melissa’s body was found. She was beaten, raped, cock, the lower body was stuffed into a branch, and the neck was tightly wrapped in a nylon stockings, and the traces of the face on her face.


On October 30, Ted killed the daughter of the local judge, 17-year-old Laura Aime. After more than a month, the bodies were discovered, like Meissa, and the Laura was also suffered serious violence.

So far, in addition to the first victim, no one escapes from Tiede. But after a week, the first survivor appeared.

After the same time two days (8:30 pm).






Documentary “and killer conversation: Tyrd Bondi video belt”

Documentary “Tharmad Bondi: Career in the Killer”

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