The folk copy of the ancient book – rushing the inner, I hope that there is a lovers in the world ” “

Folk copy of the ancient books – rushing and horses

Tomorrow is a Dragon Boat Festival. In fact, in China’s cultural tradition, in addition to eating a scorpion, drinking a male wine, please Wufu (a traditional print), but it is said that this day and Hai (twenty-four When the hourly system 0-2, 22-24 o’clock) The character draws the most well, the Taoist is generally painted when the child is painted, and then the market is distributed, there is a peace, the town house, etc. Of course, it will not be harmonized.


Chinese people have been paying attention to and is expensive, and gaps with gas, yin and yang, home and everything.


From existing Tibetan classics, and all the characters should be born from the early Taoism, and the blessings of “Hehe” are tone.


There is also a kind of illusory synergist, that is, the soul, but the evil is not pressing, the evil law has its restrictions and side effects. The end result is inevitably harmful to others, the bamboo basket is empty. Phase the inquiry with and the formation.


And all the characters, not only referring to the love between husband and wife, all things, all the need to have – this should be the harmonious society we say today. Friends, family, family, neighborhood, colleagues, and even a stranger who deeds you every day … Everyone should have a harmony. – So saying that and hit should also be a psychological implies. As the body of the body, you can remind you at all: only with the gas can make money, and you will only lose money.


In various major factions in Taoist, there are one or several and combined attributes of the spell spell spell, there is a small, there is direct use, but also the method of specially repaired, directly wearing prayer, special repair It is not much more common, because the specialization and synchronization is not simple and comprehensive, there are more more and more use, such as the pursuit of natural harmony, stopping, lightning, fire extinguishing, etc.

Modern folk cultural studies have shown that most characters on the characters are also written some of the similarities. As long as you follow the words above, it will naturally reach the effect.


For example, I used to see a combination, and there were four small words in the contents of the rune – the fate, and considers. Translated into a modern article should be like this: the fate is clear, don’t think three from the heart. Isn’t this necessary condition for achieving a good marriage?

In the right time, people who have encountered the right are “fate”; converge in their own flower intestines, treat each other, is “consciousness”.


I hope all the single friends who see this article can “accept”! It is a happy happiness to gain your own morning.


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