Knowledge Shu three minutes to learn to pick a fur coat

With the arrival of autumn and winter, fur coat a large number of new listing. So, how to buy a fur coat in a dazzling array into a suitable fur coat it? In the time to buy fur coat, what precautions do? Here, we will explain in detail.


“Streaky horse, daughter Jo,” since ancient times been hailed as the best of clothing mink clothing, with the sharp decline in the temperature, gradually entering the peak season for sales. “A fur cape price from 100 yuan to the million, what price points, but no difference in appearance, people pondering uncertain!” Experience because they can not pick fur, facing many styles, priced mink clothing some readers can not help but ask, how in the end this discrimination?


Good option mink clothing: Four Steps usually choose to remember the basic principles of a mink garment is: a look at two touch, three blown four-wear.

A look: look gloss. Mink look the brighter the better, the higher the price. (Reminder: the market there was a common means of forgery:.. “Buy oil” is added fur with bright wax identification method is to gently Yifu, some hair-pin sticking together will briefly touch this coat then I would feel a little greasy, put this coat with wax volatile, James gray, will soon lose light.

Second touch: hand feel of velvet needle density. Good mink, needles, wool, cashmere proportion of the three should be moderate, not too long needle, do not be too sparse hair.

Three blow: mink against a large breathed within the range of gas flow through the needle, the hairs fell immediately to restore the original state, indicating a good quality of this mink. While at the same time passing air flow, it may also be noted coarseness internal short nap, preferably secret.


Four wear: when try, buy may sense version of clothing, as well as the severity of clothing, the same length, the same style of clothing mink, high quality raw materials generally used are well mink, light weight material used is home inspectors. Small home inspectors usually a good raw material, the price is the most expensive.

Look source: eat seafood? Or eat feed? In recent years, after a fur prices continued to rise this year, Shenyang fur prices were flat with last year. The same is farmed mink, why Europe and America and domestic mink price disparities? At present, foreign mink garment raw materials are basically auction to Seattle in the US market, while Europe and the United States in mink breeding technologies have reached a very high level. For example, some foreign mink farm mink cages each size must be over forty-five body mink, ermine larger space, usually they eat seafood products, in addition to some mink room you have to put music to regulate mink “Feeling”. Mink living environment has improved, its wool is also a naturally shiny. In contrast, the mink family from Hebei and other places a lot of mink cages small, simple meat or animal feed, etc. Therefore, the quality is far better than the European and American mink fur.


Process pick: Strips stitched millimeters. When buying mink with a finger in the back of a large flat surface carefully by touch, you can feel the ribs one by one, which is used in processing technology mink, also known as “wearing knife” technology, “wearing knife” is to put a mink cut into small strips a few millimeters wide, and then stitched, sewn especially fine, sometimes a lot thinner than stitch embroidery, the main purpose of this is natural drape and movement after the garment processing, or with the whole mink suture, it is difficult to see, easy to produce large amounts of wrinkles and do not stick take effect. On the suture, suture with a special, very fine.

Small coup

1, with the five fingers of one hand tapping mink continuous surface, leaving a mark as possible, and then, after a flick of the clothes, just leave a mark if they can quickly restitution, indicating that this high-quality mink.


2, the selection of clothing from the bottom looking up, can distinguish whether a uniform coat.

3, usually the finest mink clothing, usually in the clothing Lihuai indicate sources of raw materials, such as a clothing brand Paul directly labeled the United States or North America Kamei NAFA mink and other five-star pure black female.

4, fine mink mostly black, brown, dark gray, light gray, white and natural color, will not be easily dyed color, because the process of dyeing of fur quality will to some extent have an impact, to get a good leather, processors are not willing to staining.

Fur coat fur clothing is a very expensive form of clothing, fur coats has been a symbol of noble identity and status, with the change and apparel industry to improve popular living standards, fur coats into the civilian population also lives. However, when buying a fur coat must understand some identification of knowledge, so as not to buy low-quality counterfeit products.


1, staining products


Dyed product requires uniform dyeing, glossy, white paper linting wipe several times with the hair, no dust, no oil, no smell, no hair removal, no slip needle, the needle can not afford hair hair pushed by hand.

2, leather

Knead a few leather, fur in fashion this year if the issue kraft paper-like sound or feel stiff, said poor Mingpi tanning material degree of transparency, poor skin quality board, even hair can also be hand-shake skin grabbed a few boards together, whether to listen to the sound and feel if stiff, check its softness to soft as well.

3, rough surface

Whole matte side smooth coat color, smooth matte side, the needle fully stuffed hairs; not contaminate the other colors. If the difference in gloss, matte messy, it is often more brittle hair rod easily broken. Pits found that the matte side can be hand clawed plush, check matt plate. Hand in hair surface smooth hair gently a few times, to see whether the hair loss phenomenon. Second, we must pay attention to seams there be seamless and so on.

4, taste

Buy fur, fur taste and smell, as well to no stench, further components OK OK fur coat clothing, leather same size, light weight clothing is preferred in order to see the whole work. For example, the lining work and the overall degree of harmony of clothing, hand lift plate, plate to see whether the skin off. A wind blowing through your mouth on the fur to see if there are places missing hair.

5, texture


Check the texture, to see whether the well-fur processing, fur to be complete, stuffed full of hair was flush, color symmetry, shiny and bright. When you purchase clothing can shake a few times, there should be no hair loss phenomenon, then the clothing on the counter, appropriate force Fleece plexus, can also be seen whether the hair removal, ping seams to stretch, not curled phenomenon .

6, placket

When the predecessor closure drooping naturally straight, no stirring is not excluded, the angle is not in the volume, do not valgus, dajin inner cloth with the same length. Busty, moderate shoulder seam position, length, height consistent. Pocket position accurately. Symmetrical, the bag collapses, equatorial. Yiyi fur in large elastic fit, must be well-proportioned, not twisted, equatorial back, split ends straight, consistent length.


The selection of fur coats, with these tips, no longer have to worry about the low quality of buy inferior products slightly ~


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