This weekend mother is more beautiful

I used to be a young girl who couldn’t help but returned back, since I was a mother, the word youth seems to be far away from you. In fact, the upgrade is “hot mom” is the greatest glory of girls. Mother’s Day is approaching, after receiving the bombing of countless rounds, moms have spoke! I am a mother, I am even me! Let’s take a look at the heart of the mall brand counters, with your mother, let the mother are more beautiful.

Beautiful mother

Mother’s Day, Wu Shang Square Cosmetics Counter has a love mother series of promotions, such as France Guerlain “hot mom suits” thanksgiving gift, Givenchy Mother’s Day a variety of sets of full gifts, plant village show eyebrow makeup, Armani 40th Anniversary Perfume “Peony Pad” Gift China, Estee Lauder arbitrarily bought two pieces of single item (set for a single product) to send Mother’s Day love eternal life, Shiseido, etc.

Hot mom

Dissona has become a stylish boutique brand containing Essea American, intellectual taste and luxury value, providing advanced, chic, introverted feasibility to pursue life texture and understanding of modern successful women. Exquisite leather accessories. Wuhang Square DISSONA (Di Provincea) 2015 Spring and Summer New Product Appreciation Art Exhibition Elegant Tour. Time is from May 4th to May 10th, the location is exclusive on the 12th floor of Wuhang Square.

Mother’s black dress highlights its duncine temperament, red high heel and color scarf, bringing a beautiful color, making your mother a more young. Daughter’s shirt version of the dress shows its elegant breath, unity with the mother’s matching style. The average sky blue shirt is mixed with a pink skirt, and the hot mom can also be small. Colorful shirts with knee denim bag skirt, keep up with fashion trend. You are the tidal fire, more fashion matching can visit the World Trade Plaza Ama Shi, brother brand counter appreciation.

Bao Ma is more charm

The female is independent and confident in the new era. On the workplace, when the mother also puts, lives, and always distributes the charm of the camera. Jewelry and watch is a non-bleeder that highlights the tide mom.

Convergence of fashion modernity, charming and elegance, novelty Folli Follie Romance Series Watch Series is a fashion expression that the trend is not missed. This complete series contains a variety of watches of different design, with a variety of elegant leather straps and ceramic tables, which greatly enhance your shape of shape.

The ENZO familiar with the “Cai Bao Master” has launched the THEEE OF THE GALAXY Galaxy a series, redefining top-level diamonds. Enzo Galaxy 系 顶 顶 原 原 工 工.. 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准….. 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准 标准The diamonds per gain of the Galaxy have the highest rating in the US GEMEX optical effect certification body, with three indicators of diamond brightness, fire, and flash.

Zhou Sheng Sheng will launch the G * Collection new series, boldly break the routine impression of gold, and redefine the new style of gold. G * Collection first batch of ornaments with art deco decoration art style as a concept of creation, using geometric graphics – circular, square and rectangular design elements, integrate the simple and falling lines into the design, and use vivid contrast color, and carefully selected The high quality gem, not only creates the type of visual impact, but also puts out the unique temperament of women’s eight exquisite temperament, but also the low-key luxury of women. Reporter Fu Xueying correspondent Wang Yuan Cai Li


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