The kelp “Zhongbao No. 1” big harvest, the kelp of Dalian people is named

It is the long-lived “immortal medicine” of the legendary Qin Shihuang bitter.

It is produced in Dalian Lush

Geographical marker agricultural products

Outtered in the kelp harvest season

Look with Xiaobian to see the spectacular scene.

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On May 21st, in Haibao Farm, Haibaojun followed the workers to have a sea, and he felt the harvest scene of the marine pasture.


Sea pastoral song, full of harvest

It is a good value in front of you, but I can’t see the slut; I extended the far away from the distance. A row of rope is buried in the sea, hung up a huge kelp in the rope, and swaying with the waves.


At this floating raft and breeding rope, the workers stand on the boat to operate the hooks and sickles, cutting the kelp, and a layer of layers on board. Soon the kelp is full of cabins, the leaves spread to the boat, and the “kelp mountain” stacked in the sea is higher than the people.

Deep boat shuttles, like a harvester on the land. A shipped boat came to the shore. On the shore, the big crane tall, toning, ton kelp is easily lifted, put on heavy trucks, then transported to the processing plant.

After the processing plant, the kelp is built after a series of treatment of hot boil, cooling, dehydration, salting, and then performs section, twisted, knotted and other processing sections, and then shipped into the world. They will become kelp, kelp, kelp flowers or kelp, and board everyone’s dining table.

“Zhongbao No. 1” (E25) big harvest!

At the end of April to the end of June and at the end of June, the workers must be accommodated during this time, and the particles are returned. The workers say that this year’s kelp is better than last year.

The water temperature is suitable, the water is clear, the winter is not frozen, the microbes are more, which makes Dalian a waters of the most suitable kelp growth. In particular, the kelp of Lushun, as a national agricultural product geographic logo product, the domestic market is highly visited.


It is not expensive, nutritious, in recent years, the accepted acception in the market has become more and higher, and it is always in the state of supply. This year, the price of broth wet products in Lushun, the price is very good. Haibao kelp needs to deliver the deposit in advance to supply, even if it is still in short supply.


The kelp seedlings are hanging seedlings in October each year. After half a year, under the nourishing of the sea and sunshine, 20 cm small seedlings have now grown to four or five meters long, 450 cm wide, Ying Ying is glory. Looking at this huge hide, you have to sigh the nature, there is such a “power”!

This year, Haibao Haizi is the “Zhongbao No. 1” (E25). This variety is cultivated by Haibao Company and the Cultivation of Seaweed Bank Teams of the Ocean Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since 2008, we have carried out a series of kelp germplasm to collect preservation and varieties. In the past 10 years, it has finally cultivated high yield, algae, flexible, processing and harvesting rate, long harvesting period, not “chemicals”, suitable for different race (water deep) farming needs New Variety – “Zhongbao No. 1” (E25).

Qin Shihuang’s “not old Dan”, Japanese “longevity dishes”

Wang Musheng, a Chinese Aquatic Research Institute, Japanese seaweed, professor of the Department of Aquaryics Department, the Hokkaido University, believes that after the study of Japan’s historical materials, Qin Shihuang sent Xu Fu to Japan’s long-lived, no old drug, may be called “longevity by Japan” The kelp of vegetables.

In 1985, Dr. Japanese Hai Icience was also quoted in the “Ocean Vegetables: Health Seaweed Guide”. This conclusion, no one has made objections in the Japanese seaweed.

The kelp is not only the nutritional value is very nutritious, but also “incubation”, the Chinese medicine “Kunb” is made of kelp. As early as more than a thousand years ago, ancient Chinese medical persons knew that Kunbo can treat “disease” (thyroid). Li Shizhen is described in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Kunpa can treat various edema. In recent years, scientists have discovered that they often have a role in preventing and treating cancer.

The specific nutrients of the kelp:

1. The kelp is rich in dietary fiber, healthy, and immune system repair is particularly important, and is the healthy food of intestinal organisms.

2, high mineral content, maintaining acid base balance in human body;

3, containing a variety of active ingredients, such as luminous sugar glue, anti-cancer, improve immunity, etc.


4, containing fucodin, there is a certain effect on weight loss;

5, containing seaweed polyphenols, with resistance to oxidation, anti-aging.


Long life, health dish, “no old Dan”

The price is still so cheap


Eating kelp tonight

Soup, cold, stew

Hurry up


1. “100 kinds of marine life around Qingdao”, Zeng Xiaoyu, Liu Mengan, Qingdao Publishing House


2, “Qin Shihuang is looking for the long-lived medicine should be the kelp”, the author Wang Minsheng, “Aquatic Science” 2001-03


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