Don’t understand the “outline” of the coat, advise you not to wear! 4 types of dry goods, direct hitting

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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Wear a mood, look at the weather. In an instant, a wave of waves came late to cold air, directly embraced the warm smile of heavenitarism, and made a scene of the scene with Thunder and the Potential.

The autumn is high, will winter still far? What is the cold and stylish clothes and keep warm? It is time to make a beautiful and elegant coat coat!

Yes, yes, the protagonist shared today is a coat. As the first “virgin” of this year’s autumn and winter coat, Luo Wei does not want to talk too much to practice, first in order to order the overall popular trend of the coat.

Understand the trend, appreciation, will be appreciated; the beauty, long insight is far more important.

Key words refining

If Luo Wei asked you, what is the fashion of the coat wear, can you get out of mouth? Keep warm? nice? Free and easy charming? It looks like all right, but it is not enough. Because there is no nature of the coat.

Like a dress, coat is a need

Overall global

Go to examine the items. It is not divided into it, and the human body is wrapped in an overlay to form a single vision of a simple and profit.

No matter how many clothes inner, coats can be firmly locked, and the warmth we want is all accommodated. While blocking cold air invasion, we also determine the outermost layer of overall dress.



In addition, the material thickness of the general coat is very thick and the body is separated from the body. There is more free sex and creative play in design. As long as it is reasonable, the style of the coat is most changed.


Despite the change, it is also necessary to follow the pursuit of women, that is:



. How to landscape in layers, you can also show a beautiful posture of women, and test a coat of stylish attitude.

what is that? It is the line outline we often mention. For coats, it


Trend to determine the style and decide the beauty.

As for the outline of the coat and the body shape, Luo Wei feels no need. why? Different from the touch of the dress, coats with countless layers and spaces, no need to choose from.

In short, as long as you want to wear, anyone can control different contour coats. We only need to grasp different outlines


Language, according to the mood, demand, the perfect case is perfect.


The outline of the coat is mentioned herein, which is not the contour of the combination of overall inside and outside. Please discern this. There are four kinds of common coats in the outline of X, A, H, O.

By the latest beautiful pictures, combined with the silhouette, follow the Rover to appreciate.

First: X-shaped coat

The graceful X-shaped curve, the woman tastes the peak of the peak. Whether clothes, no matter the body, women are never stopped for the pursuit of curve beauty. Breast enhancement, weight loss, no longer the sexy style.





It also doesn’t want to show weakness. It is also eager to play with elegant women. Although some clumsy, there is another abstract curve of a thick wave.

How to distinguish? Please grasp 2 points:


X-type design

Self-contained coats, generally



Fall down

Make an article. The waist line is tightened, enlarged, and shoulder and wide curing, the curve of live off is floating.

What’s more, the hem is processed into a spiritual ground design, which has the same elegance with the skirt, and the taste of the X-T-coat’s taste is fulfilled. Below




Coats are just along this kind of thinking.

The flexible big swing is on, and it is not intentionally turned into the built-in wave point care machine. Dedicated but uniform small dots, break the single one, telling the rich women’s style. There is tough, tenderness, more people don’t let go.


Gray coat

It also has a beautiful shape of curve. The intensive horizontal strip is different from the traditional retro thousand birds, and more personal and strength, echoes the name of the high-gray.

We have shared it before, gray clothes must have a style, in order to save unimple flexible. It is good at moving hands in the texture pattern and is a fashionable heart method of gray.




Extreme woman’s color. When it is a large area of ​​coats, sweet and gentle are enlarged to the ultimate. Whether it is not a waist, is it a Type X, which is highly promoted.

How to wear hard bones, urgently wait for a solution. Luo Wei suggested starting with two details:


. Bas, cold, help to shape the air field;


2. Line


Simple and powerful, less decoration, with simple victory.




Waist X-type

In addition to the sense of the curve of its own line, there is also a part of the coat through obvious


Waistband waist

Creating, thereby forming a graceful X-type curve. After taking off the belt, it will present the original line profile.

Classic camel coats, or bathrobes coats are outstanding representatives. The material is soft, the touch is comfortable, the line is free and adjusted, the profile is easy to adjust, and can be based on the needs.

2 sets in the picture below, a delicate woman flavor; a casual comfort, just expressing thorough.

Thick coat, with slim small small


, Instantly complete the elegance of gorgeousness. Do not divide the temperament, no matter how style, big women, little women can take the coil in the beautifulness of the groom.

The only thing you need to pay attention is: Control the degree of emission of coat women’s taste according to your own long phase temperament.

The more you have a thick bloated fur coat, the more you need a wonderful curve of one side of the belt. Can stand out in the super-expanded amount, the smoothing of the waist is not.

Classic colors, long-lasting extensions, let the coats have been in full year. Choose a coat suitable for your own skin, temperament, at least 3 or 5 years.


For example, beige, camel’s fur lapel coat, when will I withdraw from the popular stage?

Second: H-shaped coat

Compared to a plurality of X-shaped X-type,


Coats resolutely pass the atmosphere with a temperate elegant. Less more women taste, but can maximize the symptoms and Wen Wenya, this cultivated posture, so that God knows that women are obsessed with.


Instead of highlighting the body, it is better to win with a wonderful temperament. There is a large area of ​​rendering, trust and elegance are also more winning. A woman is the most fascinating dress, which is a temperance, education, is humble, it is atmospheric.


Understand this, I believe you will prefer a beautiful H-shaped coat. Is it a simple and powerful camel in the picture below?

Advanced gray with blue

Favorite H-type. Chess, the opponent’s fast-enviment, all in this moment is eternal. In the popular aria consisting of advanced and descendants, never lost.

If you don’t have a gray coat, how can you realize that when you wear it?

Of course, on the basal gray, extends some design inspiration, and it is not a trend of trend. More personality, more cold, can create alienated gardens …

It is a new personality that always makes it feel refreshed.

Say a H-type, which is uncommon in the men’s closet. If you like a more straightforward style, you will not miss it.


The inner mile is a warm down vest, which is the handsome coat of 倜傥 倜傥 气 气, 子 子 and the face, let the clothes experience their music. Borrow this idea, you can get the following inspiration:


Choose a toned down dump



, Stacking with the H-shaped coat, who said that autumn and winter can not be beautiful and warm?

H-shaped coat, there is a carrier, that is


Unlike coat


. After the fashion of the neck, the space is given a gentle woman, and the atmosphere is worried, sitting an elegant.



: When wearing a unmatched coat, the whole armed armed armed is the whole. The lowermost button is not necessarily, freely open, and the anti-energy increases.

Third: A coat

Type A contour coat, like triangle. The next place is saved, and it is very stable to feel very stable. It can be smaller than the bottom of the clothes, and the little woman’s cute flavor is full of eyes.


Type A

, Absorb the X-type and H-type extract. There is a feminine feminine, and there is elegant temperament. At the same time, there is also a year-old youthful life.

If there is a personality design, there is no doubt that all the advantages of the A-type coat are all excited. The beige coat below, is it enough? Although high-profile preaching, it can control the elegance between the palms.


Shorten the length of the A-type coat, becomes the most cool cloak. Its appearance is more unstable, rich in our aesthetics with rich and colorful design. It is more room for selection, and it is still atmospheric.



Dark blue ash

The three colors, the main form of cloaks, breaking the monotone of the conventional coat, promotes high-profile fashion.

The hairy coat combined with the bat sleeves, which is very secluded to avoid bloated, leaving slim arms, and the necklaces that can play independently, let autumn and winter wear fun.

A cloak sweater, with extraordinary



Establish emption for elegance. It seems that it is very comfortable. Big personal, but writing a quiet and bleak.

Fourth: O-type coat

When the coat gets rid of the bondage of the body, it is a ~ O-O type that is the beauty of freedom of freedom. Its outline, maximize the body with the coat, comfortable and comfortable.

When choosing an O-shaped coat, according to the fat and fat, flexibly grasp the O

Component and quantitative

. Don’t over exaggerate, suitable for yourself. In addition, the hardness of the material is soft and soft, and the degree of straight track of the line is a reference point.

The camel coat in the figure below, has a descending of the outer and inch of the outer and inch, and it will be more likely to be atmospheric.

Fabric soft O-type, cute feelings will be enlarged. Less majestic, but in turn, freshly refined. Very adventurous coat, it is worth a highlighted purchase.

When wearing, the worse the lower, the more it is, the more the O-type is awkward. Try to expose the long limbs and create a cute atmosphere. Dare to try, is also a kind of progress, isn’t it?

Long coat, also has an O type and step. If it is a big gratis, you will pick people, be careful. Highlight the middle section of the body, there is no good figure, you can’t try it easily.

Only black, digestion into tidal. It is not a black, all-on-shaped big version of the big version. Take a white, a striking black and white contrast, a little enough to move.

In addition, the tilt cool boots, or the intervention of the cool elements, should not be less. Since you want to play handsome, then the sorry is cool.

Ok, the sharing of coats is complete. I hope to have a little inspiration to you!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.


I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, we grow together on the road to become a beautiful road!



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