Adidas Breeze Men’s Shower Football Tournament officially opened

July 11th, the world’s leading sports brand Adidas launched the summer creative sports event “Summer Triba” (Shanghai Station) is in full swing, as the closest partner of Adidas mother card, adidas personal care products, sponsored The focus of this sports event “The Breeble Men Shower Society”, and specially invited the former national football team captain, and Mr. Asian Football Fan Zhiyi served as the football tutor of this game, explaining the rules of the game for the players, giving tactical guidance. This game is officially launched at the artificial lake in Shanghai Xintiandi Taipingqiao Park tonight. The two sides of the competition is Tongji University’s Huashi Hairy Football Team and Shanghai University Blue Blood Football Team.

Adidas Personal Care Categories are authorized by Adidas to develop production and production after Coty Cotti, including shower gel / men’s skin care / antipershi / men’s shampoo / perfume, etc. The first position. At the beginning of this year, the newly listed breeze series shower gel, the exclusive revolutionary innovation of the fragrance sustained release technology, into the shower gel, so that the fragrance in the movement is full of bloom, such as Mu Qingfeng.

As a personal care brand of NO.1 in sports lovers, Adidas has always adhered to continuous innovation, providing consumers with excellent personal care products, and spare no effort to promote sports culture in young people. Therefore, Adidas Breeze Men’s Shower Gel was held in the football match, and Van Zhiyi, who was very concerned about the development of young football, and hopes that the young players who love football can draw more football from the national football.


(Fan Zhiyi and college students football team)


(Fan Zhiyi guides young players before the game)

Fan Zhiyi, Fan Zhiyi, is currently the Qinghua Director of Shenhua, has been committed to cultivating the backup talents of Chinese football. This year, he became the “Yushu Football Ambassador”, personally organized the small players of Yushu to Shanghai to participate in the training of the career club. Fan Zhiyi said in the event.

(Fan Zhiyi and the winning team of Shanghai University Blue Blood team took a group photo)


Under the guidance of Fan Zhiyi, the team of the Adidas Breeze Football Competition was strong. The Shanghai University “Blue Blood” team finally took 6: 1 victory of Tongji University, “Hua Shenhai” team, win the game. Fan Zhiyi issued prizes for winning teams, their captain excitedly: “Thank you very much Adidas’s breeze men’s shower gel to hold this football match, not only let us have the opportunity to get the professional guidance of Fan Zhiyi’s predecessors, but also to practice the power with the powerful team One ratio. “

After the game, Adidas Breeble Men’s shower gel also set a clear wind and fun, which was fixed by Fan Zhiyi, players and live audiences to defeat, interactive, and let the scene owner. After a play of football. At the end of the event, everyone and Fan Zhiyi took a large photo, and also received gifts such as Adidas Breeze Men’s Body Muffy and harvested.

(Editor: Yao Fan)


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