Men’s clothes, in the fine, wear these 5 outer conjins in winter, perfect to deal with different occasions

Men’s wardrobe does not really need more places, after all, clothes are not there. Especially in the winter, you want to wear fashion, relying on “quantity” to win, you have to wear it.

When Most men are dressing, they will choose to implement “low-key” in the end. In fact, it is also possible to show a fashion effect.

So how can I be able to create a trendy and variable shape in the cold winter? Using this five jackets, you can easily lead your fashion trend.

First, the down jacket can not only be cold


In the winter, most men will choose a down jacket as a coat, firmly wrapped in body, and play warm effects to the extreme. In fact, down jackets can not only rush, wear down jackets, but also able to make you soaring.

1 dark color is low-key

Black down jacket is the highest-old single product in daily life. When it is fashionable, the “wild effect” is exhibited to the ultimate. The simple pure black down jacket directly matches the same color trousers, so that the match looks low-key, and it is not a heavy breath.

2 light color is a fresh fan

And in winter, you can also try to choose a light-colored down jacket add fresh breath. To a certain extent, light-colored joins will make temperament look more light, but pay attention to combined with dark trousers to increase the stability of storm, prevent the wearing and strikes.

Second, the lamb hair is moving the trend

Also have a material of lamb hair, and the swelling of the down jacket, the lamb coat will not make the body look too much, the trend of the trend is more better.


1 stand-collar design


But I have to admit that the material of lamb hair does make the body line look more “soft”, so it is best to choose a settlement design, let the shape add a few points of practice, and create a neck line.

2 direct version of inclusive

Soft lamb hair materials seem to be difficult to control, but when the straight lines are selected to be slightly loose, there is also a strong inclusiveness for the body without exposing the shortcomings. The decent eliminates work with simple body lines to create simple men.

3 Dropping matching


When making a match, the lamb fur coat these items are not picky. You can choose the jeans with a parental jeans as a drop, slightly add a few points of practice, or combined with sports pants to show dynamic and vitality. It seems violation, but let you feel a big increase.

Third, short jacket is not

It is also possible to highlight the neck line, add a short jacket to add a handsome jacket. Even in winter, this item is still applicable, and even a good fashionable feeling.


1 contoured design with casual style

The single product of the short jacket often uses a round neck design, with a profile version, so that the shape looks quite random, so highlights full of casual winds. If you want to wear in winter, try this single product.

2 is rich in elements

Don’t read the short jacket, this item is in the junction of the leisure style and the sports style, but the choice of time in combination is very diverse. You can use soft and full of knitted materials to add a few points of elegance, or with ordinary round neck sweaters to create a leisure style, even if the shirt does not violate, the model is displayed is quite fashionable.


Fourth, hoodie shaping tide cool

In contrast, add a hood design on the basis of short jackets, constitute a hoodie, will make the whole person’s temperament look more tantrial, and the aging effect will be more better. In fact, there is very a wide range of hars in winter, and men of each age can choose this single product, and create a fashion style with youth.

1 sweater showing aged

The most representative hoodie is a hooded sweater, and the classic pull-up combined with a slightly loose sense of trousers. Not only that, you can also use the superimposed way to add a level, let the match look more different, and make the aging effect again.

2 thick material is not heavy


The hoodie can present youth, to a large extent, from the shape design. The very loophable version will make the whole person look footable, even if you want to choose a material with a thick sense, it will not look thick and clumsy, with the darkness, even a slimming effect, let match It looks quite eye-catching.


3 loose feelings, rendering harmony


When choosing this item of a hoodie, you must pay attention to the matching. Since the version of the hat is often self-contained, it is not advisable to choose too much. It is best to bring a few points of loose feelings, strengthen the natural wind, so that the match looks simple and loses fashion.

Five, long dress acts as a gentleman’s style

In addition to selecting the above four short jackets, you can also use long coats to create a trendy shape, showing an elegant and high-level feeling that is difficult to show in the leisure version, so that the shape is also applicable in formal occasions.

1 Smooth material is very advanced


When you want to apply long coat elements to formal occasions, take into account the choice of materials. Smooth materials can make the coat look more personal, so the body looks more tap, showing full high quality.


2 Add to shoulder more formal feelings


On the smoothing material, you can also choose a long coat with a shoulder design. Although the winter’s long clothing is not thin, the joining the shoulder design can make the shoulder neck curve look more clear, thus make the formal feeling of the model more.


3 solid color plastic creping


When choosing in the selection, pay attention to the cooperation of color, so that the shape is more in line with the solemn feeling. In the black, in combination with trousers, you can see a sense of visual, not only showing a slender figure, not only the coat of various colors will not be violated, and the shape is quite texture.


Winter is in full, not much, wearing fashion is not difficult, using five jackets that will exist in every men’s wardrobe, you can easily create a variety of trendy styles, and presenting a man.

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