A journey of a 90 reemlin, a jersey, one: starting point – Arsenal 15/16 season cup version of the jersey out of the box

Author: End of the world

About this series of articles background

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

(The first paragraph is booked by the head, and the box can be turned off.

Shopping card

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀


一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

I like Arsenal has already had some years, although it is very early, because I started from playing FIFA99 to 2006, Arsenal is in the first, and I chose in Favorite Team. I chose this player, I also heard that Henry was very powerful. The Premier League at that time was only aimed at two eyes on the TV, and the soldiers were “”. However, the first ball of the team must start from the university, the first ball is just in 2010, and the inexplicably loved overnight. Barcelona, ​​the score is 2: 2.

At that time, Fabregas or the captain, penalized the penalty of the score and took himself hurt himself. Then he came back to Barcelona, ​​and he was not good in Barcelona, ​​and went to Chelsea. The captain arrived in the Premier League, which seems to have a one-time thigh, and then fell into a fate of a captain in a year. The “Little Tiger” Walcott, who was “Golden Lion King” in Puyol, was left in the team. In addition, the favorite player outside Fan Persie is now, there are not many games. I don’t know why I will watch the ball at that time, when everyone only knows the football, but I haven’t started to see so fanatic. Later college career watched the ball into our habits, the beds of the bed chased the emperor, I crazy chasing Arsenal, the clinical fellows and him with me paid attention to the passionate schedule of the Premier League, except for the Champions League and Spain National Derby “Century Wars”, we are watching the English-ultrasound. At that time, the PPTV “Crab Yellow Porridge” (Xie Jun, Huang Jianxiang, Zhou Liang, occasionally has a hot hot), now Huang Jianxiang turns on the music, Wang Qian engages the football Rubik, Zhou Liang, because of the consequences of the prior insults, the ridicule of Jiangsu Haotian is broadcast Removed by PPTV, Zhan Jun, which is turning between Sina and PPTV, now LeTV Zhan Jun, like Arsenal, like Jun Ge’s explanation … There are too many memories, don’t go to it.

Just look at Ah, see A. I saw this year, the seventh year, saying, I have no one in the team jersey, although I have always wanted to buy from the university, but as a poor Student, once in front of its high price, thinking about working, having money, buy no later, but found less jersey sales channels, missed 125 years of version logo jersey:

At present, the biggest regrets have been settled in the beauty classmates who study in the corruption. I hope that I can bring one. After the end of Nike cooperation, the design did not catch a cold, so graduated did not buy its own jersey, and later I felt that this is not good, you will miss more. And my latest genuine items were in December last December, 359 to hand, Tmall rarely had such a price, and more don’t have to say the Hummer flagship store of the door.

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

PUMA / 彪 马 teamsport arsenal Arsenal men’s knit jacket 749142 …

So I slowly put my birting jersey this year, although the price of “499, 519, 599” is not expensive for one year and even three pieces, but in the values ​​of Zhang Aunt, “the value is important”, season Different, buy a piece of 3 pieces with 1 piece of jersey, why not? So, in this paragraph, you will start as a series of articles.

About the purchase process

The heart is not as good as action, after reading this weekend of the Champions League, catching the Tmall Hummer flagship store special offer, 259 yuan, the original price of the last paying attention is a conscience, equivalent to 50% off in the store. The three size is complete, full 299.

PUMA / 马 arsenal Arsenal men’s football short sleeve T-shirt 747570

But I didn’t place an order at the time, I went out and my friends to eat, I was too sleepy. I slept at 8 o’clock. I slept from the next day, I got up the S code of the Lord, helplessly selected the cup, in fact, the three Designed is good. Place the order. I didn’t make a single order, pay 8 yuan postage, totaled 267 yuan. On the third day, I arrived in the morning, and this speed in the distant Hainan is very satisfied. It is praised for EMS. The current three jerseys have risen back to 519 yuan.

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀


一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

After the hand, use only the only jacket as the background, give a photo, jumping leopard strip.


Can’t wait, paved the front and back, the upper and narrowness of the passage.

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

Golden logo has a strong domineering.

China’s manufacturing in the language of the two countries, before watching a friend’s sun is three languages ​​(why China is manufactured so many languages?) But overall, if the 170 standard figure is recommended to buy S code, put the body line out! Ha ha!

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

Tag information, manufactured by Heyuan City, Guangdong Province.

Arsenal logo laser labels, estimated anti-counterfeiting. If you pay attention to the payment of your jersey from other channels.

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

PUMA’s Dry Cell technology seems to have the technology of their home like Cell, dry battery? What ghost?

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

According to the introduction of Hummer official website, there is a quick-drying perspiration.

Close up of the jersey, 20 ° C on the weekend 20 ° C Try the effect of Dry Cell, mobile phone shooting, black is a bit exposure.

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀


First, refer to the description of the Seniors “Haibri Titu”:

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

Arsenal Puma Age’s second home team is also a piece of our latest, and the work is really not compliment. It is worse than Nike era, the new jersey first, open the bag on the top of the bag, is fingered Slightly rough old skin scraping! ! ! ! There are no longer, the post, many people reflect this jersey ball fan version of the material and the durability problem, even the new jerseys take pictures on the mat, pick up three scraping, this quality does not say wear on the game, wear the street to estimate I can’t hold it.

A Self-cultivation of an Arsenal fans – those jerseys and beliefs

There is currently no preferences, if you have a favorite player in this season, you can be printed in the next season. I hope that there will be such a gun fan one day.

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

It seems that there seems to have a defect of work, the little leopard on the shoulder, there is


The situation, although there is no injury, it is good to cut the scissors, but people with obsessive-compulsive disorder are estimated that it is not good, and it is worried that the next washing will continue to deteriorate.

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

Sponsors are printed, and it is also a feeling that it is not reliable. I hope to be done. It is good to be a jersey or should be rinsed. Try to avoid machine washing. For faith, tolerance!

Although it is a night owl, but last week, watch the Champions League and Barcelona last week, and also take yourself, double damage, and now some emotions. Breaking the project is not good, the Champions League is home to Barcelona, ​​the FA Cup is at home by Her City, and it has been played by Manchester United. 3: 2, the league is also rough. In fact, he wrote this, can not help but red eyes, this may be the reason why most of the guns like this team, once there is a flash, but it is often a bit of success and victory, but life should always continue, Still working hard for the next flash moment, come on! Guners! The last picture of the face face.

Some expectation

一个90后枪迷攒球衣的旅程 篇一:起点——阿森纳15/16 赛季杯赛版球衣 开箱首秀

League champion! The FA Cup three consecutive championship! Champions League … Amount … Reverse … reverse … reverse … turn? Cough!

Before the end of the season, you can start the other two jerseys in this season, and the two pieces of the season will be cleared last season.

It may be because of the relationship between the audit system, but compared to the price of the price, there is a certain distance from the history of history, and also limit the size of the running shoes, Zhang Mom, the recommended small, unless the price, the lowest history ), Not only the Arsenal’s jersey, the other team seems to be the same. I hope that Zhang Aunt can have more and more powerful jerseys.


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