When steamed rice, don’t just slowly add water! Snoving a little, rice particle particles are sprayed

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In our Chinese staple, the status of rice is naturally not ignored. Although rice is the most popular staple food, we will eat every day, but you want to put the simplest rice is not easy. For example, we are usually steamed rice taste, but we go to the hotel, or go to those street restaurants, they Be able to

Particles made by rice. And each rice is very full, and it is more refreshing,

Sometimes, even if you don’t eat vegetables, you can also eat two big bowls. Then the same is the electric steamer, do rice, which can be done so good for people, we can’t do this with this taste at home?

In fact, the first reason is to add water.

Steam rice is also very particular to add water, some people don’t know how much water, lead to hard rice, or too soft too water, eat all the taste. Generally, water exceeds the height of the meter, which is the height of 1.5 cm, the ratio of rice and water is most suitable at 1: 1.2. Moreover, the quality of the water is also conditional. We usually come out from the water from the tap water pipe, which is “hard water”, steamed rice taste will be worse, if you evaporate with pure water, it will be better, so many people are Home has a purifier.

The second reason is that after we add a good water in the pot, we will add a few drops of white vinegar, which will make rice more fragrant.

After adding vinegar, the rice will prevent rice from cooling, and the rice will have longer to keep the rice longer, let the rice soft fragrance.


The third is to add a few drops of edible oil in the rice cooker, eat oil in,

In fact, in order to increase the luster of rice, let the rice are more full, and the rice grains are more distinct, and there will be no too much.


Rice small knowledge

1. When Taobao, we don’t have too much lottery.

Most rice is free to wash, and the sale is mainly to wash off some dust. We are too much to wash, it will be washed away with the starch of rice, so that the nutrition of rice itself will decrease.


2. When we scrambled eggs, there is actually the taste of the left left is better.

Will you eat rice, wait until the next day, eat egg fried rice, the taste is equally great.

3. Steam rice sometimes does not pay attention to it, causing the rice that is steaming in the pot to have a vague, in fact, we don’t have to worry,

Put a few pieces into the bread, then boring the pot, after five minutes, the confusion is completely


4. Sometimes steamed rice suddenly has a lot of 生, in fact, this is because of the water plus too much,

Putting some water in the pot to re-steam, you can guarantee that rice is ripe.


What good methods and suggestions do you have when you steamed rice? Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area.


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