Down is still wearing black! Create 10 sets of delicate LOOK with a short down, elegant and practical

After the winter, many people face less troubles, out of the down jacket dirty, nothing to wash, some people will even take one of two down jackets throughout the winter.


Although we can wear in winter, but we don’t worry about it, wear a lot of clothes to help you, solve your diverse wear troubles, put black short down jackets to new patterns.

First, match “sweater + jeans”

A few people choose a down jacket mainly for keeping, this is a basic way and is particularly popular in winter. From the surface, the down jacket is very packaged, the effect of the cover is enough, because the color of the dark down jacket is generally dark, we can use several light pants to adjust the color matching, neutralization style, Also make the matching more casual, the coordination of the simple wind is more vivid.

The easiest way to match the dark down jacket is to choose the same color pants. Dark down coat with black pants, add color coordinated single items, allowing the shape to be more integrated, maximizing the high-level feeling of the black system, can be slim.


Black single product, while expanding to simple and senior sense, there is also a nice and cool character, all black down jackets are nice cool, very atmosphere, the cool little sisters can choose “black down + Cowboys’ combination. Dark down jacket seems to be unpredictable, but it is actually a variety of style that can be deciphered. For example, a brunette down jacket matches trousers, and uses this basic combination to change your body range, and overall looks more casual. Pants can consider straight trousers or thin pants, generally more thin, can echo the down jacket.

Second, with “sweater + half skirt”


Short down coats with high waist long skirts, you can really show exquisite temperament, this free and loose long skirt and short dumes can shape certain elegance and make your style to modify.

When you choose, you can match some relatively gentle-style clothes, such as high-neck sweaters with down jackets, which may be particularly elastic, and is not so easy to deform. The following blogger uses this dark down with a high collision, color matching is simple, and it is more atmospheric.


The style of the knee is not a lot, but the version is too much. How to choose a suitable half-length skirt is the most concerned issue of mature women. About this, you need to consider the length and adaptability of the down jacket. If it may be a short solid color down jacket, it is recommended to match loose straight skirt.

If it might be a short down jacket, try to combine a pleated skirt or a umbrella skirt, flexible and personal matching, making it more levels of feelings.


Winter and knee can also choose a fresh romantic style, such as arsenal skirt, plaid skirt, a skirt or a fold skirt, but how to match the fashion level of the down jacket. If you are dark down jacket, the draft dress is a good choice as a lower body.

Third, with “sweater + white pants”

The vintage feeling of dark down jackets comes from the definition of dark items and dull, dark down items as much as possible to reduce dark ranges. In order to put and put more space in order to order the generalization of dark down jackets. Short down jackets can also shorten the length of the upper body, and the little sisters of the little son are mixed, almost do not have to worry about the visual center. Black short duvet is both elegant and high-end, why not look like this?


Black is more comprehensive, with high-level full-scale foundation, which can be neutralized, and can dimly bright exaggerated atmosphere. White + black is two highly identified colors, they can meet simultaneously, eventually reach a visual impact and a luxurious.

The color of a dress is too practical. After appreciating the color of the black short down jacket, do you also fall in love with such a match?

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