It is recommended to rush four from the five women to wear short coats, trendy and good match, show the temperament of life.

With the diversification of winter clothing and design, more and more trendy items can be used for us, this winter seems to be more popular and short short, especially for middle-aged women over the age of 40, more Wearing a short coat, which is conducive to presenting the temperament of stem, and the whole person’s mental state is also more full. Here is the four versatile winter shorts recommended by everyone to start.

First, plush short jacket


First, it is recommended for everyone, it is this white plush short jacket. The warmth of the plush monophy is incompatible compared to the down jacket, and the plush jacket has a soft and delicate touch, and it can also add a lot of ambience to the winter.


If you want to wear more practice, it is recommended to start from the short plush outlet, with brown plush bottoming shirt and miniskirt or ultra short, showing white legs, delicious and delicious, black The straight boots are quite a sense of design, and the unique fork on the upper is a leather element, and the direct design has played a role in modifying the calf line.

The lamb plush short coat belongs to a single product with high appearance in the autumn and winter season. This fresh and elegant white plush short jacket has the role of white skin, and it is better to control mature women. Everyone can wear it.

In addition, the black and white grid edge on the plush jacket is designed to add a certain retro feeling to the simple style, equipped with the lower body’s grit skirt, elegant, and no high level.

Second, the hair short coat


For middle-aged women, choose this soft and textured wool fabric, which can highlight the soft temperament on them. Of course, when we look at it, it is necessary to consider the problem of can’t wait for the hairy fabric, so you can choose this loose style green high-neck sweater, with a dating fabric, will not let the shape look too much Binding sense.

At the same time, the fresh and bright green, and played a bright effect, let the shape are not dull, with the black hair of the upper body, the elegant and exquisite, black bottoming socks and retro brown square boots, all play a highlight woman The role of taste.

The short style of the short style is matched with high waist lines, which clearly enhances the waist line, and the whole style is refreshing and neat. If you pursue warmth, you can put on brown sweaters and white bottoming shirts, both of the two items inside and outside are dark, so it will not be bloated, but also have certain white Effect.

The nine-point style straight pants have a certain level of leg, with a brown high boots on the feet, and the boots and trousers are perfectly connected together. .


For women of elegant intellectual style, you can choose this brown hair short jacket with the shape of the dark gray hair, the upper and lower materials, highlight the texture of the clothing, while choosing this short style The coat is compared to the long woolen coat, it will not be discounted to the next half skirt.

This short coat and half-length dress are more fashionable, suitable for delicate sisters, gentle knowledge and little women’s taste, matching their color boots, forming a stylistic shape, more harmonious.

Third, suits

The suit is almost a single product that has become a human hand, and the suit has long been limited to the professional style, more and more women have a suit of a well-known atmosphere.

Using a deep gray sweater and white bottoming shirt with a light gray suit, a simple and low-key co-color matching is formed, and the suit is self-contained in the suit. It can be a modified shoulder effect, let our shoulders The lines look more excellent, wearing the beauty of the sky.

To show a big woman’s gas field, then this set of retro tone brown suit is definitely a good helper, using a wide brown suit with a black knit vest, a card, a high-end collar, a high-end, forming a high level The three-layer superposition matching of the display level, the wearing is both gliped, and it is highly syndrome.

This dark suit jacket, we can try, under the black tight skirt, which is a formal monotonous shape, and more vitality and woman taste, it seems to be so dull.

Four, leather clothes


Don’t underestimate the wind and warm effect of leather clothes, leather can be said to be the most warm item other than the down jacket and the plush jacket, and it is also very good.


This exquisite and short dark green leather jacket is more convenient than black leather, it is more casual, used to match the high waist type of cowboy straight pants, is thin and thin, and there is a personality. Brown retro short boots and diagonal brown retro bags, forming echo, full of simplicity of advanced modernity.


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