Ye Yizhen worn the “suit vest”, with shirt retro age, no figure is also very eye-catching

Sharing the most classic fashion dress, so that you can make a high-level sense in the four seasons, women are not lacking, only lack of stimulating skills, will wear, let you become an elegant woman with taste!

# 生 生活 温 温

# Winter life card season #

The vest is a single piece of decorative than functionality. The vest type is particularly very, and the suit vest is very personality. The suit vest has the basic elements of a suit design. These elements can make traditional vest’s visual sense and style of styles. , Exhibiting the practice and the atmosphere of wearing.

The enhancement of the solid temperament can make the vest wear more taste, not to show casual feelings, wearing a temperament and not cautious, middle-aged women put suit vests in casual clothes with a lot of clothing.

The suit vest uses different elements to modify the image of different styles. It can be fashionable retro, you can fresh atmosphere, and Ye Yizhen’s suit vest is shown.

Ye Yizhen worn the “suit vest”, with shirt retro age, no figure is also very eye-catching. Ye Yizhen is a bit of meat, but wearing a veteran shirt is still tidal, and Su Yan temperament is also good.

Ye Yizhen’s suit vest with shirt

Design of suit vest

Suit vest has a design characteristic of a suit, and most features featured elements

suit collar

The suit has a formal and atmospheric, weakens the level of suits, showing stronger trend of charm and the shock.

Pockets may also be increased on the vest.

Square pocket

It is also a common element on the suit, enhances practicality, also showing the atmosphere, and rigorous temperament.

Suits vest

all Black

The color is stable, the atmosphere, in order not to show your dull temperament, the shoulder position stitching

White beads

Increased retro, gorgeous wearing temperament.

Suit vest with shirts


Although the shirt is in it, it has laid the overall style, and the sleeves are

Lantern sleeve

This sleeve is greater than the general sleeves, which can show a wearing atmosphere and publicity.

Court retro style


When you are in suit vest,

Style characteristics

It is even more distinct, the sleeves can be exposed to the outside, the attraction is not reduced, the design style is also in line with the design of the vest, showing the designs of design.

Shorts and short boots

Shorts are hidden in suit vests, which make up on the short boots.


The model, the immersion effect of wearing is self-evident, and it also helps to reveal the charm of the body.

Image ratio

It has been optimized, and the body can also wear a good temperament.

Short boots

Strap boots

Also have retro characteristics, can strengthen wearing style, except for the vital charm of the court, can also give image vitality and personality, show

Girl dress effect



Whole dressing style features


Most of the items in the shape show a unified feature, that is, retro characteristics.


Lantern sleeve shirt

They are all representatives of European retro winds, and fashionable charm.

The style of style is outstanding, although wearing a matte, but

Temperament advantage

Obviously, the fashion charm of suit vest is completely revealed.

Ye Yizhen’s suit vest stacking vest

Suit vest fashion design

Light suits vest is more


It can give wear new, comfortable charm, and dressing is not so big, and everyday goes to wear more charm.

Suit vest is done

Extension design

The length of the occlusion is stronger, and it has also strengthened the fascinating charm, and everyday wearing a little will not make people feel serious or cautious.

Suit vest and vest


It is more convenient to match, and the combination with vests exhibits the fashion personality of the dress design and the alternative advantage. The average person will choose to match long sleeves.

Sleeveless vest

The style is similar to the suit vest, and it is clear.



It is better than the vest, so it is possible to show the stack of stylish charms, wearing the temperament, and it is very decent. Vest



light blue

Combination, showing the elegance of the rhyme, and the aging charm is outstanding.

Nine pants and high heels

Nine pants



With the suit vest to enhance the image gas field, even if it is a casual match, it is also very advantageous, and the sense of temperament is not more comfortable, and it is more comfortable than the dress.

High heel


Thick shoes

The gas field of the thick heel shoes does not have a stilettening, it looks gentle, there is a sense of mature women’s dress, wearing a lot of expensive, wearing a legs.

Overall style

The suit vest is placed in the vest.





Songliang’s wearing charm, middle-aged image is highlighter, but it is not old, and the image is still beautiful and energetic.

Blue and white

The matching combination is elegant and gentle, which can integrate a variety of charm into it, showing the advantages of dressing. The whole style is not bad in style and temperament.

Dark or light suit vests can show image charm from a multi-angle, highlighting a variety of temperament style, so that they are both stylish and age characteristics, ensuring that the image temperament is sufficiently advanced.

Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a delicate person! Don’t play tall, just talk about the latest dry goods, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and comprehend!

Suits vest

Strap boots





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