Children’s wardrobe 6 design plans, wardrobes are good, see internal space layout

House decoration, most children’s children in the family are relatively small, the area of ​​the children’s room is usually 6-10 square meters, such a small space, how to arrange furniture? Special, how to design it? Today I have sorted 6 kinds of design programs of the children’s wardrobe, the wardrobe is good, see the internal space layout, if your home is ready to customize the children’s wardrobe, you can look down.

First, respect your child’s ideas, combined with demand

The children in each age have different ideas. When renovation, you can ask more questions about children and then combine actual needs.

Children before the age of 6 may want some shapes to be more cute, and the color is more bright.

6-10 years old, there is a habit of reading reading, like to have a bookcase or bookshelf design, so the wardrobe can be designed with the bookcase.

A child over 10 years old, do not want space too naive, you can choose solid color cabinet design.

In general, before the design of the wardrobe, parents can ask the children’s opinions, understand the children’s ideas, and then design according to the actual needs, so that the wardrobe is designed, maybe more practical!

Second, custom children’s wardrobe 6 design solutions


Wardrobe design program 1: independent wardrobe to top


Children’s Room Wardrobe If you want to be simple, you can do a separate wardrobe, directly to the top, so that the top of the wardrobe can be added, but also add more storage space, the top space can be used to accommodate some quarter quilt.

Wardrobe Design 2: Wardrobe + Bookcase + Desk Design

The space of the child is relatively small. If you want to get down the wardrobe, bookcase, desk, you can set these three, customize together, so it is better to control, using limited small space, put down the wardrobe, bookcase and The desk, this design is relatively practical.

Wardrobe Design Scheme 3: Multi-Function Composite Wardrobe Design


Wardriage can be stored in different items through internal space layout, such as intermediate storage clothing, with left and right sides to accommodate books and toys, this multi-function composite design, you can cultivate children’s own habits, etc. After growing, this area is Other objects can be used.

Wardrobe Design Plan 4: Closing Tatami Combination Design


Now many children’s rooms are custom tatamubs because tatamins have a lot of storage spaces, when custom tatami, can be customized with the wardrobe, so the wardrobe is on the side of tatami, saving more space.

Wardrobe Design 5: Wardrobe and High Bed Combination

If the child is very small, you can set the wardrobe below the bed, so you can save a lot of space, and you can also match the desk, which is a bit similar to the design similar to the university dormitory, you can maximize space.

Wardrobe Design Solution 6: Wardrobe Matching Cabinet

In addition to the fixed coat closet, children can also match a small fighting cabinet, when the child is small, the clothes are more stacked, so putting a compartment used to stack clothes, and it is also a good choice, cater It is relatively short and the child is also more convenient.

Third, custom children’s wardrobe design points


1, wardrobe interior space layout

Wardrobes are not easy to use, see the interior space layout, so the wardrobe of the children’s room should be a reasonable partition, which can be divided into quilous districts, coat areas, lattice areas, drawers.

Which of the wardrobe’s hanging space can choose which can be adjusted, with the height of the child, so that clothes are taken, it will not have to take the foot.

The lapse of the closet is recommended to do 4 layers. The clothes of the child are more stacked, so they need to reserve some stacking areas, and to do the active laminate, which can also be adjusted in the later period.


The wardrobe drawer area suggests below the wardrobe, so that children are more convenient to take things, and the drawers can be plural, and the drawer storage is very convenient.

2, wardrobe door panel selection


If your child’s room is big, you can choose to open the wardrobe directly. If your child’s room is small, you can choose to pull the door wardrobe, which is more space.


3, cover the doorboard handle

The handle of the wardrobe should not choose a sharp, you can choose this groove pull, this groove pull is when the wardrobe is produced, so it needs to be used in the mold, so it is necessary to tell the designer demand, advance Design is matched.

If you want to perform the handle, you can choose a smooth handle. For example, you want the wardrobe cartoon, you can choose this color polka, you can use something, if you accidentally collide it, it will not be very serious.

4, wardrobe color selection


The wardrobe of the children’s room is recommended to choose light color, compared to the age, with the age of children, the style will not appear naive, when the child is small, you can match some cute elements in the soft installation.

Fourth, custom children’s room wardrobe precautions


1, board environmental protection

The environmental protection of the children’s wardrobe is the most important. Be sure to reach the environmental standard sheet, it is best to be solid wood, but the price of solid wood is relatively high. If you want to be economical, you can choose imported Eggs, relatively environmentally friendly.

2, avoid sharp corners


Wardrobes have corners, to avoid sharp corners, so that you will not hurt the corners, so you will not hurt.

3, less loaded lights


The children’s wardrobe is not recommended to load the lamp, although the lamp is very atmosphere, but for the children’s room, this atmosphere can not, in general, the room will not be too dark, will not affect clothes .


4, wardrobe size

Children’s room wardrobe should not be customized, the child’s clothes are not so much, the wardrobe is generally 1500mm wide, 2700mm high, 600mm deep, reserved a little more space, so the child is playing or walking is more convenient, but This also depends on the size of the specific space. If space is large, the wardrobe does not matter.

The above is what I summarized in the children’s wardrobe needs to pay attention. If your home is also ready to customize the children’s wardrobe, you can refer to it, remember to choose environmentally friendly plates, the child’s health is the most important.

If you feel useful, you can click on the collection. If your home is renovating or ready for renovation, you can also pay attention to me.


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