2021 8 best waterproof smart watches: must-choose equipment for swimming enthusiasts

At the end of the 2021, it is a good time for swimming. Which smart watch is the best partner in 2021. Although every smart watch has waterproof functions, smart watch manufacturers are still constantly pursuing excellent waterproof, whether they are self-drainage function, or they want their watch to distinguish their poison or butterfly.

After testing through foreign Wareable team, they gave a list of best waterproof watches. This list is just a rankings from the perspective of the ability. It also includes a whole shape, software experience, visual UI, etc. The user’s preference, therefore, from the ranking, it is not necessarily selected in the hearts of each user.

NO.1 Garmin VivoActive 4

Price: $ 300

For current performance, Garmin VivoActive is the strongest waterproof smart watch, which can easily adapted to iOS and Andriod phones. As with the previous generation of Garmin VivoActive 3 series, the Garmin VivoActive 3 Series offers excellent swimming tracking accuracy – maintaining waterproof and pressure resistant to 5 ATM (50 meters).

At the same time, VivoActive 4 continues all the features of the Garmin smart watch, especially after training, Garmin Connect programs provided by Gamin have a dedicated swimming section, which shows everything about swimming distance, time, water, swolf, Data such as temperature, speed, speed, speed.

At the same time, it can download a series of increased software for swimming through the Garmin Connect IQ store, such as Swimming App Professional and additional data detection to further make swimming enthusiasts understand their swimming data, needle based on data design for their swimming training programs .


At the same time, Garmin’s color display compared to VENU 2 watches, the semi-split display ensures that users can better view real-time swimming data to be better underwater, which is really a perfect function design for swimming enthusiasts from all angles. .


NO.2 Apple Watch Series 7 and SE

Price: $ 400 – Series $ 7,280 – SE

Apple Series 7 is not too big to swim, but Apple Watch is really one of the best smart watches used in water for swimming enthusiasts.

With Series 6 generation, users have a larger screen display in addition to the same software experience. The data indicators that can be used to display include: swimming distance, length, average speed, and can also distinguish between the user’s pole. At the same time, in the process of user swimming, the touch screen is in a non-active state, and the user can lift the arm at any time to view the real-time swimming progress. Apple is good in accuracy, core data (distance, number, average speed ) Is very accurate, and it is also very comfortable in the water.

Apple Watch SE provides a cheaper option.


Price: $ 400

Venu 2 is a GARMIN watch equipped with a full color amoled touch screen. Its display is larger, brighter, clearer, as the first VivoActive 2, they are equipped with the same sensor and App to support all data tracking of users in swimming, but Venu 2 is located at professional sports equipment. It is more likely to pay only by paying attention to people outside the exercise with exquisite display and more fashionable appearance. You can think it is a stylish sports watch, which can be very taking with your suit, but as long as you replace the sports, it is definitely a powerful data recorder.

VENU 2 can also cooperate with third-party programs such as Strava to help users evaluate motion results from each angle, Venu 2 is equipped with a larger and fine screen, so life is slightly shorter than VivoActive, and its waterproof level also reached 5ATM (50 meters)

NO.4 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Price; $ 249

Galaxy Watch 4 is Samsung’s latest smart watch. It has a big difference between it and the previous 3 generations and 2nd generation software. It runs Google’s WEAR OS 3 system. Users can access Google’s Play Store and download Google’s applications. It can be said that Watch 4 connecting the Google Play store will have powerful software capabilities and additional applications.

For its movement tracking capabilities, Galaxy Watch 4 provides 5ATM (50 m) waterproof capabilities, equipped with Super AMOLED display, users can view indicators such as distance, number of water, single-zone time, and Swolf (measurement swimming efficiency) . Thanks to the WEAR OS system, Samsung can download more third-party applications to further enrich and support more health applications to do physical data evaluation.

Unlike previous generations, Watch 4 applies only to Andriod phones, which is very comfortable in underwater, and overall data display is quite accurate. If you are Android users, Samsung is a good choice.


NO.5 Fitbit Versa 3

Price: 200 US dollars

The best swimming watch in Fitbit is Versa 3. Its first generation of Ionic has basically retired, except for thinness, smaller design than Ionic, it also provides exactly the same swimming tracking function, so users can The sport distance is viewed on the touch screen, and the exercise duration, but it does not support the ability to distinguish between swimming. There is also no SWOLF data available, so users who need to know that swimming data in all aspects may be disappointed. But for beginners and general leisure enthusiasts, it is a good smart swimming watch. It also provides 5ATM (50 meters) waterproof support

NO.6 Amazfit GTS 3 / GTR 3

Price: $ 180

This is the ZEPP Health produced by Xiaomi, which also has a good swimming tracking function. The waterproof level reaches 5ATM (50 meters). The best of these is GTR 3 Pro. The two forms have squares and circular dial options, using the AMOLED display, providing 150 motion patterns covering swimming. There is also a GPS tracking function for tracking the swimming of open waters. Both watches support swimming speed, distance, swolf and polarity identification. At the same time, the two tables provide 24 days of battery life. For users who don’t want to spend too much money, I hope to have a good choice for open waters, this is a nice choice.

No.7 Huawei Watch GT 2E


Price: $ 125


Although Huawei Watch GT 3 has been released, and from testing, the swimming function of Watch GT 3 is excellent, but from the overall performance, GT 2E and GT 3 are different. Therefore, from prices, GT 2e is undoubtedly It is a more favorable choice.

Huawei GT 2E also uses the AMOLED display, equipped with 47 mm stainless steel case, 5ATM waterproof, good hand feel. Supports tracking of GPS capabilities in the open waters, while providing many data including a number of turns, calories, distance, speed, swolf, swimming rate, and frequency. Unfortunately, these data can only be used in Huawei’s own application, and there is no support for swimmers to provide more third-party applications. At present, Huawei has already opened the platform to the Open, Watch 3 can visit Huawei AppGallery store, I hope to have some swimming for Huawei watch to use App.


Huawei Watch GT series is absolutely strong and durable, and the trace indicator is very detailed, but its non-openness affects the user’s experience.

No.8 OPPO Watch


Price: 41mm – $ 279, 47mm – $ 485


OPPO’s two smart watches in the swimming pool is a highlight of their motion characteristics. In swimming, swimmers can view information such as length count, average speed, calorie consumption, and duration. At the same time OPPO during the swim, the screen is in the locked state to ensure that the water does not affect the screen display. OPPO’s tracking accuracy is high, and the overall watch is very comfortable. The only disadvantage is that it is a platform for WEAR OS, which cannot be updated WEAR OS 3.


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